KOrganizer Feature Update

Curious about what KOrganizer 2.0 has to offer? Cornelius Schumacher has just the thing, with a brand new feature update including shots and all. Amongst other new features, KOrganizer now supports hierarchical To-Do lists, web export and archives. Future plans include group scheduling and synchronization with PDAs.

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by Matthias Lange (not verified)

Now think about that:

What, if I had an additional module in php,perl,whatever
that would allow me to modify my calendar on the
web, and synchronise the data back to my palm...

Wow, thats what I call a good idea.

What do you think?

by Luiz Masagão (not verified)

Maybe a syncronization tool withg exinting internet calendar, such as yahoo, would be very usefull aswell.

cheers and congratulations on the good work done


by Rick (not verified)

How hard would it be to extend KOrganizer to allow other KOrg users to see your schedule and book meetings etc (based on security/permissions)?

Or would it be easier to develop a KOrganizer server?

It would be a useful extension, sort of a "Groupware" feature.


by David Simon (not verified)

Actually, that's what Magellan will do. I hope
that there will be a project merge between
Magellan and Korganizer, that would be great.

by Markus Heller (not verified)

as far as usability and workability is concerned we should reach
a solution which is at least as good as the msfuck exchange thing.

we need a good groupware server to which the userspace kde-pim-clients
can connect. on the userspace client side we need a good and generic
interface so we can build serial connects to whatever handheld we want.

only if there is a good kde groupware solution (not just for the private
domain) we will manage to be a serious competitor in the professional

by KernelPanic (not verified)

I think the most important thing to think about is the upcoming redundancy as soon as Magellan is released.

I am no coder, but since Magellan is supposed to have a background engine doing all the important database stuff (Magellan), and a frontend (Arkteon, I think ?!?), there probably won't be much that can be merged.

Since both projects are aimed at KDE, it makes me a little sad seeing that so great programmers all doing their own things. But well, I guess thats the way it has to be with OpenSource :o) Choice rocks!

And luckily, both use standards like vCards...

by Rick (not verified)

The last news item on the Magellan site is dated 5/5. The Kompany did mention that they were working on it but I doubt that we will see anything for a few months. Hope Magellan is released soon, can't wait to play with it.

by KernelPanic (not verified)

I have been following the Magellan development pretty closely for a rather long time now. I admit that you can only be disappointed by the amount of news the developers publish...

But they (theKompany) *SAID* there would be a technology preview release in October...