Development Quickies: SMB, Java and Printing

In the last week several KDE developers delivered short reports about the status of their projects. The first was Wynn Wilkes, who gave a report on the status of Java support in Konqueror. The short version: all applets which can be run the jdk appletviewer should now work, the security manager (sandbox) is in place, and applet loading via proxy and over SSL is now working (for SSL you need the JSSE (Java Secure Sockets Extension)). Next came Lars Knoll, who reported on his progress on better font handling into the Qt PostScript® driver. The improvements concern X displays which have a resolution different from 75dpi, and support for embedded TrueType and Type 1 fonts. Finally, Wynn Wilkes (again) reported that the integration of smblib into the SMB KIO-slave was progressing well.

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KDE 2.1 beta 2 seems to be out...

by Andreas Joseph Krogh (not verified)

Lets hope the RedHat-6.2 RPMS will be there soon:-)

Andreas Joseph Krogh

by Iuri Fiedoruk (not verified)

Bero told me he was going to create rpms for kde 2.1.....but when I don't know, he usually post rpms a week before everyone does.

SMB slave .. great ... Now we can save from any KDE2 app onto SAMBA shares ...

Will someone PLEASE write a WebDAV KIO Slave??!!

An experienced KDE developper could do this in half a day.

And another Q... Will SMB shares have BOTH client AND server possibilleties in the Kontrole Center? This would be awfully nice 4 us not-so-kewl-hackers ;) /kidcat

No, it won't have. You can use swat for this.


by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

If I can ever get back in a coding groove, there will be a SMB serving capability (through SAMBA, of course).

My current idea is to write a small proggie associated to he inode/directory mimetype that shares that directory. Or rather, marks it as shareable until someone runs as root a program to collate all shareables into a smb.conf)

The logistics of doing this and not breaking everything while remaining even slightly secure are complex, but I think I have most of the design in my head now.

It will be pretty paranoid (you can only share directories you own, you can not follow symlinks, and a dozen other things).

Calm down. The SMB slave needed an upgrade since the old one was a bit flaky. I'm sure someone will get to a WebDAV slave someday (not that I know how it works or if it's possible, but..)

They are doing this for free, so I'm grateful for getting anything.


Well, the mentioned smb ioslave will probably be part of KDE 2.2.
In 2.1 there is also a new smb ioslave, which is more compatible and faster than the one from 2.0, it is a wrapper around smbclient. Unfortunately it is read-only, you can't write to the shares, it would have been unacceptable slow if I had implemented it.


Does anyone have the same problem of java applets actually open in another window (kjas) while it should actually be embedded in konqueror ? Is this normal ?

by Richard Stevens (not verified)

Hmm, not really,

I'm running CVS from Jan 24 - 16:00 CET and things look okay. I actually never had one single applet that was not intended to open seperately open in another window.



by arthur dent (not verified)

I ve the same problem with mozilla embeded in konq ?
any hint where this can come from ?
if i say internal browser, it s external
if I click external , nothing comes ...


by Wynn Wilkes (not verified)

That will happen under other window managers besides KWin. Otherwise that should not happen if you
are running any version after 2.0.1.

If you are already doing that and still have problems, send me an email with some info about your setup and we'll try to work it out.

There's also a new Konq + Java HOWTO at now.


Talking about developing and developers. Is mosfet still employed by MandrakeSoft to work on KDE? I haven't seen much from mosfet for the last 6-7 months. Only a couple of comments on the mailing lists, but not much code-wise. I really miss his work.

by Nikolai Kopanygin (not verified)

Font embedding in Postscript is a VERY useful development. It is very difficult to get something printed nicely from under X in Russian, font metrics are usually spoiled and results are inconsistent.
So thanks for good work and keep it up.

by mbrubeck (not verified)

Screenshots and other non-photographic images aren't suitable for lossy JPEG compression. You can get much better quality at the same compression levels with lossless compressed formats like PNG.

by Troels Nordfalk (not verified)

I like PNG, but Netscape 4.x doesn't. If I open a PNG-page it crashes so I prefer JPG.

by Arseholio (not verified)

That's what Konqueror is for, fool

by Magnus Pym (not verified)


I did not fully understand Lars' report, but
I hope he is addressing the problem where,
in Koffice components, the printed output does
not match the displayed one very well. For
example, the fonts that are used for printing
are quite different from that fonts that are chosen for the display. Furthermore, even though
the display always looks well-formatted, the
printed output looks chopped and blocky. The math
fonts in particular render awfully on paper.