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Matthias Elter wrote to the KDE core devel mailing list about his progress in getting KDE to play nice with Window Maker and Afterstep "applets", and included some eyecandy to boot. His message follows below.

I have hacked a kicker extension that detects and embeds dock apps. Dock apps like Window Maker or Afterstep "applets" set a standard XWMHints hint (IconWindowHint) which is recognized by the extension. Save and restore is not implemented yet and the layouting is not perfect. I will fix both soon.

Eye candy:

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by Dale (not verified)

One of the greatest things holding me back
from going to KDE was the docklets in WindowMaker.
This is what I wanted in KDE more than anything,
before I even asked its being worked on.
Does this mean the WindowMaker applets (protocols)
will be adopted by KDE?
KDE just got bigger and better.
The whole NeXT docklet idea is something worth
having in all window managers/desktops.
Great news!

An another note does anyone know the status
of WindowMaker window manager with the KDE-2

by Thed (not verified)

Is it possible to embed GNOME panel
applets, too? This would be awsome!!

by Tomas (not verified)

It would be nice to see more co-operation between the kde and GNOME teams in other things too besides dock applets! Why not co-operate instead of competing?

by Adrian Kubala (not verified)

I bet they were saying this during the Reformation too. "C'mon, we're all Christians!"

Don't underestimate the power of stubbornness.