KDE2 Release Delayed One Week

Due to the popular sentiment that KDE 2.0 is not quite ready for prime time, Matthias Elter, the release coordinator, has announced that a second release candidate is being prepared. RC2 will undergo scrutiny and testing by developers and packagers alike so that those final showstoppers can be found and squashed. KDE 2.0 final tarballs have been delayed one week and are now scheduled to be released to packagers on the 16th, with a public release of the packages on October 23rd. Update 10/9 3:15 PM by D: We've received word from Matthias that the RC2 tarballs will be released tomorrow, Oct. 10, on the KDE ftp servers, most likely here. Stay tuned -- we'll give you the details when we get them.

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by Manuel Zamora (not verified)

Hey, you're right!

I tried to run KDE2 as my all-day-working environment. It is stable enough for that task, but it is SO SLOW on my machine (P200MMX with 48 megs of RAM). On my machine in the office with 128 Megs and 450Mhz it's still really slower than KDE1 and GNOME. Is there any clue to improve speed or do i have to invest some money into RAM?


by Rinse (not verified)

Hmm, one thing that makes the KDE2 beta's slow is the debugging code... Does your version of KDE2 use include debugging??


by Manuel Zamora (not verified)

I am not a coder --- I used the official binaries.

Do they include debug-code? How do I "strip" the debug-code from the sources? Is there any ./configure - option?


by ac (not verified)

"./configure --disable-debug" is a must! You might also want --enable-final!

by hanh (not verified)

this debuging thing is really on my nerves and sometimes it kick me off the internet while I was in a middle of something.Somethimes it Ican't do nothing about it that I need to get off the internet.I want this to stop as soon asI can find out a way.please help me!

by anthony william... (not verified)

i got told that i had to reformat my computer but i dont no hot to do i am only 15 years old

by Thierry GRAUSS (not verified)

If you don't want to recompile KDE, try a 'strip'
Type "man strip" to know more about it.
Oh, and be carreful, do not use it when KDE runs as it could crashs KDE, ... and have some very bad consequences on the whole system.
You can use this command to strip all the a.out and elf binaries (Imagine the glibc, before strip : 87MB, and after strip : 16MB :))) but DO IT ONLY FROM A RESCUE DISK WHERE EVERYTHINK IS LOADED IN A RAMDISK AND NOTHING FROM THE SYSTEM TO STRIP WAS LOADED!!!! I had bad experiences, because I didnt do it :((

by fura (not verified)

You don't need to invest into RAM. Simply you should not get precompiled binary packages (as packagers are plain stupid), but grab the source of Qt and KDE2 and build it yourself with exception handling disabled. Please, read the thread about Qt exceptions, to find instructions how to do a correct build .

by Manuel Zamora (not verified)

Thanx! Will try that.


by edscott wilson ... (not verified)

OK, I have been trying for days to compile the
current snapshots on redhat 7.0 only to find that the distribution gcc is a "development" version and that I should use gcc 2.95.2. But this gcc won't compile the c++ libraries because it is "incompatible" with the glibc shipped with redhat 7.0 (2.1.94 as I write).

How did you manage to compile the 2.0r2.rpm's for redhat-7.0?

I am intrigued.