KDE 2.1.1 is Out!

As everyone has been gleefully pointing out, KDE 2.1.1 is out. The main features of this release over KDE 2.1 are bugfixes, additional language translations, and numerous documentation updates. As an added bonus, you can now also "paste" a URL to Konqueror and have it automatically load the website. I'm also told that KPilot 4.0.1 is in pretty good shape in this release. See the ChangeLog for more details, and the full announcement here. Enjoy!

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by Glenn Alexander (not verified)

The release docs said Chinese font problem was fixed, but I can't get it to work still. It just either puts nothing (not even empty space) everywhere or gobbledygook that looks like utf8 printed as ASCII.

What must I do abnd can the instructions be added to the docs?


by Jan Gutter (not verified)

I got the diffs and patched my source code for KDE 2.1 -> 2.1.1. I recompiled, installed and suddenly Konqueror can't authenticate with our firewall! It gives "Unsupported Action: Unknown Authentication Method" errors.

Where did I slip? Which package (aside from kdelibs and kdebase) should I recompile? Suggestions, flames?


by Bernd Lachner (not verified)

I have a problem with fixed fonts and antialiasing. I can not choose a font for the fixed font setting. I can only choose fixed, but KDE don't accept this and choose Abadi Condensed MT by itself. But, I have installed the Courier font in my truetype directory. Maybe someone had the same problem and solved it?

by Kevin Puetz (not verified)

if you are using X4.0.2, it's handling of monospaced fonts via the RENDER extension is buggy. Upgrading to 4.0.3 should help.

There are some other people here who have been complaining of problem even with 4.0.3, I have no idea what's wrong there. Hopefully you won't become one of them :-)

by Bernd (not verified)

I'm using 4.03 but the problem is still the same as under 4.02 :-(

Make sure you don't have old files related to the old KDE font manager...

by Bernd (not verified)

Thank you for your answer, but can you write me: Where are this files in the .kde2 directory? Which files are related to the font manager?

Can any one explain the difference between
the deb packages at Sourceforge and tdyc.com
KDE release announcement directs you to Source
They have packages for stable ( no potato) for 2.1.1
For 2.1 they had them for potato and stable.
Over at Tdyc.com they are for potato.
Sorry for asking what is prob a dumb question?
Much obliged for any response.

For debian packages, I use kde.debian.net. Much easier than downloading and installing packages manually! Simply add

deb ftp://kde.debian.net/pub/kde potato main crypto optional kde2

to /etc/apt/sources.list (or use one of the other mirrors listed at kde.debian.net) and then run

apt-get install task-kde

That gets you the guaranteed latest version, downloaded and installed automatically, no hassle!

by Greg Walrath (not verified)

The upgrade went great on my SuSE Pro 7.1 machine, with the exception of:


For the first one, I get a bunch of errors about missing lib files (e.g., libgtkembedmoz.so, libplc4.so). I figured it was because I didn't have mozilla installed (though I did have Netscape 6.01 and 4.76). Even after I installed Mozilla 0.8.1, I got the same errors.

With kdevelop 1.4.1, it insists on having html-dtd installed, though html_dtd is installed.

Any ideas?

by Julien Faivre (not verified)

i have the same pb with the suse pro 7.1
the solution is to use kdevelop rpm from suse



SuSe 7.1 seems to have problems using AA-Fonts. After installing qt-experimental version 2.3 and selecting AA-Fonts in the style-dialog in Kcontrol KDE starts without the taskbar and problems with DCOP. Maybe the Fonts have to be set up properly before but what does that exactly mean? (SuSE 7.1, XFree86 4.0.3, KDE 2.1.1 and qt-experimental version 2.3)

Thanks for any ideas!