KDevelop 1.3 is coming ahead !

Breaking news! The KDevelop Team will release version 1.3 of its C/C++ IDE for UNIX within the next couple of weeks. The new release has a lot of new features regarding KDE 2 and Qt 2.2 development, particularly a project file generator which creates a project file out of your existing automake/autoconf project on the fly so you can start working with KDevelop on your former project within seconds. I´ve tried this last night with the kdebase module - and it worked!

Furthermore, the new version supports the new Qt Designer and Linguist (so you can create translations for your Qt 2.2 project just like for a KDE project type) and the KDE 2.0/Qt-2.2 templates are based on KDE´s /admin directory (so you can turn your Qt project into a KDE project with little change). Additionally, the KDE 2/Qt2.2 projects make use of the new API with XML, KAction and QAction stuff. Finally the new KDE 2.0 Development Book will be included (hopefully it´ll be released soon!), so KDevelop will be your first shot for KDE 2.0 Development.

Please note that KDevelop 1.3 will be shown together with KDE 2.0 at the Systems Expo in Munich, Germany from Nov. 7th to 10th and at the Comdex expo in Las Vegas from Nov. 13th to 17th. at the KDE booth - meet you there!

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by Paul C. Leopardi (not verified)

I took a look at http://www.kde.org/kde1-and-kde2.html very recently. It seems out of date to me, since it only talks about KDE 2 snapshots, assumes you will want to run KDE1 as primary, and does not take into account the distributions for which the KDE 2 RPMs replace KDE1. The page also says nothing about the Mandrake KDE1 compatibility library.

As at 5 Nov, David Faure ( [email protected] ) said he was too busy bugfixing to look into updating this page.

My problem is I only run SuSE and I suspect this page is not right for SuSE.
I wish I could get this all sorted out, but even for SuSE, this will have to wait until next week when I have a working Jaz drive and less Mathematics assignments to worry about.

by Sandy Meier (not verified)

If you have SuSE it's very easy. Just install the KDE1 and KDE2 rpm's and all should work.
On my machine it does. (SuSE7.0)

by Paul Leopardi (not verified)

Thanks for the reply. I installed from the RPMs at KDE and am left with the following post-installation issues:

  • I'm still using old kdm.
  • /opt/kde2/bin is not in default path or my current $PATH
  • $KDEDIRS is /etc/opt/kde2;/opt/kde2 but $KDEDIR is /opt/kde
  • A number of config files under /sbin and /etc have /opt/kde hardcoded.
  • I am not sure which files to change and which to leave alone, as I have seen no documentation on this.

To check your system, do a Find file on files containing /opt/kde under /sbin and then the same in /etc. Then do the same for /opt/kde2 and $KDEDIR

Once you have these results you will need to look up the manuals to figure out which config file is an input file to SuSEConfig, etc.

If you have the time, please do this, post the results somewhere public and let me know.

by Bryan Br (not verified)

No offense to the KDevelop people but I won't be installing KDE 1 libs to use it.

There is as far as I can tell no detailed instructions for getting it working on newer systems like Mandrake 7.2.

This probably sounds silly to many command line linux developers but I don't enjoy configuring my system in order to program. In fact I refuse to install anything that isn't installable via RPM. I program mostly in PHP and Python and have used Kdevelop for the occasional C++ program.

The Kdevelopers insistenctence on maintaining and updating outdated code base seems a tad bit silly.

by Sandy Meier (not verified)

KDevelop1.3 is't a outdated code base, because there is no newer one. For KDevelop1.3 we will create a package which will work on every Linux distribtion. You don't need to have to install KDE1.
There is also a preview which works on Mandrake 7.2