New Development Mailing List for KDE Games

Martin Heni, the reigning master of, sent this note for our readers interested in game development: "Josef Spillner has arranged the opening of a
new KDE mailing list called
which has its mailman webpage
here. It is intended for all discussions related to games development
under KDE/Qt."

They are looking for ideas and developers regarding current as well as new KDE games. Artists are also needed. Further information is available at


Does anyone know of a mailing list that focuses on Linux games development without focusing on a particular enviroment or technology?


By Karl Garrison at Tue, 2001/03/13 - 6:00am

Try the LGDC at

They have tons of information and mailinglists and should be exactly what you need.

By Rob Kaper at Tue, 2001/03/13 - 6:00am

Rather than linux specific you should look at anything OpenGL with GLUT.

By robert at Wed, 2001/03/14 - 6:00am