KDE Project issues statement on GNOME Foundation

The KDE Core Team took a break from coding and wrote up an official response to the whole GNOME foundation thing. It wouldn't have been necessary if not for the endless questions and misinformation about the project ever since the original announcement.

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An excellent statement. Thank you. It is re-assuring to know that the beautiful and functinal KDE GUI will be there.

It seem a good idea to at least extend a welcoming hand to GNOME. They are doing similar things and probably have some excellent ideas which may help both. Their Abiword is a great example of fine programming.

Again, thanks to all KDE programmers. Your hard work is really appreciated.


Err, for one thing, haven't you read the articles for KDE-GNOME interoperability?
And AbiWord is NOT a GNOME app and has nothing to do with GNOME; it just uses Gtk for its GUI toolkit.