Aethera Messaging Client Beta 1

Good news from keeps pouring in. As several of you have pointed out, the first beta of Aethera has been announced. In case you haven't been following, Aethera is theKompany's fork of the greatly hyped/anticipated Magellan project. Beta 1 of Aethera sports POP3, SMTP, HTML, DnD, a contacts interface, sticky notes, and more. IMAP, Calendar support, etc are promised for the next beta. There is no mention of the license although source is available from the website -- most of the source files seem to be under the BSD license. For more details on Aethera, Kevin Reichard also points us to this favorable review on LinuxPlanet by Dennis E. Powell. Be sure to check out the screenshots as well.

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by Shawn Gordon (not verified)

Actually one of the things we've been discussing for some months is using a database for the virtual file system. It has a lot of interesting advantages, we just have to see if there are overwhelming disadvantages first :).

by Michael O'Henly (not verified)

Thanks for the reply.

This would be so excellent. It seems to me that we spend all our efforts on the frontend instead of taking advantage of the real benefits that lower-cost hardware and robust databases offer.

Having a large data store behind a PIM opens up possibilities for the application that could be really useful (i.e., full-text indexing, vfolders based on search criteria, arbitrary linking based on real-world relationships defined by the user, etc...)

by orpheus (not verified)

plz..can anybody give me an URL for alternative download because I can't browse/download from page, I wan source codes....tar.gz :>

by Okeo (not verified)

Can't download it either... Is theKompany becoming a victim of its own popularity?

All their servers are painfully slow!

Anyone know of another site where I could download the Mandrake RPM?

by ac (not verified)

It is probably still being slashdotted.

by Kent Nguyen (not verified)

Mirror is needed!!

by Chris Slaughter (not verified)

I've been trying for two days to download it. I am amazed that they were not prepared with mirrors available, knowing that once it hit slashdot, among other sites, their servers would get killed...

by Shawn Gordon (not verified)

We actually had no idea that slashdot was going to cover it, they've ignored everything else we've ever sent them in the last 8 months, and without it ever happening, we weren't sure if we had enough to cover it or not, and apparently we don't. It's frustrating for us as well, we will look into setting up some mirrors.

What product needs mirroring? I will see if I want to mirror it.

by Ben Hall (not verified)


I grabbed the source before Slashdot killed the website. You can get it here:

(NOTE: Konqueror doesn't seem to like this link, sorry.)

Shawn, don't read the Slashdot articles too carefully. Man, they're negative on _everythin_ lately.

Slashdot has really fallen down over the last few years.



by Storm (not verified)

Konqueror in 2.1 likes that link :)

by Ben Hall (not verified)

Hmm... mine doesn't. I'm running off of the newest Debian Woody debs (20001-01-16) you?

Thankfully, this new version fixes my CSS issues.

Also, do you notice bizarre font handling?



by Storm (not verified)

I'm running CVS from today :)
I update and compile almost daily.

I haven't noticed any weird font problems, no.

by Shawn Gordon (not verified)

Hey thanks for putting that up Ben!

As far as Slashdot, it looked like 85% of the posts were either lame and unrelated comments, or people arguing about Outlook. I like to read these comments because it's a good way for me to get input and feedback as well. Believe me, I read them all, and I pass the information on to the developers if they didn't read it.

by Haakon Nilsen (not verified)

I'm quite pleased with Aethera so far, although it's quite clearly not a "stable" release. However, having tried it out yesterday, today I found my /home partition constantly filling up to 100%, even though I deleted some quite large files and freed up a lot of space. Given some time, it would eventually be 100% full again. Also, I noticed how the system was slowing down, so I started "top", which revelaed this as the most cpu sucking process: (pasted from top)

28655 haakon 17 0 2644 196 112 R 78.4 0.1 1424m aethera

To sum it up: the program used 78.4% of the cpu, and had been running for almost 24 hours. However, after testing Aethera I shut the program down, so I don't understand why it has been running ever since. I also don't know why it sucked up my HD space, but as soon as I killed the process the HD stopped filling up.

My drive is still pretty full though. I would like to hear suggestions on where to look for files Aethera might have created that I can now delete :)

by Shawn Gordon (not verified)


This feedback is good, and we need to hear about this so we can continue to improve the project. I've forwarded this info to the developers, but please send other reports to [email protected] to make sure we get them and can address them.


by dave hj (not verified)

Looks cool, but the $1 000 000 question for me is, will it interoperate with M$ Outlook? My business partner is still a slave to Windows and we really need an interoperable groupware system that isn't some slow web-based solution.


by Shawn Gordon (not verified)

We are evaluating having the server be able to work with Notes and Exchange. Notes has a published API, but Exchange is a different matter. We are looking at it, but I don't know what the outcome will be yet.

by Kent Nguyen (not verified)

Why not make the Notes "IM" like.

-- kent

by Shawn Gordon (not verified)

IM as in Instant Messanger? Can you describe your thought better for me? I would like to evaluate it.