The Dot is Back!

For what has seemed like an eternity, but really was closer to a week, our beloved dot, as well as the sites, were down. Now, thanks to the tireless efforts of Dre and MieTerra, the server has been moved across the country and is again up and ready to serve. Many thanks to all those who made generous offers to host or help us in the meanwhile. In particular, thanks go to Dave Belfer-Shevett of Stonekeep Consulting, Joshua D. Drake of the Linux Documentation Project and Guido Bakker of Synnergy Networks. Over the next few days, while the DNS updates, we will be attempting to catch up on all the KDE news. Meanwhile, we have reposted the news items previously featured on the mother site during our downtime.


Thank god! I'm having withdrawal symptoms.
How about a mirror for the dot and in Europe?

By reihal at Sat, 2001/03/10 - 6:00am

Agreed mirror something, I thought I was having
TCP Explicit Congestion Notification support
problems again, yet it was only the dot...



By bdumm at Sat, 2001/03/10 - 6:00am

DO NOT risk this again.. I've been having problems surfing the web the last week, my startpage were missing and I feelt like if I were never going to see it again..


By Christian A Str... at Sat, 2001/03/10 - 6:00am

The site is *very* difficult to mirror, as it uses Zope as the engine and submissions are made on a regular basis. If you know of a solution for mirroring a Zope site with real-time cross-posting of new database entries we'd be happy to investigate it.

By Dre at Sat, 2001/03/10 - 6:00am

An mirror doesn't have to be real-time. If most of it is available, thats just fine!
Same is true for the dot.

By reihal at Sat, 2001/03/10 - 6:00am

Thaks God it's back....
I was beggining to suspect that Ximian had bought Dot's ISP.

By Charles at Sun, 2001/03/11 - 6:00am


By KDE User at Sun, 2001/03/11 - 6:00am

Phew .. I can get my daily fix again :) The Dot is part of my daily web experience now.


By Macka at Sun, 2001/03/11 - 6:00am