Application Quickies

It's time for a bag of quickies focusing on application news.
Shawn Gordon informs
us that has moved
Kivio to KDE CVS as part of the
KOffice package. This is a great
addition to the KOffice suite. theKompany also recently released
version 2 of
KDEStudio, an
integrated development environment for KDE.
Hans Dijkema tells
us that KMailCvt is now
part of the kdenetwork
package. Finally,
Kaim 0.50
has been released, the first stable release of the Instant Messenger client.

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by Andrea Cascio (not verified)

I'd want to thank Hans Dijkema for his excellent work with KmailCvt, and the support he gave me when i decided to get rid of the dreaded OE! :))
Thanks again, Hans!

by kdeFan (not verified)

I'd like to thank Mr. Gordon and for their contributions. I wish them well in their future endeavours!