New KDE Website Lets You Get Involved

Just a few weeks ago we announced
the launch of the KDE Promo
mailing list.
Today we are launching a website,
promo.kde.org, to go along with it.
The site is dedicated to the promotion of KDE, and is for anyone who wishes
to contribute to KDE other than coding (for which we have
developer.kde.org) or
translating (for which we have i18n.kde.org).
A suggestion for an easy way to contribute today follows.

In preparing the press release for KDE 2.1 I thought it would be nice
if we could really show off our beautiful desktop to others. So I came
up with the idea of a KDE 2.1 Desktop Slideshow, which would combine thumbnails
from various categories into a slideshow presentation. If you would like to
contribute to this, fire up your favorite screenshot grabber and show us
what you got. If you don't have a server to place the image let me know
and I can give you a link to store it, just ask; otherwise please email me the link
only to pour@kde.org. Please include a brief sentence (what applications are being show,
how they are being used, etc.) and your name (so you can get credit).

The slideshow will have the following categories:

  • full desktop shots -- not too busy but giving an overview of the whole thing;
  • Konqueror shots;
  • KMail shots;
  • control center shots;
  • panel shots (with applets/etc.);
  • KDevelop shots;
  • KOffice shots;
  • other-language shots (particularly non-European languages); and
  • anything else which you think shows a nice working KDE desktop.


Nice idea... how bad that i am sitting in an internetcafe running win95... ;-)

By Henri at Wed, 2001/02/21 - 6:00am

Bad boy ;)

By Shift at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

Great site! One useful thing would be to be able to assign or take unassigned tasks otherwise you're stuck with a list of unclaimed tasks.

By ac at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

Good point, done (provided you are logged in, of course).

By Dre at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

Well, considering that 2.1 isn't actually out yet, would it be alright if we just took some shots from 2.1beta2?

By CiAsA Boark at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

Sure, that would be great.

By Dre at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

Well, there are things missing in 2.1beta2 that are in 2.1 like the KControl and Konqueror artwork. Maybe you can update to the KDE 2.1 branch from CVS.

By KDE User at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

Hehe, not on a 56k i can't. Especially if the real 2.1 is supposed to be out in a couple of days. Does anyone know if there is a comprehinsive changelog of whats going to change from the 2nd beta to the final 2.1 release. I'll try not to include any apps that will have changed signifigantly in the release.

By CiAsA Boark at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

Although there are lots of different pages out there that advocate the use of Linux, I haven't seen many that advocate using it in a family setting. (Not everybody who uses KDE is a college student you know) I currently have KDE 1.x on my machine at home and have set up accounts for my whole family. Even my three year old (Four in a few days) can log in and play kasteroids. Linux is truely multiuser and with the kids each having their own accounts they can play with desktop themes and draw or do several things - BUT they can't delete anything important of MINE. (This is not true of the other common OS for X86 machines. I can personnally testify about that.)
Administering a linux machine may take a little learning and computer skill, but with KDE the kids don't have any trouble using Linix to do things they want to do.

I said all that to say that one thing that I have been thinking about is "Linux Family Page" which would advocate use of Linux for kids as well as encourage programs the whole family can use. I think this new promo page of KDE could include a page with family use how-tos and testamonies.

By Keith Sogge at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am


Do you really want a family page? Then there's an easy solution -- make one! That's what promo.kde.org is all about -- so everyone can contribute and bring their ideas to life. Because there is no programming involved, it doesn't matter if you can program or not. Everyone can contribute.

If you want to do a group project, you can easily start one as well. Although only one username/password pair can edit a "todo item" once assigned, there is no reason a group can't share an account. So if you have an idea like this, it's in your hands to make it come to life.

By Dre at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

I'm thinking some Gphoto KIO slave in action...

what do ya think (P.S. I'll actualy leave this for you to do :)

By greg at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

Does this work in beta2? And how?

By jakke at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

I'm not sure how stable or useful it is yet, but thekompany uses a neat looking little project called kamera to interface with gphoto (as far as I am aware of).

By Carbon at Fri, 2001/02/23 - 6:00am

Well, to all those of you who's ever wished that KDE had better PR, *now's* your chance to get involved.

Sign up for *one* concrete thing to do on promo.kde.org and that will add up to a lot! So far we have two suggestions with no owners. Sign up and take a task! Submit a new task.


By Navindra Umanee at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

is it possoble to take a screenshot of kdm/dm (the first loginscreen)

By gunnar at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

Sure, why not, I can do this tonite (with my digicam of course) :-))

Where can I drop that off?


By Mathias at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

Oh yay, me and my stupid self...
just hop to that KDM from some other machine, with Xnest -query $otherhost, then take a snapshot of that Xnest window...

By Mathias at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

i love kde/linux.
my way to promote kde: writing stuff like this:

or this new screenshot:

looks nice, isn't it?

By gunnar at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

Can I point out a bunch of spelling and grammatical errors on the page?

contemporary functionality, and outstanding graphical

No comma needed there.

This does not mean developer's are not welcome here;


It's success is driven by

Its success

Bascially anything else


Also, kpp is already the name of a (very useful) app for creating RPMs.

By foo at Thu, 2001/02/22 - 6:00am

you people lie that K in KDE doesn't stand for anything but here when Matthias Ettrich started KDE he named it Kool Desktop Environment, see his 1996's posting:


By Asif Ali Rizwaan at Fri, 2001/02/23 - 6:00am

Yo, dats kool!

By reihal at Fri, 2001/02/23 - 6:00am

Sure, it has to stand for something. No one will ever believe it was chosen randomly. A random name for a DE ? Come on...

By Anonymous Coward at Fri, 2001/02/23 - 6:00am

It doesn't stand for anything.
It stood for Kool.

By Roberto Alsina at Fri, 2001/02/23 - 6:00am

you should add kde promo link to the primary kde site


By jorge at Fri, 2001/02/23 - 6:00am

where on promo.kde.org can I find screenshots? Or is it just impossible because still there are no ones?

By Henri at Fri, 2001/02/23 - 6:00am

All incoming screenshots are collected and will then be uploaded to a gallary (not sure on what server).

promo.kde.org is for promoters while the shots are indented for newbies (and should therefore be uploaded somewhere with high bandwidth and then be announced on the dot.



By Daniel Molkentin at Fri, 2001/02/23 - 6:00am

I have public (for KDE :) FTP space (uploads and downloads)
at (ftp://derkarl.org)

Feel free to download the many screenshots there, and also upload :)

By Charles Samuels at Fri, 2001/02/23 - 6:00am