Quickies: Release Schedules; Magellan Milestone1 Released; KDE Threading; KDE and Schools; Konqueror Review

The KDE Release Dude has posted updated release schedules for KDE 2.0.1, a bug-fix and translation release due out next week, and KDE 2.1, which will provide new functionality and improvements in many areas of KDE. The first beta of KDE 2.1 is due out in three weeks. Niels Træholt Frnack wrote in to tell us that KAlliance has released Milestone 1 of Magellan, a very promising PIM client (the website seems to be a bit broken); some mouth-watering (but large) screenshots are available here.
Rik Hemsley has put up an article explaining how one can use multithreading in a KDE or Qt program and why the KDE libs don't use threading. Daniel Molkentin wrote in that KDE-EDU mailing list, which aims to help people that want to bring KDE into schools or to develop educational software, has been reopened. Finally, BSD Today
has publishd a quite favorable review of our favorite browser, Konqueror.


Looks like people posting insults never put their name.

By Renaud at Thu, 2000/11/30 - 6:00am

Why would we want another *BLOATED* piece of junk?
And why the hell are you using shared libs?
That's the worst idea ever!
Every piece of software needs and hundres of others!

By Slashdotter at Tue, 2000/11/28 - 6:00am

And what exactly would you do? Link in all libraries statically? Now THAT would be bloat.

What do you think shared libraries are good for?

By Jeremy M. Jansary at Tue, 2000/11/28 - 6:00am

I am so depressed about my boloatness. 3 years ago I had a really series car accident which took me 9 months in hospital, and with the steriods I was given in order to continue to live I gained almost 30 kilos. Before the accident I was 56 kilos and now I am 84 kilos! All my life I give extra attention for my figure, that is I never eat oils, butters and sugars and always cook without using any oils. Now I am more eating salads, vegetables and fruits but I can't loose weight. What I have is bloatness, since I had to take all rings even from my fingers since even my fingers are really bloated.

By Anna Carabott at Thu, 2006/11/16 - 6:00am

I'd say david faure's release schedule for 2.0.1
is nothing less than a wild guess.... It's Monday, the Announcement should be out, the files should be out since friday, and guess what can be found on and/or nil.

By Mathias H. at Mon, 2000/12/04 - 6:00am

and what a wild guess it was... Monday evening, 20:45 local time (MET), and even the release schedule hasn't been updated...

By Mathias Homann at Mon, 2000/12/04 - 6:00am