[email protected], BlackAdder Demo, BiDi in Qt 3.x

From El Moustico, a quick article in French sums up the KDE technology overview given by David Faure at OSDEM.

theKompany.com has now made available a demo of BlackAdder due to the overwhelming number of requests.

In Qt news from last year, but nonetheless quite interesting, Moshe Vainer points us to this teaser from Lars Knoll: "All of Qt will support bidi, arabic shaping and unicode compliant non spacing
marks. The editing component (and a few other widgets as labels) are rich
text capable in addition.". Konqueror already supports BiDi, and now the whole of KDE will get it. Nice screenshots too (1, 2). Another Qt oldie, submitted by our very own Matthias Elter: "The IMT-2000 combines the features of a Linux PDA like the Compaq iPAQ with a cell phone and video
camera. The GUI is based on Qt/Embedded." Wow, and all that was from last year...

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May I happily recommend Quanta plus to the poster? There are duplicate anchor tags here with only one close. I thought konq was going crazy when it highlighted most of the text on the page and took me to an image.


Sorry, looks like Andreas fixed it.


Does BiDi support in QT & KDE means that we will be able to have fonts from different languages in same document?

No, we can do that already. What it means is that we'll be able to handle right-to-left languages (Eg. Arabic) correcly throughtout KDE rather than only in KHTML.


"No, we can do that already."

Already? In KDE editors? If I want to write something in ie. easteauropean I have to set fonts to ISO8859-2, but when I switch keyboard layout and fonts to ie. danish (ISO8859-1) then
ISO8859-2 chars disappear and change to question marks :(, and viceversa. I am talking about the same document. The only editor I can do that is Corels Word Perfect.

You need unicode fonts if you want to mix text from more than one codepage in a single document.


Thanks, Richard :) Of course, stupid me.

I was wrong. I actually use unicode fonts, and
nothing - I can not write croatian and danish characters in the same document :(

I could write happily using east european after:

- setting up xfree 86 4.01 (or only its fonts) and
- changing the system locale to Hungarian (for example) in KDE 2.0.1


I have got the same problem with Japanese fonts.
So far, I can only display them in Konqueror, but I cannot enter Japanese text e.g. in KOffice, KWrite, etc.

If anyone knows how to get Japanese fonts and input working correctly with (a preferrably unpatched) KDE-2(.0.1), please contact me.
BTW, I am running SuSE Linux 7.0 at the moment.

does anyone know whether it's already possible
to create arabic documents (right to left) in
If not, is it in the pipeline already?

No, not yet. KOffice doesn't have right-to-left writing support. But it will probably be possible once QT 3.0 will be released and KOffice will be based on it.

Taking a look at the IMT-2000, I saw that it runs (ugh) opera. Any chance we can convince these guys to switch to Konqueror/Embedded? Also, it mentions it comes with "Games". Which games?

Hi Shawn,

about the BlackAdder demo: I'm a bit shocked to see that Windows is listed as a supported platform while SuSe rpm's aren't available. What's the reason for this?


Why would you be shocked? We did packages for RH, Mandrake, Debian, Slackware and Windows. We just don't have ever combination of distros available to create packages for, and for some of them we have to rely on outside contractors to do the packages. In the case of SuSE, the RH RPM's have been working for everyone that tried it, so we haven't gone to the effort of making a package that had so far not been demonstrated to be needed. If you are finding that this isn't the case, and you know how to create SuSE packages, then drop me a private email and let's see if we can work something out.

Ok. I've never tried to install RH rpm's on my SuSE system, because usually there are specific SuSE rpm's available. But if it works, it's fine. However, I think it would be nice to mention what package should be tried if a distro is not listed. Just for those who don't want to try until they find one that works ;-)

What would be even better is if all the distro's would stop messing with the environment from release to release. It's getting pretty ridiculous the sheer number of packages we have to produce so that we support people. I would say decent coverage would require about 10 packages be generated at a minimum.

We should list it when we know it, but knowing for sure either requires us testing it, and if we could test it, then we could produce the package to begin with, or having someone try it and let us know if it works. In this case some people tried it and it worked, so we should list it.

Send me an email if this doesn't work for you.