On Releases, Mailing Lists and Merchandise

David Faure, the new KDE release
coordinator, has set forth the release schedule for KDE 2.0.1, a bugfix and translation release, and KDE 2.1. KDE 2.0.1 should be available on December 4, and
the first KDE 2.1 beta two weeks later on December 18 (in time to test it out over the Holidays!). Jaldhar told us about a new Debian mailing list for Debian KDE users and package maintainers; subscribe at [email protected] with the word "subscribe" in the body of the message. David Huff points to a new section at CafePress.com where you can buy KDE shirts, mugs and mousepads, with all profits promised to the KDE project. Caveat emptor.

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I hope that in KDE2.0.1 can support Chinese input and display no need any patch.

by Kevin Chen (not verified)

That's a good idea, and that is important.
Is there any way to embed xcin?
And about display,
I think it would be great if we can choose fonts
according to different encodings-- like netscape 6.

by Jethro Cramp (not verified)

Agreed. Chinese input and display would be an important addition to KDE2.x


by Waldo Bastian (not verified)

If you have patches (for Chinese support or for anything else) that you would like to see included
in KDE 2.0.1 you will have to send them to the mailinglist or one of the KDE developers _NOW_.


Hello, I'm a java developer and I'm currently working in a Linux Box with KDE 1.1.2. I'm using JBuilder on Linux with a java virtual machine 1.3, it works very well but I have a trouble when I try to work on KDE2, the clipboard doesn't work!!!, I can copy and paste between KDE2 applications and JBuilder. I'd like to know what happend, please can someone explain me what happen??


by Nicolas (not verified)

I have just a question concerning KDE2 and the coming soon 2.4 linux kernel. Does this new kernel have an impact on KDE2 implementation? A recent article in linuxtoday gives a list of the new features of this kernel. They are talking of modification in device management. Do you know if it may impact KDE components like Control Center / Information. There are also other modifications like system functions API, but I assume there is also a backward compatibility with the current (?).

Thanks and Regards

by Mathias Homann (not verified)


I'm not too deep in the 2.4, but as long as the old structures under /proc are still there, it should not affect the information bits in kcontrol... And as no app (known to me...) calls the kernel directly, it should have no impact...
(Corrections accepted)

by Matt Newell (not verified)

I have been using the 2.4test kernel for months and kde has always worked just great so I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure that many of the KDE developers also use 2.4test kernels from time to time for various reasons.

Matt Newell

by Andris (not verified)

One really broken thing I have met (Currently
I'm using kernel 2.4.0-test10 with devfs
mounted and devfsd running) is kpm:

It's showing nonsense instead uf UIDs.

So I'm currently running gtop instead (it doesn't have similar problem)

by David Huff (not verified)

I appreciate the mention of the CafePress site I setup to help raise a bit of money for KDE. I even understand the reluctance to believe that I intend to donate all the profits (I do. CafePress makes it brain-dead simple to setup this sort of thing), but was the "caveat emptor" comment really necessary ??

If an individual is concerned about being stuck with a product they dislike, they shouldn't be. CafePress offers a very generous return policy. As far as how trustworthy I am, well...I guess there's no way for anyone who doesn't know me to be sure. I was just trying to think of someway to support KDE since I'm not a developer (or at least not a good enough developer to matter ;)

by David Simon (not verified)

Am I missing something here? It seemed to me that the article wasn't insulting your trustworthiness at all. Ah well. In any case, I want you to know that KDE merchandise is always cool. The only thing we need now is KDE deoderant (smells dragon fresh!) :-)

How about the Konqi mouthwash, makes your breath like fire.

by David Huff (not verified)

Well, caveat emptor is a Latin phrase that basically translates to "let the buyer beware" ;) And while it's always good advice, it just struck me the wrong way. After all, the point is that the more sales the site generates, the more money gets donated to the KDE project. Seems a bit counter-productive to potentially put off people with such a comment. If anyone has questions/concerns about this, please feel free to use my email addr to contact me (and as I mentioned, CafePress has a good return policy in case you don't like what you get).

On a more positive note, I recv'd a shirt and mug that I ordered for myself before I publicized the site, and the production quality is quite good, IMHO :) Don't let the thumbnail images on some of the items give you a bad impression, but click on the link to see the image in a larger size...

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