Event Updates, KDE Games People, CVSSearch II

For those of you attending CeBIT 2001, a schedule of the KDE presentations is now available. On another note, a somewhat unlikely place where you can next find a KDE developer will be at GUADEC 2001. No other than Matthias Ettrich will be presenting a keynote. Evidently, more is going on behind the scenes such as interoperability talks (SSL) spanning such issues as cross-toolkit configuration (1-SSL, 2-SSL) and a common component model. Stefan Westerfeld will also be present. Martin Heni informs us of a new KDE Games People page. This resource should be useful to people who need help with KDE game issues, or a place for people to advertise skills and willingness to help. Amir Michail wrote in to inform us of CVSSearch II, a major rewrite of CVSSearch, the search tool for code that uses CVS comments. New features include the ability to search across multiple CVS repositories and a completely new GUI with more explicit CVS comment <-> source code mapping. Over the next week, the demo will be expanded to cover hundreds of KDE applications. Finally, in case you missed it, a demo for Kapital, the personal finance manager from theKompany.com, is now available.

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