Qt 2.2.4 Is Out

TrollTech announced today the release of Qt 2.2.4. It is billed as a bugfix release (ChangeLog, Download). Happy compiling!

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by Chris Young (not verified)

Do we know when QT will begin including the Xrender (anti-aliasing) patches into the mainstream version? I guess the better question is: Is this already included? I should probably download and check for myself before posting, but I was curious if anyone else knew anything about this.

The best way, IHMO, to do this would be to make it a ./configure option as that allows package builders to choose how to compile. Obviously, it should detect if Xrender is available and, if so, use it. I wonder if this is already there, and I'm just babbling about nothing ;)

I'll find out now.


PS: I've very happy to see the PrintDialog bug fixed as this has been getting really annoying to work around. I still wish that KDE would modularize printing so as to support CUPS integration better and allow the print system to control the printing options and output. Just MHO. Great job TrollTech!

by Daniel Molkentin (not verified)

Support for the X-Render Extension is still only available in qt-copy (in KDE's CVS) as it is not officially supported by TrollTech yet.

It still has issues so it is not a good idea to include
it in a stable version (although it really looks nice ;). If you are courious, just check out qt-copy.

This patched version has a -xft ./configure switch that is off by default.


by Carbon (not verified)

There already is a system for the CUPS modularization you speak of, what is strange is that although it is included with kde (known as kprint) no apps seem to use it. Perhaps the developers are reluctant to move away from the annoyingly popular lpd.

P.S. If any printer dialog developers are watching this, please please please make it easy for any app to stretch a single output among multiple pages.

by Andreas (not verified)

The ChangeLog says:
On X11, popup menus do not grab the keyboard anymore, but rely on and enforce the application to have focus. This works around an X11 bug where deadkeys do not work while the keyboard is grabbed.

This is obviously not good for f.ex. kicker. I cannot now, with KDE2.1 CVS from 1 Feb., press SHIFT+F1 and navigate in the K-menu because Konqueror has focus(and scrolls up/down)!!!! This is a major disadvantage in usability, and IMHO this MUST be fixed before the KDE-2.1 final(kicker must brobably be written to grab the keyboard/focus).


by ac (not verified)

Eh, I thought ALT + F1 was for the Menu. For me Shift + F1 brings up the question icon from the titlebar.

by tim (not verified)

I'm happy with this. On several occasions my
keyboard has locked up on me due to focus problems. I had no fix other than to power-cycle
my box!!

by Guillaume (not verified)

Quite a radical fix.
You can either switching to a text console (ctrl+alt+f[1-6]) and kill the offending X app from there, or if you really can't, quit X with ctrl+alt+backspace.

by Fergus (not verified)

Sometimes the keyboard is just completely locked, though, so none of these routes out will work. This is a general problem if you can't access the machine through a network, once the keyboard/mouse is locked, you've had it, and though the OS may not have crashed, it may as well have for what use it is.

by Guillaume (not verified)

Yes, but a simple focus problem won't lock up your keyboard this way...

by Oliver Knoll (not verified)

I'm just glad that I'm not the only one with locked keyboard/mouse (so I'm just confirming that it happens to me quite often as well): especially when I use Gimp 1.2, have XMMS running in the background and some Konqueror running it happens quite often that my mouse does not react on clicking. Hitting CTRL+Tab resolves this, but after a while even the keyboard is locked -> cold restart!

btw I'm using XFree 4.02 and thought that was maybe the reason of the problem, but obviously it's a KDE 2.1_beta1 thing?


by dan (not verified)

fixed my locked board by: accessability-keyboard filters-slow keys(unclick).

by Steve (not verified)


I think you solved the problem I have. KDE asked if by holding down the CNTL or SHIFT key so long did I want to switch to a "slow key(?)" interface. I told it to not do so now, but to ask me again later.

There after, the keyboard was exceedingly slow, eventually becoming non responsive. I rebooted, and could login just fine - the system read my keystrokes. But once inside KDE (Kubuntu), my keyboard was again unresponsive.

I am not an expert -- if your fix would work for me, how do I implement it?


by Murat Eskiyerli (not verified)

I compiled Qt2.2.4 last night. Now, when I try to print from Kword or kspread, the output can no longer be processed by
ghostscript. However, the printing from conqueror is still OK.

by glu (not verified)

you should fill in a bug report to Trolltech (www.trolltech.com). I don't believe the core developpers are reading here.

by Yogeshwar (not verified)

Where can I get the diff's for Qt2.2.3 it will save lot of downloading time