KBasic: A VB-Like Rad/IDE For KDE

KBasic is a programming language which brings a complete BASIC to KDE. It will include a great IDE with a form designer and a complete binding to KDE like controls (CommandButton, TextBox, ComboBox, Image, Html) and the other KDE features. Read on for more.

Now the first steps are the development of the form designer and the designing of the KBasic language (EBNF-Grammar, Lexical Scanner, Grammar Parser, BASIC-Functions and Interpreter). In later future it will also support SQL database access via a KSql-Plugin. The big aim is to have a free and good programming tool.

The KBasic language is a pretentious project, so we will need a long time to make it complete. We think in the summer of 2001 the first end user version will be released.

The KBasic website is at http://kbasic.de/. Any help is very welcome.

The KBasic Team

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there is a C++ to VB code converter and visa versa. the only down side is that its quite pricy for me. here is the link http://www.metamorphic.com/html/vb_to_c___0.html

by Mr. Anxious (not verified)

Is there a c++ to .txt code converter, or does anyone have one? if so id like to know.

lol u dumbass thats vb to c++ not c++ to vb

huh im a master at c++ and i suck at vb and i dont wanna take the time to convert my vb code into c++ so is there a vb to c++ code converter?

C++ to .Txt? Just rename the files.

by akbar samadi (not verified)

i have a program in c++ and want to convert it to vb
can u help me in this matter?
thanks alot

Are there any free VB to C++ source code converters?

by MEE (not verified)

well there a lot Questions on this forum and no a lot of answers.............http://www.kdiggins.cjb.net/ this site has a vb to C converter but i realy dont see y one would want to convert c++/c to VB anyways?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿

by ungku abu bakar... (not verified)

Anybody can help me to develop the coding using Visual BAsic as listed below:

1. How to do the code " REply email" in Visual Basic


How can you say that Visual Basic is limited? It does what it was made for...

It was created to make applications for use within the windows environment and give people access to features of windows that are otherwise inaccessible...

Now you're going to argue the toss and say "C++ does this too, so whats the point in Visual Basic"

Well my friend, Visual Basic is a lot faster than C++ when it comes to development time...meaning you can whip up a windows application within minutes that delivers the functionality that is needed...

C++ takes far too long to create applications that you may only need for a limited amount of time...

Don't get me wrong, I use a wide range of languages to create programs for various functions...but I do not judge the languages on what they cant do...I judge them for what they can do...

And to finish off. You are so wrong about Microsoft products...if you do a clean install of Windows and install nothing into the OS...its perfectly stable, no errors, nothing...

You have to remember Windows has to be compatible with a stupidly massive amount of hardware, its virtually impossible to create a perfect OS that has no issues with anything...

No mentioning Linux here either...the reason that Linux is rock solid, is because theres pretty much no software that has been written specifically for Linux...only ported software...

-End of Rant-

I agree. Visual Basic has improved significantly in the past few years. It's a great tool for getting things done. However, I think that Visual C#.NET will probably replace much of VisualBasic usage (except for established VB apps), as it's a nicer language and as easy as VB.NET.

Last time i checked, Linux software has been ported to windows... not the other way around. some progs are ofcourse ported, but 90% of that again has been totally rewritten. Try researching some before you make a statement....

comparing vb to basic shows your knowlege of either is pretty much zero.

what a twat

can u help me out. i have to make a ID card S/w where i will have data entry and DB connectivity. backen is access. front end can be anything...ASP or anything. but the rule is i want the output into a jpg file from which i will have colored printout of the page from a shop. most probably, i want to have the IDs of different students will be displayed on A3 size page (18x12 in) then that page will be converted to jpg file.... can u pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaseeeee help me im in an urgent need. thank u

God bless You,

Some ppl are really stupid. Michael here for one.

wow 5 years later and you people still pi#s me off. fact of the matter is vb is 80% faster then c++ in development time. "development time" thats were the money is saving "development time", and any real windows functioning is done thru the "WINDOWS API" might be a big word, sorry. any "REAL" coder can pseudo code so language is irelevent fast UI in VB with a solid backend in C++.

lol, linux is a great operating system, but dont make it look bad by being a ja#ka## about not liking windows. alot of people want a nice install, and others want a stable os. in closing its my feelings that a windows guru has just as much os control as a linux guru does, and they both have to much spite about it.

by Richard Saunders (not verified)

Michael Jennings is a, know-nothing, talking head (as is evident from the latest .NET developments) "AS I UNDERSTAND", LOL you don't understand crap buddy.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Strange, I could have sworn I clicked on the KDE link instead of the 4chan link...

by Fullmetalfox (not verified)

One would want to convert VB into C++ because the .net framework is needed to run most user made VB programs. Most people would lose interest in a 400kb program that has a 23mb framework requirment.

I need a way to make my programs publicly useable, which means I'll probably have to learn some complicated and time consuming language like C++.

The price of that convertor is over $100, which compells me all the more to look for a good crack. e.e

Microsoft needs to GTFO their high horse and create a Visual Basic-eske program which makes program creation simple while allowing the creator to publish the program and have it run on PC's like a regular application.

Downloaded software code for converting j2me code to pseudo code.

I did try out a limited VB to C++ converter some time back to try to convert one of my programs to C++ but that converter was limited to converting just the form as I recall but last night I did try out Instant C++ (VB Edition): VB to C++ Converter Demo & this is for VB .NET so it did nothing for me since I run Win98 so I can not run Visual Studio .NET unless I change over to another operating system such as Win XP, 2000, NT, Vista..., if I installed Linux I bet I could run it or if I installed the operating system ReactOS www.reactos.org which is a open source a ground-up implementation of a Microsoft Windows operating system, I am no C++ programmer & even run into problems compiling programs others wrote, my Hello World compiled in all the C++ compiler I tried out so far, about all it is good for is for beginners to try out compilers...

int main()
printf("Hello, World\n");
return 0;

BTW, Hello World =8^)

by 7thGradeEnglish... (not verified)

>>The KBasic language is a pretentious project....
Very cool, but you should change "pretentious" to something else... it sounds like you're saying "we are working on a project which is arrogant" which sounds odd, and slightly unflatterring. :)
Well congrats and good luck on your effort folks

I disagree. Perhaps the author chose a word that was contrary to their opinion but i think that a negative word was specifically chosen to indicate the problem aspect of it taking a while to complete the project and to be humble about that problem aspect (especially with the popular dislike of Mozilla style bloat). By using a negative word like "pretentious", that makes it more difficult for other people to criticize them later for their ambitiousness.

by Atanasius (not verified)


there have been a lot of interesting questions e.g. regarding code sharing with GNOME. Is somebody of the KBasic Team here to comment? Speak with us.


by Erik (not verified)

I think KBasic is a good idea, allthough I see
that many people don't think so. I hope they reuse
the KDevelop code allthough I know that reuse it
not allways as easy as it seems.

Personally I think Basic as a language stinks, hell I'm not really sure you could call it a language. I will probably never use KBasic. But hey that's not the point. The point is that Linux
is all about choice (at least thats what everybody is talking about) and if somebody wants
to program basic in Linux, let them.

Pascal is a much better language than Basic, but still nothing beats smalltalk. Maby we should make
a KSmalltalk.

by Chuck (not verified)

Looks like a translation problem with the word "pretentious" there. The word has a negative connotation, implying not only arrogance, but that it couldn't live up to it (similar to "vaunted").

I think the word you're looking for is "ambitious"

by Haakon Nilsen (not verified)

Phoenix Object Basic is a Visual Basic-like RAD for Linux. It's shareware so far, but they talk of GPLing it eventually.

by K C (not verified)

A true Object oriented basic that preserves the easy of use of VB4.0-6.0, and is far more speedy from other bytecode compiled langs, such java. I'm wondering the impact that it will have on windows systems, given the mess that MS will create with VB.NET.

by Amarnath varma (not verified)

ok fine
how to create reports in it.
i am using phoenix object basic on linux platform
i designed the form and saved. Then i try to open the same
but the form does not display the controls in the same order.
It was displayed like one control is place over another.
I dont know how to create data source name in linux.
My Control pallet is having only few controls.
how to add more controls to control pallet.
plz reply soon
regards & thanks

by James Clarke (R... (not verified)

The problem with VB until version 6.0 is that it doesn't go the full distance with Object Oriented Programming. Unlike Delphi or Power Builder. M$ has released a spec for version 7 which looks like it goes the distance. Because of VB not going the distance in the past it has turned out a generation of VB programmers who don't understand how OOP realy works.
I don't mind a KBasic as long as it properly does OOP and doesn't just copy VB 6 or below.
But how about a "visual"-Python?

by vitor (not verified)

In my opinion, such a IDE sould look like this:
a) an big API (including an GUI API, very alike the
one from Delphi), coded in C or C++ for performance
b) an IDE that can be modular enough to support different languages: Basic, pascal, C, C++, phyton, perl (why not?)

by Martijn Klingens (not verified)

It is a complete mystery to me why such a system doesn't already exist. Both the Borland range of tools and the MS development tools share a lot of code base, so I guess it should be possible to have them integrate into one IDE.

I can't wait for such an IDE, so if someone has created one for KDE, please let me know!

by Balaji Srinivasan (not verified)

Hi guys,

Let's all get realistic and stop bashing VB.. it *is* good in doing the limited things it's supposed to do, and does it rather well.
Language purists may insist that inheritance. etc are missing.. but as a VB programmer, i've mostly never felt the need for it, and there's always a workaround.

Since then I've switched completely to java, and I feel that *both* are good, for the correct projects.

by Dimitris Anoyatis (not verified)

VB6 is not just a RAD... its more than that... it can become MORE than MS actually intented it to be if all of us stop critisizing and start re-inventing the wheel where it doesnt really work our way...

I mean why not keep the good parts of VB and throw away the bad ones. For example. Let KBasic or GnomeBasic or the next VB-clone for Linux use inline assembly... the ability to create standalone binaries... work out inefficiencies and/or intentional bugs in the language as it exists now, make it parse strings and stream files faster than it already can :)
and I am sure that VB can evolve into something that lots of people can use regardless of what they think of it.

Programming Languages are tools we use to make programs... they do not define us as programmers. They are meerely tools for the job we so much love. So ... lets start brainstorming on how to make one of our tools ... BETTER :)