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Billigvorwahlen 0.0.2 (KDE Telephony)

Thu, 2014/01/30 - 3:48pm
ThumbnailBilligvorwahlen 0.0.2
(KDE Telephony)
Only for Germany:

This simple Desktop-File shows the cheapest \"Handyvorwahlen\" for mobile calls from \"Festnetz\".

Diese einfache Desktop-Datei zeigt die billigsten Vorwahlen für Telefonate vom Festnetz ins Mobilfunknetz als \"Notification\" für 15 Sekunden an.

Die Informationen werden von geholt.

Benutzung unter Kubuntu:
Einfach in ~/Arbeitsfläche oder ~/.local/share/applications kopieren.

Ersteres erzeugt eine Desktop-Button im Arbeitsflächen-Widget, letzteres kann über ALT+F2 (Runner) aufgerufen werden.

w3m ist erforderlich:
sudo apt-get install w3m

0.0.1: Erste und vorerst Finale Version:
Einfacher One-Liner, aber funktioniert.

0.0.2: Zweite Version:
Webseite hat sich geändert.
Ausgabe funktioniert nicht immer perfekt, aber meist sind die ersten paar Nummern lesbar.

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BoomBox 0.4.4 (KDE Sound Application)

Wed, 2014/01/29 - 7:43am
ThumbnailBoomBox 0.4.4
(KDE Sound Application)
BoomBox is an audio player with built-in database for easy browsing of local music files. It has no playlist, instead it simply plays songs from current search results. These queries can be saved to give you something like "dynamic playlists". It also has support for queing up songs to be played, replacing much of the need for a playlist.
If you keep your music files well organised, or if you want to listen to songs just downloaded to a temporary folder, you can use the filesystem view (powered by the KIO library from KDE). BoomBox can also keep track of internet radio stations for you. And it can edit id3 tags in a very convenient way. And it can be controlled from another program using MPRIS2.
It does not play video and has no equaliser.
Audio players are a matter of taste, maybe this one suits you?

Full source code available from:
git clone git://

2014-01-29, version 0.4.4:
Bug fix release.
- Optimization: use kdeinit for faster app startup
- Alternating background colors in filesystem view.
- Bug fix: now showing track length and current position correctly on mpris2 remote control apps.

2012-12-25, version 0.4.3:
Bug fix release.
- Bug fix: application crash at startup if shuffle was active when you quit before.
- Bug fix: should not be able to edit or enqueue albums in resultview.

2012-10-27, version 0.4.2:
Bug fix release.
- Fix for loading a new song when clicking "play" first thing after application startup, wasn't working with vlc and gStreamer phonon backends.
- Fix for automatically playing next song in playlist when using gStreamer phonon backend.
- Only update "current song" label once playback of next song actually starts, before this fix it was updated a few seconds before.
- Fix 15-20 second delay in startup if kde-telepathy is installed, was causing a dbus-deadlock with the kded daemon.
- Remove icons on song position and volume sliders in main user interface, looks cleaner.

2012-01-27, version 0.4.1:
Bug fix release.
- The "Now Playing" plasma applet now supports Mpris2 dbus interface so I could finally test support for this in BoomBox. Found a couple of issues and fixed those.
- I switched to a dark colour theme and found two places where it was always showing text in black colour. Fixed to follow system palette.

Besides those small problems BoomBox is still working just fine, no problems with the xine and GStreamer phonon backends. VLC backend seems to have issues.. many annoying behaviors when using that.

2011-04-01, version 0.4:
New release with minor fixes:
- Added a Help entry to the BoomBox menu and wrote documentation.
- Added titles to the toolbars, shown when right-clicking on a dockwidget.
- Renamed some actions to sound better
- Added the actions for the collection tab to the shortcuts editor
- Changed the function of "New Playlist" now saves current settings under new name instead of starting a new blank one.
- Compile fix for ubuntu 10.04

This is not a joke!

2011-03-25, version 0.4rc1:
Finally I have something good enough for a release! Took some two years... but during those two years I have also quite happily used it full time for myself.
So now I'm hoping to get some feedback on how this works for everybody else, hopefully it can reach more people thanks to the excellent build service that opensuse provides! Also big thanks to lubos lunak for the nice kde-obs-generator!
Please comment below for any feedback/questions, much appreciated! There is no documentation yet, hoping to have time for that soon (and also hoping that it isn't really needed!)

Development on a complete rewrite has started, today I pushed this work into a git repo on the sourceforge project space. Feel free to try it, but remember that it is work in progress. Not yet suitable for everyday usage. Added a screenshot of this new version as a teaser! :)
The rewrite uses KDE4 libraries, phonon, sqlite and taglib.

Small bugfix release.

So... it's been over a year since last release. Sorry for that. But at least now a much improved release is available. Most important changes:

changed to sqlite 3. This means you will need to remove the old database file ($HOME/.boombox/music.db) before starting the new version.

Added tag editing. Quite nice to use, imo.

Added playlist support. Uses a combobox in the main window.

Switched to taglib - Cleaner and makes mp3s get length field filled out.

Lots of fixes with character encodings. Should work now.

General cleanup and restrucuring of alot of code.

Now able to read pls files.

Added tooltips to display meta info in playlist.

Fixed the equalizer. Can actually be used now... =)

Small fixes
Scroll to song playing when pressing "Add & play"
Make browser refresh after db update.
Make mainbar buttons toggle.
Use path in playlists, making them work through db updates.
Fix esc on button in browser.
Show video window when playing video, keep track of user's setting.
URLs should have all their fields filled out.
Install a .desktop file.
use fromUtf8 in bbbackend, xine_get_meta_info

Hope you enjoy it! All feedback very welcome!

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SysTach 0.1 (Plasmoid Binary)

Mon, 2014/01/27 - 5:33am
ThumbnailSysTach 0.1
(Plasmoid Binary)
SysTach for KDE/Plasma

KDE4.x hybrid Plasma (native/QML) rewrite of the SysTach SuperKaramba widget:!?content=72809


* Connects to ANY KDE Engine and Datasource
* Radial Gauges
* Digital and Text Gauges (not yet implemented)
* Automatic ranging
* SVG-Skinnable Widgets

Current build is x68_64 only. Source will follow soon.

Version 0.1 - First Release

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Kup Backup System 0.4.0 (KDE Archiving/Backup)

Sat, 2014/01/25 - 2:03pm
ThumbnailKup Backup System 0.4.0
(KDE Archiving/Backup)
Kup is created for helping people to keep up-to-date backups of their personal files. Connecting a USB hard drive is the primary supported way to store files, but saving files to a server over a network connection is also possible for advanced users.

When you plug in your external hard drive Kup will automatically start copying your latest changes, but of course it will only do so if you have been active on your computer for some hourse since the last time you took a backup (and it can of course ask you first, before copying anything).
In general Kup tries to not disturb you needlessly.

There are two types of backup schemes supported, one which keeps the backup folder completely in sync with what you have on your computer, deleting from the backup any file that you have deleted on your computer etc. The other scheme also keeps older versions of your files in the backup folder. When using this, only the small parts of your files that has actually changed since last backup will be saved and therefore incremental backups are very cheap. This is especially useful if you are working on big files. At the same time it's as easy to access your files as if a complete backup was taken every time; every backup contains a complete version of your directories. Behind the scenes all the content that is actually the same is only stored once. To make this happen Kup runs the backup program "bup" in the background, look at for more details.

What the Kup backup system consists of
  • Configuration module, available in your system settings. Here you can configure backup plans, what to include, where to store the backup and how often. You can also see the status for the backup plans here.

  • A small program running in the background. It will monitor to see when your backup destination is available, schedule and run your backup plans. It has a system tray icon that shows up when a backup destination is available.

  • Kioslave for accessing bup archives. This allows you to open files and folders directly from an archive, with any KDE application.

  • A file browsing application for bup archives, allowing you to locate the file you want to restore more easily than with the kioslave. It also helps you restore files or folders.

  • Detailed list of features
  • backup types:
    - Synchronized folders with the use of "rsync".
    - Incremental backup archive with the use of "bup"

  • backup destinations:
    - local filesystem, monitored for availability. That means you can set a destination folder which only exist when perhaps a network shared drive is mounted and Kup will detect when it becomes available.
    - external storage, like usb hard drives. Also monitored for availability.

  • schedules:
    - manual only (triggered from tray icon popup menu)
    - interval (suggests new backup after some time has passed since last backup)
    - usage based (suggests new backup after you have been active on your computer for some hours since last backup).

  • Needed backup programs

    To actually create backups of your data you will need either "bup" or "rsync" installed. They
    provide the implementations for the two different types of backups that Kup supports.

    Helping out
    Development happens at:

    Translators please contact me to get started with translating a new language!

    If you feel like helping out with coding, please have a look at the list of issues there at the github page.

    Please also report any issues at the github page!

    If you do test new features that are not in a released version yet, please let me know if it works or not. This project is still small enough that it is very useful to get feedback on any testing done.

    Kup Version 0.4.0
    - Bug fix: detect encrypted partitions on external hard drives.
    - Small update to keep up-to-date with new metadata format in bup v0.25
    - Add German, Italian and Swedish translations. Tagalog and Spanish are still only partial.

    Kup Version 0.4.0 beta 1
    - Add kioslave for accessing files and folders directly from any git archive (including bup archives, of course!). Comes complete with support for metadata scheduled to be available with the soon-to-come 0.25 version of bup. Please test! Just type "bup://" in a kde-based filemanager (dolphin, konqueror, krusader et al)
    - Add a new application called filedigger, it helps you find the right version of a file and then also helps you restore that file. You can open folders and files to have a look at them before restoring, thanks to the new kioslave.
    - Add rsync-type of backups.

    Please help test the above new features! And now is also the time to translate all the new texts, please help adding your language!

    Kup Version 0.3.2
    - Add german, italian and tagalog translations.
    - Make it more difficult to create a backup plan without a destination. (Select first usb drive automatically when connected, warn user if no drive is selected when saving)

    Kup Version 0.3.1
    - Fix running with older versions of bup by removing compression level option, not useful for most people anyway.
    - Check if bup is installed, notify user if not.
    - Add spanish translation.

    Kup Version 0.3
    - Adds an option to take the backup as root. Useful when you want to backup system files which needs root access to read.
    - Now checks if you are inactive (no mouse or keyboard activity) when accumulating usage time. For instance, Kup will no longer count time watching a movie on your computer as active usage time.
    - Adds ability to configure which compression level is used for backups.
    - Adds the option of selecting/deselecting hidden folders.
    - Adds infrastructure for translations and a swedish translation. Help with other languages would be appreciated!
    - Now sets the CPU and (on linux) the IO scheduler priority of the backup processes to be very nice, just to minimize risk of a running backup disturbing you.
    - Fixes a couple of bugs in the folder selection tree.
    - Shows more info about external drives connected and now also remembers more info about the drive you have selected.
    - Now uses the bup index file in your home directory instead of having the index file located in the destination archive. This can perhaps give better performance in some scenarios, not tested.
    - Adds a few hidden folders in your home directory as default excludes, should be useful for most people.

    Kup Version 0.2
    - Introduced a new scheduling mode, Usage. Monitors how long you've been logged in since last backup was taken and suggests new backup after configured number of hours. Made this scheduling mode the default.
    - Made a new systray icon (supposed to look like a safe... you judge..).
    - The progress notification thing was just ugly & annoying, removed it. Now just showing an animated icon when taking a backup.
    - Added option to never ask user before starting to take a new backup.
    - Improved error reporting
    - Big code cleanup for more maintainable code
    - Made the config module's way of detecting/starting the daemon process more reliable.
    - Systray icon tooltip now contains info on backup plan status.
    - Systray icon now shows up with a red warning symbol if a plan has "bad" status; more than three times the backup interval has passed since last backup.
    - Bug fix, already plugged in devices didn't show up in the list for selecting external destination drive.
    - Bug fix for local filesystem destination: now detects if destination folder becomes available after a mount.

    Kup Version 0.1
    - Initial release.

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    Subscribe Akregator feeds from Firefox 0.1 (KDE Improvement)

    Fri, 2014/01/24 - 9:56pm
    ThumbnailSubscribe Akregator feeds from Firefox 0.1
    (KDE Improvement)
    Subscribe to RSS feeds in Akregator from Firefox.

    Script by bcooksley

    chmod +x
    mv somepath/

    When subscribing to a feed click choose application and select this script.

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    LyX 2.0.7 (KDE Text Processing)

    Fri, 2014/01/24 - 5:20pm
    ThumbnailLyX 2.0.7
    (KDE Text Processing)
    LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing based on the structure of your documents, not their appearance.

    LyX is for people that write and want their writing to look great, right out of the box. No more endless tinkering with formatting details, 'finger painting' font attributes or fuzzing around with page boundaries. You just write. In the background, Prof. Knuth's legendary TeX typesetting engine makes you look good.

    On screen, LyX looks like any word processor; its printed output -- or richly cross-referenced PDF, just as readily produced -- looks like nothing else. Gone are the days of industrially bland .docs, all looking similarly not-quite-right, yet coming out unpredictably different on different printer drivers. Gone are the crashes 'eating' your dissertation the evening before going to press.

    LyX is stable and fully featured. It is a multi-platform, fully internationalized application running natively on Unix/Linux and the Macintosh and modern Windows platforms.

    NOTE: Please use the project's mailing lists and tracker for bug reports and feedback.

    CHANGES in 2.0.7:

    LyX 2.0.7 is the result of on-going efforts to make our stable version
    even more reliable and stable. We have fixed a number of bugs and made
    a number of improvements. These are detailed at the file linked below.

    The most important bug was #8854, which could lead to file corruption
    in certain cases and, more often, would lead to errors in generated
    files (e.g., PDFs). We encourage all LyX users to upgrade to this

    Please refer to for a detailed list of changes against version 2.0.6

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    MovieThumbs 0.3.3 (KDE Improvement)

    Thu, 2014/01/23 - 3:43pm
    ThumbnailMovieThumbs 0.3.3
    (KDE Improvement)
    MovieThumbs generates thumbnails for movies and series.

    For downloading the posters a working internet connection is needed. MovieThumbs works with all KDE file managers and nautilus.
    If the wrong thumbnail is downloaded include the year when the movie was released in the file name. This will help fetch the correct poster.
    All information that is between brackets () and [] will not be used to search. You can still put the year in brackets.

    A MovieThumbs version for GNOME file managers is available here:

    Movie posters are downloaded from (The Movie DataBase)
    Series posters are from (The TV DataBase)

    I would like to thank the tmdb and thetvdb teams for allowing the use of their api.

    External dependencies:
    KDE SC 4.x
    Qt 4

    Use the packages for your distribution or build from source. (See INSTALL file)

    Thank you for checking out MovieThumbs. Bug reports and feedback welcome.

    If you have some money to spare, please consider leaving a donation.
    Or buy MovieThumbs for nautilus on the ubuntu app store:

    0.3.3 (2014-01-23)
    * More bug fixes
    * Download smaller images (speed improvement)
    * Look for local thumbnails in folder (poster.png ..)

    0.3.0 (2013-08-09)
    * Increased download speed
    * Dropped libTVDB dependency
    * Blacklist to remove common words
    * Memory optimizations

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    USU Notifications 0.1.3 (Plasmoid Script)

    Mon, 2014/01/20 - 10:14am
    ThumbnailUSU Notifications 0.1.3
    (Plasmoid Script)
    Alternative KDE notifications, based on QML and org.kde.notofications, but with more features.
    - customizable position
    - floating notification remains in the correct place when changing screen resolution (you must select "detached" position from the settings)
    - show/hide notification categories tabs
    - natural up/down scrolling in the notification pop-up
    - newly installed apps notification (experimental)

    - 0.1 - initial, private release
    - 0.1.1 - initial public release
    - 0.1.2 - added new app notifications, show/hide notification categories, notification action buttons auto-width
    - 0.1.3 - added auto popup on new jobs; don't show jobs with "undefined" info message

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    Comic Book Trasformer 1.4.0 (KDE Service Menu)

    Sun, 2014/01/19 - 8:44pm
    ThumbnailComic Book Trasformer 1.4.0
    (KDE Service Menu)
    This KDE4 Service Menu is designed to make more easy the generation of Comic Book files in CBR, CBZ or PDF Formats. Provide options to scale to different resolutions and transform to gray for use in ebooks.


    * Convert Images directories to CBR, CBZ, CB7 o PDF files
    * Convert CBR, CBZ or CB7 files in PDF
    * Convert PDF to CBR, CBZ or CB7
    * Transform to gray scale
    * Scale to 1024×768, 1024x600, 800×600 or Custom size


    Install this packages

    * Zip
    * Unzip
    * Rar
    * Unrar
    * p7zip
    * ImageMagick

    * Progressbar for multi files transform
    * Convert pdf to CBR and CBZ
    * Scale for tablets 600 x 1024
    * Full support for CB7 format
    * Custom scale
    * Compress files without the directory structure
    * New profiles:
    * Android Tablet: 800x1280
    * Kindle DXG: 824x1200
    * Crop Double pages in singel pages
    * Fix bug with spaces in directory name for scale options

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    Yandex.Disk ServiceMenu 0.3 (KDE Service Menu)

    Sat, 2014/01/18 - 8:24pm
    ThumbnailYandex.Disk ServiceMenu 0.3
    (KDE Service Menu)
    Яндекс.Диск ServiceMenu
    Позволяет получить быстрый доступ к сервису Яндекс.Диск

    * Скопировать публичную ссылку на файл/папку в буфер обмена
    * Сохранить файл в вашу папку Яндекс.Диск

    * Консольный клиент для Linux -
    Для ArchLinux скачиваем с aur
    * libnotify
    * kdialog
    * xsel

    Yandex.Disk ServiceMenu
    A servicemenu which allows easy access to Yandex.Disk features.

    * Copy Public URL to clipboard
    * Copy file to your Yandex.Disk folder

    * Run installation script - ./

    * Console client for Linux -
    For ArchLinux download from aur -
    * libnotify
    * kdialog
    * xsel

    0.1 - 13.10.2013
    - Initial release

    0.2 - 15.10.2013
    - Add english translation
    - Fixed some bugs

    0.3 - 19.1.2014
    - Can get a public url on the folder
    - Fixed a few bugs

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    Shrink pdf 0.01 (KDE Service Menu)

    Sat, 2014/01/18 - 4:26pm
    Shrink pdf 0.01
    (KDE Service Menu)
    A simple desktop file to reduce the size of scanned pdf files. Depends on ghostscript.

    0.01 Initial release.

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    SimpleAudioPlayer 1.10.2 (KDE Sound Application)

    Thu, 2014/01/16 - 10:34am
    ThumbnailSimpleAudioPlayer 1.10.2
    (KDE Sound Application)
    Two small programs are available:
    SimpleAudioPlayers main task is quick and easy open some music files selected by a filemanager. Both drag&drop and "open with..." can be used. It uses very little memory.
    With SimpleAudioBrowser, you can easily and quickly search for music files. These can then be played back with a simple mouse click in SimpleAudioPlayer.

    - Supported formats:
    Mp3, ogg, wav, flac and so on, audio cds and Internet radios.
    - Datastreams of internet radios can be recorded

    Program adjustments for >= phonon-vlc-0.7

    Error corrections:
    - SimpleAudioPlayer: sometimes crashes on logout
    - SimpleAudioBrowser: Edit tag don't work properly with taglib >= 1.8

    - Added equalizer for the phonon-gstreamer backend
    - Some bug fixes

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    KBibTeX 0.5 (KDE Scientific)

    Wed, 2014/01/15 - 7:27pm
    ThumbnailKBibTeX 0.5
    (KDE Scientific)
    KBibTeX is a BibTeX editor for KDE to edit bibliographies used with LaTeX. Features include comfortable input masks, starting web queries (e. g. Google Scholar or BibSonomy) and exporting to PDF, PostScript, RTF and XML/HTML. As KBibTeX is using KDE's KParts technology, KBibTeX can be embedded into Kile or Konqueror.

    KBibTeX 0.5 has been released. Its main features include
  • Initial support for BibLaTeX

  • Id Suggestion editor like available in old KDE3 version

  • "Find PDF" function to locate PDF files through web search engines

  • New online database searches: MathSciNet, Ingenta Connect, Inspire Hep, SAO/NASA ADS, ISBN DB, JStor

  • Improved memory management

  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements

  • 2013-Mar-10

    KBibTeX 0.5-beta2 has been released. Please test this beta and report bugs at KBibTeX's bug tracker at Gna (not KDE's bug tracker).


    KBibTeX 0.4.1 has just been tagged and tar-balled. This release is a maintenance release, although some minor feature improvements from the development trunk have been backported as well.

    Everyone using KBibTeX 0.4 is encouraged to upgrade to this version if possible.

    Changes from 0.4 to 0.4.1 include, but are not limited to:

  • Web searches: Improved support for user-triggered cancelling

  • SpringerLink search: GUI changes, using for search

  • PubMed: Limiting search requests per time

  • ACM Portal: Retrieving "month", fixing HTTP header

  • JSTOR: fixing HTTP header

  • Google Scholar: Updates to compensate for changes in Google's web layout; handling redirects

  • Science Direct: Updates to compensate for changes in Science Direct's web layout; handling redirects

  • arXiv: Trying to extract bibliographic information from journal strings

  • BibSonomy: Specifying number of hits to find

  • Web search uses KDE's proxy settings

  • Using KDE subsystem to open external files (e.g. PDF files)

  • Adding preview for images (in addition to PDF or HTML files); handling references to arXiv

  • Squeezing long file names in user interface

  • Handling quit actions more gracefully

  • Improving interface to external programs such as pdflatex

  • More robust XSL transformations

  • BibTeX import: guessing encoding information left by JabRef, more informative debug output, improved handling of multiple fields with same name

  • Reference preview: supporting dark color schemes

  • Fixing sorting in value list

  • Fixes in setting color tag to entries

  • Fixes in name formatting

  • Keeping user interface read-only for read-only use cases

  • Numerous bug fixes, closing memory leaks, speed improvements

  • Adding testing application for web searches

  • Fixes in duplicate merging code: remove fields user doesn't want to keep

  • 2011-Nov-24

    After month of development, KBibTeX 0.4 has been released today.

    KBibTeX 0.4 has the following improvements over KBibTeX 0.3, extracted from a 21000+ lines difference in code.

  • Support for Windows (compiles out of the box)

  • Configuration file system refactored

  • Adding more online search engines: SpringerLink, PubMed, ACM Digital Library, JSTOR, IEEE Xplorer, Science Direct

  • Improving all other online search engines: Google Scholar, arXiv, BibSonomy

  • "List of Values" refactored, allows to search for items

  • Introducing preferences dialog to manage various settings

  • Improved support for drag'n'drop throughout the program

  • Improving tagging elements with color

  • Introducing global keyword list to select from

  • Editing widgets get "history" to select from

  • Widget for cross references allows to select from existing elements

  • Introducing duplicate finding and merging code and user interface

  • Improvements in usability of filter line edit

  • File view can resize and order columns, settings get stored

  • Improving file importer and exporter filters

  • BibTeX references can be sent to LyX via a pipe

  • Numerous bug fixes

  • 2011-Jun-02

    After months of development, KBibTeX 0.3 has been released today.

    Changes compared to the second beta include:
  • Correct selection of pasted elements (from clipboard)

  • Improved handling of encodings in BibTeX files including storing settings in file

  • Improved handling of duplicated fields and multiple values in one filed (e.g. keywords) when loading BibTeX files

  • Improved regular expressions to detect URLs, files, and DOI numbers
    various GUI fixes

  • Adding link to bug tracker homepage

  • Source tar balls can be downloaded from the project's download area.
    Report bugs to the bug tracker.

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    py_file_client 1.0 (KDE Networking Tool)

    Tue, 2014/01/14 - 9:49pm
    Thumbnailpy_file_client 1.0
    (KDE Networking Tool)
    Simple file client and server written in Python

    Was missing a simple tool for downloading files from my desktop computer to my notebook (and vice versa) without handling with NFS or Samba, so I created one by myself.


    On server site start the server with python When omitting a port, 50007 is the standard port and set by the server.

    On client site start the client with python Enter the IP address and the port number and change the home directory (where the downloaded files will be saved) as needed.

    With the graphical client you can navigate thru the server and download files to the client, assumed the user who has started the server has the access rights.

    The client window is splitted in two halfs: on the left site you see the files and directories on the server, the right site shows a journal of your actions respectively error messages from the server.

    For navigation double click on a server directory for entering it. Press the up button for moving up one directory level. Alternatively the directory on the server can be entered manually.

    For downloading mark the files and press the get files button.

    py_file_client is available in english and german, the server only in english. Language should be automatically set depending on your locales. If it is not EN or DE, it will be set to EN.

    You must open port 50007 (or your selected port) on your firewall. It is strongly recommended to close this port after you are ready.

    Initial release

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    mpdpipe for testing (KDE Other Software)

    Tue, 2014/01/14 - 9:38am
    Thumbnailmpdpipe for testing
    (KDE Other Software)
    simple mpd info for runs as a daemon so needs no polling or scripting language - the most efficient way to get info to your panel.

    Note: this is a testing version only. May play with your cat behind your back.

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    YouTube DL Applet 1.0 (KDE Other Utility)

    Tue, 2014/01/14 - 2:59am
    YouTube DL Applet 1.0
    (KDE Other Utility)
    Before to write this script i tried qttube. It is quite old (2007 year) and it overrides file name by something, guessed using url itself.

    1. Run applet from menu or just drop link or their groups. Though i don't know, what browser allowes to select several links, youtube-dl supports it.
    In first case text entry will appear, accepting multiple links, delimited by spaces.
    2. It will ask directory, where to save. This parameter is remembered after each successful run (directory must be writable for you).
    3. Process runs in terminal emulator, where you can see progress in native youtube-dl form. If terminal is not specified or could not be run, it will warn. If continued, messages are showed at the end.

    run ./install in sources dir
    Variable DESTDIR is supported.

    Dependencies: only kdialog and optionallt some term to show progress.

    TODO: what about queue support? No idea, how it will work in parallel.

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    SFLPhone KDE 1.3.0 (KDE Telephony)

    Tue, 2014/01/14 - 12:02am
    ThumbnailSFLPhone KDE 1.3.0
    (KDE Telephony)
    SFLPhone is a KDE telephony client supporting SIP and IAX, perfect for corporate networks.

    It feature over 200 configuration options and the UI is very flexible.

    Main features:
    *Multiple calls
    *Multiple conferences
    *Multiple accounts
    *Integration with Akonadi
    *Plasma data engine
    *Record and playback
    *Basic Video support
    *Interactive history
    *Multiple filter and search options
    *Text messages
    *Background mode

    Feel free to report bugs and ask for new features at and join our mailing list at

    More Ubuntu download at:

    Version 1.3.0:
    * common: SIP Presence subscribing and publishing support
    * common: Video multiparty conferencing [EXPERIMENTAL]
    * common: Multichannel ringtone support [EXPERIMENTAL]
    * common: Additional Flac and OGG ringtone support
    * common: Improved NAT support
    * common: Improved audio quality, noise suppression and automatic gain control
    * Bug fixes
    * New volume controls for PulseAudio
    * New mute DTMF option
    * libqtsflphone: API version 2.0
    * libqtsflphone: Qt5 support
    * libqtsflphone: Full Model/View support (19 new models)
    * libqtsflphone: New phone number statistics API
    * libqtsflphone: Full QML / QtScript compatibility
    * libqtsflphone: Improved performance
    * libqtsflphone: Faster load time
    * libqtsflphone: Now provide complete DBus API abstraction
    * libqtsflphone: Bug fixes
    * KDE: Smart autocompletion [EXPERIMENTAL]
    * Call using the right account
    * Fast lookup
    * Call using contact information
    * Gather information from 11 sources to provide accurate results
    * KDE: Improved Akonadi integration
    * Support live contact list update
    * KDE: Usability improvements
    * Highlight missed calls in history
    * New "flat design" Contact/History/Bookmark widgets
    * More reliable canvas notifications
    * Improved account setting dialog
    * DTMF feedback
    * Network issue detection
    * KDE: Presence integration in contact, bookmarks and history views
    * KDE: Status publishing support in the statusbar
    * KDE: Dial tone support
    * KDE: Translation updates
    * KDE: Bug fixes

    Version 1.2.3:
    * Add macro support
    * Add command line to create calls or send texts
    * Integration with KAdressBook
    * Bug fixes
    * Translation updates

    Version 1.2.1:
    * Ability to edit numbers
    * New “Reload all accounts” button in the statusbar
    * Required fields in wizard and configuration dialog (prevent the creation of invalid accounts)
    * Caps lock auto detection when entering passwords
    * Reduced CPU usage
    * Automatic selection of the call tab when there is a new incoming call
    * Improved DTMF handling
    * Bug fixes

    Version 1.2:
    *Improved usability
    *Better video support
    *New instant messaging module
    *Bug fixes

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    Perl Audio Converter 5.0.1 (KDE Sound Application)

    Mon, 2014/01/13 - 11:10pm
    ThumbnailPerl Audio Converter 5.0.1
    (KDE Sound Application)
    A tool for converting multiple audio types from one format to another.

    It supports the following audio formats:

    It can also extract audio from the following video extensions:


    Parallel Processing,a CD ripping function with CDDB support, batch conversion, tag preservation for most supported formats, independent tag reading & writing, service menus for KDE Dolphin/Konqueror, Gnome Nautilus script, and action scripts for Nemo/Thunar are also provided.

    5.0.1 Stable Released

    For a list of all changes visit the following site:

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    Meld Menu 0.4 (KDE Service Menu)

    Mon, 2014/01/13 - 4:27pm
    ThumbnailMeld Menu 0.4
    (KDE Service Menu)
    A complete service menu to compare your files or folders with meld.

    To handed the files to meld, you have two choices.

    variant A
    Clicking the right mouse button on a file or folder using the menu item "Set file/folder" the first argument set to compare. In the background, the file/folder is stored as a variable in the /tmp directory.
    In another file or another folder will now be using the menu option "Compare with file/folder" is a 2-way comparison of these two starts. For this purpose, in the background, the first argument is read and compared to the currently specified.
    - The files/folders can be located in different places.
    - Only a 2-way comparison.
    - Somewhat more complicated in the input.

    variant B
    This variation in Dolphin initially up to three files or folders selected. With the menu item "selected comparisons files/folders" this selection is passed to meld.
    - A 3-way comparison is possible.
    - Easier to enter.
    - The files/folders must be in the same folder.

    Storage location as there are 2 paths to choose from.
    Copy the file to:
    ~/.kde4/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/ (current user)
    /usr/share/services/ServiceMenus/ (all users)

    With the command "kde4-config --path services", the paths could be checked.

    The file is dependent on meld. This can be easily installed via the package manager.

    If your language is not included? Please translate it and send me a message or write a comment. Then I take the language into the script.

    Don't forget to vote!

    Version 0.4
    - fix: folder with blanks now work (thanks to Trail)

    Version 0.3
    - Language Topmenu customized (de, es)
    - Menu more user-friendly

    Version 0.2
    - Added menu item "Compare selected files/folders" (thanks to spikyatlinux)
    In order for the files/folders are compared, which were selected in Dolphin.
    - Added Spanish language (thanks to msx)

    Version 0.1
    - Simple meld menu

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    KteMarkSelection 0.1 (KDE Text Editor)

    Sun, 2014/01/12 - 7:31pm
    ThumbnailKteMarkSelection 0.1
    (KDE Text Editor)
    Marks all occurrences of a text in a document with a colored background. You can mark up to five different texts.

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