KDevelop 3.0 Now Developer-Ready

Bernd Gehrmann writes: "As you may have noticed, the HEAD branch of KDevelop now
contains Gideon which is very near to being usable and complete. This is not just another version of KDevelop, it's a big step forward: it's modular, it's extensible, it can support multiple languages, it has a project management feature that is usable for non-trivial projects. Gideon can be thought of as a a modular lego-like framework for an IDE
that could be used to build a C++ IDE, a Python IDE, or even a web
development platform. A complete C++ IDE is already in place." Gideon is the codename for KDevelop 3.0 and is already highly usable. This is your chance to get involved whether by contributing plugins or new features such as Python scripting. For more details, you can also check out Bernd's initial email as well as the screenshots (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Note that KDevelop 2.0 is still based on the KDevelop 1.4 branch and is scheduled to ship with KDE 2.2. Update: 04/07 02:04 PM by N: According to KDE hacker Richard Dale, Gideon now also includes Java and Objective-C support.


If you and others want to implement this, you are
welcome. AFAICT, none of the current developers
has any idea which issues are involved here.

By Bernd Gehrmann at Mon, 2001/04/09 - 5:00am

Two idle things
1) Why Gideon? Just curious...
2) I'd like to register my vote in favour of strong (EMACS/ViM-style) code-editing basics. I'm sorry, but I think Visual Assist is silly :-), and only feasible in VBasic...

By C. D. Thompson-Walsh at Thu, 2001/04/12 - 5:00am

..would be if they would gut the code from vim to handle editing. Since most editors like vim/emacs work on buffers now anyway, how hard would it be to make a 'virtual buffer' layer that looks like a standard buffer to the original editor code but manages a editing window instead? It would sure make a damn nice KDE widget..

By Programmer guy at Sun, 2001/06/10 - 5:00am