Qt 2.2.3 Released

Our friends at TrollTech have announced Qt 2.2.3. Qt 2.2.3 is a bugfix release. It keeps both forward and backward compatibility (source and binary) with Qt 2.2.2. For details, read the announcement and see the change summary.

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by Joe Dorita (not verified)

Is Keith P's Anti-Aliasing stuff in there? The announcement doesn't say anything about it.

Anyone know when we can expect it to be in there?

by Matt (not verified)

AFAIK, the AA text code is in the latest version of Xfree86 (CVS). The only modification that was made to QT to enable this, is to call the AA text display functions in X, rather than the normal ones. The Anti-Aliasing code is not in QT itself.

Of course all of this is just my own educated guess.

by ac (not verified)

It's in qt-copy though.

by SteveH (not verified)

I don't know when it might be in the official
QT, but you can get Keith's patch here:

by Joe Dorita (not verified)

Hey thanks. Grabbed it, complied it. It messes up a few things, but it's pretty neat :)

by jpmfan (not verified)

Keith's patch is now in qt-copy on CVS. I upgraded mine over the weekend using CVSup, along with XFree86 4.0 (also using CVSup) and anti-aliased fonts work perfectly. There were a few problems with 4.0.2 and QT/KDE before but they seem to have been fixed now (e.g. konsole). Well done Keith and Trolltech!

by Joe Dorita (not verified)

It works well, but it crashes some apps (try chosing a font in Licq.) It also isn't Xinerama-ified yet, so only one of your heads will display text AT ALL :)

I've exchanged e-mail with Keith and he said that he's planning on Xinerama-ifying it soon.

by Thorsten (not verified)

Hey, these Patches are pretty neat. But, I compiled my own version of qt2.2.3, and how can I get this patch to work ... I downloaded it, but executing, neither in the QTDIR nor in any directory else, leads to any output I could use. What to do?

by red5 (not verified)

The pach is qziped so first gzip -d it

then copy it to you QTDIR (the one where you built qt)

now type:
patch -p0 < qt-2.2.3.diff
you should get this output
patching file configs/linux-g++-shared
patching file configs/linux-g++-shared-debug
patching file configs/linux-g++-static
patching file configs/linux-g++-static-debug
patching file src/kernel/qapplication_x11.cpp
patching file src/kernel/qfont_x11.cpp
patching file src/kernel/qfontdatabase.cpp
patching file src/kernel/qpainter_x11.cpp
patching file src/kernel/qpixmap_x11.cpp
patching file src/kernel/qt_x11.h
patching file src/kernel/qwidget_x11.cpp

step 3 recompile

happy hacking

by Thorsten (not verified)

Thank you very much ... I will try it due the free days ... Happy X-mas, Thorsten

by Charles (not verified)

will XFree86 4.0.2 include the AA text or do we have to wait?

by Sam (not verified)

It will be included...
... if your graphic card supports the extension that is...Some cardholders like the ATI ones will probably be a bit disapointed :(

by David Johnson (not verified)

I'm sick of always buying the cards that don't get supported. Which cards will this be in? Which cards are best for Xfree86-4?

by Locohijo (not verified)

Go to the XFree86 website, I believe there's a list of which are compatible and which are not.

site is http://xfree86.org

by Sam (not verified)

It is just minor work getting it supported for software fallback (not super fast rendering then). So when 4.0.3 is out, Qt, Gtk, and probably a lot of other things have been prepared for the rendererIn short, you won't miss to much./Sam

by MK (not verified)

No problems with the ATI Rage128 Mobility ;)

by Erik Hill (not verified)

Why can't AA be supported whether or not the card has support for it? It can be done in software (I modified the X-Windows driver for Microwindows to do alpha -- AA just requires alpha and the math is simple.

by Sam (not verified)

It will for most cards. The small thing has just to be enabled for software fallback. Will _most_ likely be in 4.0.3

by Netpig (not verified)

What is AA anyway? Could someone give
pointers to good tutorials?

by S. Loisel (not verified)

We couldn't get OpenGL to work on the nvidia driver because of Mesa dependencies in the source code. Has this been fixed?