Sentinella Waits So You Don't Have To

Have you ever started an update, download or file transfer only to find that you need to head off, so you leave your computer running to complete that task? Wouldn't it be great if there was a simple application that could monitor your computer and shut it down, suspend or hibernate it at the right time while you were not there?

Sentinella can do all that and more. Built on the KDE Platform, it integrates perfectly into a Plasma Workspace and is probably already available in your distro repositories.


KDevelop 4.1 Brings Git Integration

Roughly half a year and over a thousand commits after the first stable release, the KDevelop hackers are proud and happy to announce the release of KDevelop 4.1, the first of hopefully many feature releases. As with the previous bugfix releases, we also make available updated versions of the KDevelop PHP plugins.

KDevelop 4.1 is more stable and polished than 4.0; we suggest everyone should update to this new version.


Amarok Celebrates Success, Announces Roktober Fundraiser

Image by D Sharon Pruitt

October is here in all of its glory! Whether you are seeing the leaves turn or the sun coming back, it is time to celebrate Amarok. We are nearing the year’s end and are ready to sum up our efforts, while we continue to develop and Rok the World!

In the last twelve months, we have made more than 4000 commits, closed over 4000 bugs, released 6 new versions of Amarok, written a Quick Start Guide to Amarok, attended over 10 conferences and had a big developer sprint in Switzerland. All of this, thanks to your donations! We have a big fundraising goal this year to keep us on the fast development track.


KPresenter Template Contest Winners announced

Wow your audience with KPresenter!

The KPresenter Template Contest was over on September 15. We are really happy with the number and the quality of the entries, and the fact that they came from all over the world. KPresenter 2.3 will be the first version of KPresenter 2 to ship with some cool templates to base your presentations on. Thanks to these templates it's easier than ever to wow your audience, your customers and your colleagues.


Hot Off The Press: Amarok Insider 15 and Amarok 2.3.2

Amarok Insider 15 available now, includes the articles:

  • What's New in Amarok
  • Interview with a Developer: Leo Franchi
  • Podcasts on your Mobile Device
  • Automated Playlist Generator
  • Weekly Windows Build Now Available
  • Organizing a Music Collection

The Insider explores Amarok for the user, looking at features, development, and how to
get involved with the project.

Amarok 2.3.2 has also been released, with many bugfixes and improvements, led by our new Automated Playlist Generator, two new applets: Similar Artists and Upcoming Events, an upgrade to Dynamic Collections, and improvements in the collection browser, Cover fetching, file browser, podcasts and importing

Finally, we have a new video tutorial page. See our new features and how to use them. Discover your music!


KMyMoney Team Announces First Platform 4 Release

The KMyMoney team is pleased to announce the release of the first stable version built on KDE Platform 4. With over 15 months of development, this is the starting point for a series of KMyMoney versions leveraging the stellar features offered by the new Platform.


KPresenter Invites Creative Minds to Template Contest

Today, the KOffice team presents a contest to create great KPresenter slide templates, offering t-shirts for the winners and of course inclusion in the next KPresenter releases for all good submissions. Read on for information on the contest!


KDE and Science

Free thinkers. Curious people collaborating across borders. Pioneers pushing back the boundaries of what is possible. Teams building upon the work of others. People trying things just to see what happens. Those are all phrases that could be applied to KDE - or to scientists.

A few days ago, your writer did a quick, albeit decidedly unscientific, survey to gather some thoughts of the KDE scientist community on our current software offerings and the missing links. Read on for some of the conclusions.


Knowledge: A Different Approach to a Database on the Desktop

Desktop applications for 'Information Management' that go beyond conventional card-index style databases are hard to find. The ideas behind such software are perhaps not that well known, so a prototype program, Knowledge, has been developed to put them firmly into the public domain. Read on to learn about Knowledge and how you can help.


KDE PIM Goes Mobile

KMail Mobile

Today a prototype version of mobile variants of the KDE PIM suite was demoed at LinuxTag (expect more information later). These applications along with GNU/Linux, Mac OS and Windows versions of Kontact accessing a Kolab Server will be on show for the duration of LinuxTag. The application packages themselves can be downloaded by anyone willing to test them out. Since the last update about KDE PIM Mobile, there have been many visual and functional improvements to the applications.

Read on for a screencast and benefits of the KDE PIM platform in terms of speed, features, cryptographic infrastructure, and portability.