KDE Book Used in Universities

You might be interested to know that
KDE is being used for
teaching in universities. I'm also pleased to say that they're using the open content KDE 2.0 Development book.

Perhaps this isn't news to students, but it was to me! If you're also reading the book, I encourage you to
visit Andamooka
and annotate it. Your comments are very
helpful and appreciated.
[Ed: Specifically, this fine book is being used by the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg and Karlstads Universitet. If you know of any other schools or Universities using KDE or KDE books to teach, we'd love to hear it.]

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by reihal (not verified)

Karlstads Universitet eh?
This sounds like the work of the scheming Kalle Dalheimer!

by Donald (not verified)

Hm, we are using KDE on Solaris at the "Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes" (in Germany). But Programming etc. is made with Java.


by Bernd (not verified)

On a related note, a wonderful new book on KDE 2.0 programming has just come out:

Programming Kde 2.0 : Creating Linux Desktop Applications by Lotzi Bölöni

I have looked at it and am very impressed. The author obviously has followed developments in
the KDE community very closely. (see for example
his very true comments on why it was a very smart move for us to move away from
CORBA). I recommend this book to anyone wanting
to understand KDE and KDE programming better.

I agree. It shows plainly how simple it can be to write applications for KDE 2.0, which is my fav anyways. =)

by anonymous coward (not verified)

I've seen KDE being the standard DE in the computer science department in Hamburg's Technical University. They didn't teach it (at that time), but they used it. Very good feeling seing KDE spread!

by gis (not verified)

It's also the default in the CS department of the Technical University of Berlin (on Sun/Solaris).

by Amir Michail (not verified)

We are planning to use KDE for teaching
our COMP3141 course at UNSW,
"Software System Design and Implementation".

We will also use the "KDE 2.0 Development" book.

by Smári P. McCarthy (not verified)

KDE is used in some departments of the Iceland University - the Icelandic KDE group was there last night updating our stuff...

by simon (not verified)

Our great up to date university uses FVWM. University of Alberta...