KDE2 release schedule update

The KOffice hack session is over, and Matthias Elter is back with a new KDE2 release schedule. While some of the details are still being discussed (hotly), in essence, RC1 will be released on Monday October 2, and the final tarballs will be created on Monday October 9. The public release will follow on Monday October 16. Note that the next KDE will be named KDE 2.0, contrary to what the announcement says. Woo!

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by Nobody (not verified)

It's 19:24 (US Central), and where is RC1? I was looking forward to that today...

Maybe wait another week?

It still seems really unstable to me still (my desktop keeps "crashing"). But maybe cleanly built total new binary installs will work better.

I assume the packagers will be looking for bugs while they prepare the rpm's tar.gz's and of course now the *.deb's !!!!

by Jonathan Brugge (not verified)

Maybe the webmaster of developer.kde.org can update the release-schedule on that site? I've been looking on that one for some time and it doesn't change, it's still somewhere in Juli...someone here who can update it?

Jonathan Brugge

P.S.: I've been running the beta-versions of KDE2 for some time now, and it's quite stable. One thing I would like to see is more support of Konqueror: I can't load some pages because it has no support for the protocols the page uses (like https). If it can open a page, I prefer it above the always crashing Netscape.

by Christian Groove (not verified)

but how do i have to wait for Redhat 6.x/7
binary packages ??? A year or two ???
Up to now, there is no complete set of 1.94
packages available for the Redhat distributions.

by Morris (not verified)

Wow! ... Wow!

Neat! ...

Cool! ...