Slew of Quickies

VoteZone is running an interesting review of KDE2 and this comment on Konqueror. The review is fairly positive and has several good points, including the criticism levelled at the current Control Center layout. has an interview with David Sweet, who talks about his experiences with KDE and the Open Publication of the upcoming KDE 2.0 book.

Renai Lemay submitted this link from over at It is primarily an article about StarOffice, but mentions KOffice in a favorable light. This week's LWN has an excellent analysis as well.
Finally, David Johnson submitted this link to Raph's Open Letter over at LinuxToday concerning GNOME/KDE politics and Ghostscript. David is interested in opinions from KDE users and developers regarding this matter.

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by Chris Aakre (not verified)

I've brought up the KControl layout many times in the lists and e-mails with developers, but no one seemed to be interested in fixing it, even when I provided a nice layout for it...

/me needs to learn C++

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

What layout did you propose? I'm so annoyed at this myself, but haven't had time to properly figure out a layout.

Just yesterday I was pulling out my hair trying to find the option to turn off KDE colors for non-KDE apps. Turned out it's under Preferences->Look&Feel->Themes->Style. ;)


by Chris Aakre (not verified)

Hmm, I'll have to look around to see where I saved it. I'll e-mail you with the design I proposed, and if I can't find it, I'll just re-make it.

by Chris Aakre (not verified)

Not to respond to my old message :D But heres my proposed KControl attached to this message (It's kind of long)

by James D (not verified)

This is exactly what KDE needs! I like the idea of putting the control center inside Konqueror. I also really like the idea that the control center should be expanded to be able to configure more stuff outside of KDE, like internet connections (or how about a panel that configures kernel modules or X settings?). I know it's a big project to do that sort of stuff, but it would go a LONG way towards making Linux as easy to use as Windows.
Even OS- and hardware-specific stuff could be made into control panels. We could program it so only the control panels that are relevant to the specific configuration of the computer are shown. If Linux is really going to replace Windows, this is the kind of stuff that needs to happen. In my opinion, the biggest thing keeping users away from Linux is the lack of one single, graphical interface that can control most aspects of the system (like the Windows or Mac Control Panel).

If you program it, they will come (from Windows and GNOME)!

by Ferdinand Gassauer (not verified)

Well this problem could be delt with.
The indexing of keywords has to be extended
It's just a pitty, that searching for colors does not find "Style".

So my suggestion - improve the CONTENT of the great search facility.

Nothing against a "better" designed tree, but a novice will NEVER understand the best designed tree, because he/she does not understand the meening of the words.

by Kevin Breit (not verified)

Well thank you for the support. I was the one who wrote the KDE2 and Konqy reviews. I have complained about this, but I get the 'It'll be fixed in 2.1' answer. Lets cross our fingers or contribute :)

by JC (not verified)

Does anyone know if Konquerer includes any password management features?

If not, is there a decent standalone PW manager for KDE2? I currently use kpasman, but it pales in comparison to Gnome's Figaro....

by Kevin Breit (not verified)

No, it doesn't. It's a feature which has taken a lot of flack on the lists due to insecurity problems. I am not sure about a 3rd party one, maybe one should be written.

by JC (not verified)

I can imagine the security concerns...

My web passwords just seem to multiply like rabbits though. I've probably got 15-20.