State of the aRts

Stefan Westerfeld has a neat document up summarizing the status of aRts in the KDE 2.0 final beta preview. Most of the work of the past year has been focussed on integrating aRts into KDE. The result of those efforts is a new multimedia middleware known as MCOP, a brand new notification system, a brand new optimized sound server, kaiman, Brahms, and more.

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by fura (not verified)

Hmmm ... knotify never worked for me on FreeBSD.
Arts also never works when started from 'startkde' script (seems to work when started by hand though).

by Stefan Taferner (not verified)

aRts is definitely a great piece of software.
IMO most people do not know the capabilities it
has under the hood.

Maybe we (Kde) should have some
decent demos that run out of the box to show what
it can do. I remember the presentation I saw.
These effects that you can plugin are great: echo,
mixing, etc. Definitely something that makes it

by KDE User (not verified)

Yeah, I bet! The "analog realtime synthersizer" part always trips me up though, never know what to make of that. His site is really technical and sometimes it's hard to know what he's talking about. ;-)