New Version of KDE Devel Tutorial + KBillar

Antonio Larrosa, active KDE developer and preacher, recently wrote to us about the release of a new version (1.1.2) of his popular tutorial on how to write KDE2 applications. Antonio has also made public a first release of KBillar (take a look at it), an interesting KDE2 application, that uses a billiards game as a nice pretext for demonstrating the use of mathematics and 3D graphics.


Thank you for the nice tutorial!

By ac at Mon, 2001/01/29 - 6:00am

Billard tables don't have holes. At least, they
are not supposed to. You are confusing them with
pool billard tables. ;-)

BTW, good job, Antonio!

By Uwe at Tue, 2001/01/30 - 6:00am

What I want to know is when the KDE2 version of
kpager is going to be as functional as the KDE1
version was. I use(d) it alot for managing my
windows layout, moving windows, etc. The current
pager in KDE2.0 just sucks by comparison.

By GeekBoy at Mon, 2001/01/29 - 6:00am

What do you mean not as functional? In KDE-2.0 you have to drag the windows with the middle mouse button, not the RMB. In KDE-2.1 CVS the RMB "works" again.

What I miss tho is setting window border-style. No, I dont mean "KDE HiColor Styel" and such, I mean border-only, no border, etc... And no - krun(or was it kstart?) is not good enough. In KDE-1 you could configure this for windows with sertain titles, xclass etc.. Why isn't it implemented in KWin?

Andreas Joseph Krogh

By Andreas Joseph Krogh at Mon, 2001/01/29 - 6:00am

According to the release schedule, the second beta was supposed to be announced yesterday. I know the binaries are already on the loose, so where's the glitch?

By ac at Tue, 2001/01/30 - 6:00am

Antoñito es más "apañao que na".
Se nota que estudia (o ha estudiado) matemáticas.

By Manuel Rómán at Tue, 2001/01/30 - 6:00am

Who has a link to this tutorial?

By Sangohn Christian at Tue, 2001/01/30 - 6:00am

I downloaded and compiled kbillar last night. It's nice. By the way it doesn't need the threaded version of Qt. It's a little slow on my machine (P200) but fully functional. Now if I had hardware 3d accelleration and one of those spiffy new Athalons...

One thing that interests me, Antonio, if you a monitoring this story is using kalamaris as a plugin for krayon - the type of plugin that just paints an image on one of krayon's layers. Actually almost any 3d app that writes to some kind of framebuffer should be able to do this fairly easily. Being able to enter formulas in kalamaris and the common kde interface would make it a good "proof of concept".

Our game of pool or pocket billiards in America is somewhat different. But, some of the tables I've played on may as well have been designed with kbillar.

OT: Suggested reading for kde developers:

"How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carneige. "Blue Book" by Emily Post.

By John Califf at Wed, 2001/01/31 - 6:00am