KDE 2.2 Release Plan (Revised)

Waldo Bastian, the release manager
for KDE 2.2, has
a revised schedule for the next major release of the KDE core applications
(KOffice is on a separate
). The schedule has slipped somewhat to provide time to add
some major new features to the next release, including such popular
wish-list items as (1) a better printing framework; (2) IMAP support
in KMail; and (3) improved database support with KDE-DB. The schedule
now contemplates an alpha release on April 16, beta releases on
May 14 and June 18, and the final release on July 16 (109 days, but who's counting?).


KDE2.1 is running great over here, but I do have one feature request (don't we all). I don't know how many KDE developers have used BeOS, but the BeOS taskbar would group all windows of an application under one. Clicking on "konqueror" would bring up a menu that showed all open instances of konqueror that are running at the time. This is really useful with ~15 windows open, where a task bar with 15 "konq..." doesn't help much. If it just grouped them all under "konqueror", navigation between windows would take one extra click, but usuability would be infinitely increased. Thanks.

By Adam at Sat, 2001/03/31 - 6:00am

Good idea, ought to be optional though IMO. I'd only use it occasionally...

By Lars Janssen at Sat, 2001/03/31 - 6:00am

Is KDE 1.x dead? I'm have a slow computer that KDE 1 runs fine on but KDE 2 is unusable.

By John at Sat, 2001/03/31 - 6:00am

Tried KDE 2.1? It's much faster that 2.0 on my old machines.

By matt at Sat, 2001/03/31 - 6:00am

Make sure you're compiling KDE correctly.

* configure with --enable-final and --disable-debug

* Use gcc 2.95.x, and compile it with optimizations, and tell it to use your cpu's instruction set (i.e. not just 386 code)

Also, make sure to kill any daemons you don't need, like http, ftp, sendmail, or whatnot.

By Neil Stevens at Sun, 2001/04/01 - 6:00am

I compiled KDE, Qt, X and my kernel all correctly and I run only the daemons that I need, the later KDE's don't help either. The problem is that I have 4 computers with 24 megs of memory(I can't buy more memory, I live in a poor country) and KDE 2.x is useless, this makes KDE 2.x software unusable on my computers. It would be great if KDE 1.x was continued or KDE 2.x was a little esier on resuorces that way people that can't afford nice computers can still get good software, that's one thing I though GNU was trying to do. Anyways I found out that KDE 1.x is not being developed anymore so I'm asking the KDE developers to keep in mind that not everyone can run a PIII with 712 megs of memory.

By John at Sun, 2001/04/01 - 6:00am

Have you tried a different country?

By Punjab Bolinski at Tue, 2001/04/10 - 5:00am

I would really like to see support added to Konqueror to send a page or a link like in Netscape (i.e. Location->Send Page and Location->Send Link). Perhapse this would be better if it were included as part of Location->Save As...

I also am hoping that Solaris will work better than it does for 2.1. (I'm compiling 2.1.1 as I write this).

By Aaron Williams at Sat, 2001/03/31 - 6:00am

Great work guys - keep it up. This project keeps getting better and better.

By Bruce at Sat, 2001/03/31 - 6:00am

Yeah it's nice that the release date has been pushed back,,, I hate having to donwload the new version.

Would it be possible in 2.2 to like archive all rpms in like a tar or bz2 file which is compressed as it takes quite along time to download on my 56k.


By F.o.D at Mon, 2001/04/02 - 5:00am

The start menu has way to many programs in it, it really needs cleaned up. This makes it hard to navigate, and I don't like a desktop full of icons. We don't need five of everything on the start menu. Cut back to not much more then the sysetm basics and let the user add applications as they need form the install and the ext. CDs.It is not hard to add apps in Linux from the rpm's on the CD's. this would give user far more control of what apps to install on there system. I hate to say it but I love the new start menu of Windows XP.

By Ken at Fri, 2001/08/31 - 5:00am