KDE at CeBIT 2001

Many KDE Developers will converge the week of March 22-28 in Hannover, Germany for CeBIT (English). CeBIT is Europe's largest computer trade show with over 8,000 companies representing 60 countries in attendance. Torsten Rahn wrote in with details of what's
going on there with KDE:
"The KDE Project will be presenting a snapshot of the upcoming KDE 2.2
release at CeBIT 2001 in Hannover, Germany. There will be a permanent
demo point at the SuSE booth (Hall 3/E45) and live presentations on
the SuSE video wall. On Saturday, KDevelop developer Ralf Nolden will have a talk about KDevelop 1.4 at the SuSE booth. In addition, Ralf Nolden and Martin Konold will give separate KDE-related talks on Saturday at the Rheinland-Pfalz-Stand (Hall 16/B43). On Sunday, KDE developer Chris Schläger will give a presentation about the upcoming KDE 2.2
release at the SuSE booth. Other developers will be present as well."
Update: 03/22 22:35 AM by N: A schedule for the KDE presentations is available.

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by wow (not verified)

KDE go4it!
CeBit is by far the most important show in the world

by anonymous (not verified)

> 'the week of March 22-28 in Hamburg, Germany'

hmm. since when is cebit in hamburg?

by Barracuda (not verified)

CeBIT is Hannover, actually.

by ex-anonymous (not verified)

jup. now it is fixed ;))))

by Stanislav Svarc (not verified)

I am sure he meant Hannover


by Steven Parkinson (not verified)

I am a troll. You can jump to the next thread now.

I am really looking forward to KDE 2.2, having been an avid KDE fan since my boyfriend first showed me version 2.0 running on his laptop.

PS: Yes, I said 'boyfriend', and I am proud of my sexuality. Before making an immature, homophobic joke, you might want to consider that, in fact, more than half the KDE core developers are gay.

by JC (not verified)

I just thought that more than half of the KDE core developers were European...oh...nevermind...


And as long as we're stereotyping, I'm just another uncouth, uncivilized american.

by Rob Kaper (not verified)

Instead of an immature joke, how about "we don't care" instead?

Most of the core developers listed on "People behind KDE" (http://www.kde.org/people/people.html) refer to "she" and "girlfriend" by the way.

Oh wait, you're another one of those trolls who moved from Slashdot. GayDE. Haha, very funny.

by not me (not verified)

in fact, more than half the KDE core developers are gay

Uh... where did you get that statistic? Did you personally email each core developer and ask?

by Chris Bordeman (not verified)

hello people this guy is trolling plain as day!

by reihal (not verified)

It's probably the same one that hacked and redirected the links here.
Erase this posting!

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

We will be implementing banishment soon. Our hand has been more or less forced on this issue as we've been under quite some attack from script kiddies. Seems the dot getting too popular for some people.


by Lee (not verified)

Why not do something like slashdot and have scores?

by Another Idiot (not verified)

I'm proud of my sexuality too. So I decided to have the family over and demonstrate in the middle of dinner. Alas I was not fortunate enough to have been born of two gay parents. I'm pretty sure one of my three parents is an alien from another planet. Anyway there were no aliens there that night and all I seem to remember from my abduction is the alien anal probes with metal objects... so I had my brother in the mashed potatos with a hand full of kitchen utensils and everyone was screaming...

After I got out of jail I was going to try crossing an elephant, alligator and ostrich, you know, one of each sex, in the hopes of getting a sexy hairless green scaley alien looking thing... then I read from a credible source that over half of all core KDE developers are in fact aliens from other planets. Well that explains those amazing development cycles!

See you guys at CeBIT. I'll be the guy with the cuisinart in my pocket and the satellite dish on my head. Slip me a tentical and you can phone home.

[beam me up Scotty, there's no intelligent trolls here]

by Max (not verified)

Well, of course, more than half the kde core delopers are gay. Who wouldn't be happy to work on such a great project as KDE!! And with women.kde.org in place, their girlfriends and wifes are now gay too, since they can enjoy participating in one of the largest Open Source Projects!


by Forge (not verified)

The sick thing is that he probebly isn't a Troll. there are in my experience 2 distinkt categories of Gays.

One set just dose what they like with no nead to talk about it onless you ask a direct question.

The other set isn't so much interested in sex with likeminded people but rather the shocked reactions of those who disaprove. These are the ones who shout that they are "Gay and proud of it" or march in parades at Disney or apear on talkshows to discuss who they sleapt with.

To add some perspective. How many straight people tell you who they sleapt with if you don't ask? How many hesitate to tell you when you do?

by Trollbuster (not verified)

This is clearly a troll.

Trolls are not tolerated here; very soon, the following code will be in place:

- ban on posting from anonymizer.com
- moderation
- stricter rules for anonymous posting
- per IP/cookie-based 'karma'
- banning users
- code to automatically contact ISPs to get accounts suspended; this will be done if goatsex links are posted, etc.
- flamebait ('KDE sux, GNOME is l33t') will also be harshly treated.

If you are a troll, watch out. This site is for productive discussion of KDE only.

by Stanislav Svarc (not verified)

It sounds to me that you are mad at everyone that is not gay......hmmmm


I am NOT gay , and I am proud of that...:)

PPS. I just like being NORMAL...:)))

by iCEmAn (not verified)

Now if someone would take the footage and post in on the web as Real Video(tm) that would be something, then the rest of the world can enjoy the talks about KDevelop, and KDE 2.2

Just my $0.02

by sdf (not verified)

argh i hate kde2.1 , i installed debain packages , then it starts , then after a reboot it did not start 3 days , then it started again , and now its fucked up again , arghhh , now that i have the nvidia 9-767 drivers installed with the render extension :((((

what is this dcop communication error by ksmserver ???

by kashis (not verified)

Try running KDE without anti-aliasing on (control panel->Look and Feel->Styles). This has been notorious lately for causing KDE problems. Once you get KDE up and running without AA fonts, then go for the AA fonts.

That other problem you mentioned I'm not so sure of. Perhaps you have some stray process or temp files laying around.

You should also mention what distribution of Debian you're running (stable, testing, unstable). For much better support, subscribe to the debian-kde list at http://lists.debian.org.

by swingland (not verified)

CeBIT is not only Europe's largest computer fair:
It's the largest fair in the world (including those fairs in Las Vegas, which ignore the CeBIT saying they are the largest).

by solex (not verified)

Last year CeBit had 7800 Companies and 750 000 Visitors - that's several times larger than any other computer trade show (including Comdex: 1500 Companies and 100 000 Visitors).

by docgmb (not verified)

Meine Güte, wo kommen denn jetzt bloß all diese hannoverschen Lokalpatrioten her?

Ein Messegeschädigter aus Hannover

by Steadyproc (not verified)

Ich besorge in paar Fl. Sekt und lade 'n paar Hostessen nach Hause ein.
Praktisch, wenn man an der Linie 6 wohnt und vom Stau-Chaos auf dem Schnellweg nichts mitbekommt ;-)

Ein Messebegeisterter aus Hannover.

by Alex (not verified)

Looking forward to see you KDE guys at CeBIT!

by Gnomba (not verified)

you kde people are incapable of creating system administration tools and some network administration tools, your KDE is at the mercy of Gnome's great applications like DrakConf or Linuxconf. you call your KDE a desktop environment, actually it is just a window manager with an integrated browser...

by Johan Veenstra (not verified)

Second troll on dot.kde.org in a short time :-)

Have a nice day Mr. Gnomba.

Johan Veenstra

by thil (not verified)

more and more anxious troll these days !

Thank for the good KDE 2.1 !


by Kill the Trolls... (not verified)

MWHAHAHAHAHA! Didn't expect that, did you, stupid troll?!?!
Guess what? THE WAR IS OVER!!!
Gnome won! KDE won!

by WH (not verified)

who said that there was a war ? There never was
a war. That's just what some PR guys or ZDNET guys would have liked, but no, no it did not happen, bad luck.

by houplaboom (not verified)

DrakConf is only a gtk application specific to mandrake and not a gnome application.DrakConf an linuxconf doesnt require gnome

by Stentapp (not verified)

I use KDE on Solaris/Sparc. Can you give me ONE reason that I should have a KDEified Linuxconf on my system???

by Max (not verified)

Hmm, I use SuSE 7.1 and configure my Linux with KControl and YaST2. KControl (including SuSE-modules) uses KDE, YaST2 uses QT.
If you don't want to use GTF applications, please consider using an other distribution.

Kind regards,

by Lee (not verified)

That's because most UNIX people use C, why I dunno.

by truth-speaker (not verified)

Yeah, you will show that KDE is not self dependent for administration and not meant for administrator s. only it is meant for dumb ex-windows users. A Unix Desktop Environment is dependent on other desktop's utilities! what a shame!

by me (not verified)

someone please mark this one as "IDIOT"

by KDE User (not verified)

I do kinda wish we had DrakeConf for KDE, but you should see Caldera's KDE admin tools for OpenLinux. They should be ported to KDE 2.1 in the next OpenLinux. Also look at the kdeadmin package!


by kdeFan (not verified)

It's funny that you would claim that kde is for "dumb ex-windows users" because it doesn't have many gui sysadmin tools, while so many sysadmins scoff at using such tools. They say gui tools are for dumb ex-winnt users. I don't agree, but I do find it a bit ironic.

by kylix (not verified)

- Animated menu, combo's
- fading tooltips

etc... etc...

i gues i won't be booting into Windoze for a long time (well maybe to checkout delphi 6 :o))

check out this screenshot from cvs today.

by KDE User (not verified)

That is a beautiful screenshot indeed. I run KDE 2.1 but don't have anything like that! Time to upgrade Linux/X11...

by jesunix (not verified)

well it is not kde2.1
but cvs version
so you will have that in 2.2
unless you feel lucky and use CVS :)

by gnu128 (not verified)

one further reason for me to switch to CVS. ;)

nice screen-shot.

by JC (not verified)

Global AA fonts is a bad thing. Too many AA fonts will give you a headache pretty quick. The key is to figure out the _right_ places to use AA fonts.

I suspect that will all get worked out in time...

by erotus (not verified)

Yes, I'm currently experiencing this very problem right now. I downloaded and installed Mandrake 8.0 beta and AA fonts make Konsole unusable. Web pages in Konqy look great! I'm sure this will be resolved soon enough.

by KDE User (not verified)

Yeah, that one is a bug in XFree86. And it's about not using Fixed Fonts, not really matter if it's AA or not. You can work around it by setting QT_FT=0 (or whatever that var is called) before running konsole. I think there is also a patch for Qt to work around the bug.

by Erik Hill (not verified)

Well, it works for me, I played with the XftConfig-or-something-like-that file, and imported all my windows and other fonts I found laying around on the internet. Also I have sub-pixel rendering turned on. In fact everything is clear, only slight fuzziness on the vertical anti-aliasing effects (none at all horizontally, as expected with sub-pixel rendering) and the total effect is nothing short of incredible. With better fonts, control over fixed fonts (at least enough control to get Konsole working correctly) and sub-pixel rendering on, there is no reason not to anti-alias every single charecter and many reasons to do so! Anyway, I'm not going back. Certainly I'm suffering no headaches. I only wonder how I remained so pain-free before I switched!

If you need more specifics about what changes I made, ask and I'll do the research and backtrack.

The free-type library could stand to do a better job with sub-pixel positioning and kerning in general, however. This is a very slight complaint and you have to know what you are looking for to even notice it. And of course it could easily be the font and not the renderer. Also I get the impression (though it may be wrong) that free-type does not hint using sub-pixel boundaries, only full pixel boundaries, but I may very well be wrong there, haven't really put the charecters "under the microscope" and checked to see. It seems anyway that it makes occasional hinter mistakes (diagonal lines are softer than they should be), which could be anything of course, the hinter, the font, or even some kind of patent problem preventing them from implementing it correctly (I seem to remember reading about that on their web site). BeOS's renderer does a slightly better job on pure anti-aliased fonts, but it can't sub-pixel render at all, so in fact freetype beats it cleanly there.

My point is only that despite the incredible improvements made, it is possible to get even more out of the hardware I have, which, in this case, is a 1024x768 TFT.


by Bill Vinson (not verified)

i have been using AA fonts everywhere for a week now and simply love it...No headaches or other ailments (at least none I can relate to QT :)

Keep it coming...


by riana culp (not verified)

i think its all fake. theres no such thing as greek mythology. although i do like walking with a breeze in my face