People behind KDE: Richard Moore

Richard Moore entered the KDE team at the very beginning, in 1996. He has a useful interest in innovative technologies. His application Keystone is a VNC client. With KTalkEdit, he explores voice synthesis possibilities. Given Richard's life long plans, KDE has nothing to fear about continuity :-) Read Tink's interview at the People section, to find out why and to learn more about Richard and his rich activity with KDE.


I installed KNautilus snapshot and it doesn't work. GNOME version works fine, but I type "knautilus" and it says command not found. Can you help?

By Allah at Thu, 2001/04/19 - 5:00am

what r u talking about?
i never heard of KNautilus. maybe u mean kmail, magellan, Aethera etc

By me at Thu, 2001/04/19 - 5:00am

Hmm, perhaps you forget to initialize it correctly, just type
"ln -s `which konqueror` $KDEDIR/bin/knautilus"
and then try again. You will be amazed how much Nautilus improved over the GNOME version ;-)))

By Michael Brade at Thu, 2001/04/19 - 5:00am

*Ouch*, can't you come up with a better joke if you try to troll on gnotices (with Gonqueror) and dot (with KNautilus)?

If this is your kind of humour then you're lame (or even liblame).

By Not that Funny at Thu, 2001/04/19 - 5:00am

in your ~/.bashrc add this line
alias knautilus='konqueror'
and you should note it not only runs now but is quite improved.

Hey this is supposed to be about Rich, a first class kinda guy, generaly wizard and pillar of the open source community. Rich could help with Kasbar or Quanta... although if someone wanted to they could easily enough embed Nautilus in a konq window. But just because KDE is so versatile seems a poor impetus to run a sea shell.

By Eric Laffoon at Thu, 2001/04/19 - 5:00am

try ...

rm -rf /opt

Or if you have a RedHat Linux system use ...

find -name k* |xargs 'rm -rf'

If you stil have problems, buy a copy of Windows ME and do ...


Then type in 'explorer'.

Hope that helps. :-)

By ac at Thu, 2001/04/19 - 5:00am

Or you could just do
rm -rf $KDEDIR

By AC at Sat, 2001/04/21 - 5:00am

That might be fun in Red Hat systems, where $KDEDIR = /usr

By none at Sat, 2001/04/21 - 5:00am

So, umm....what happened to Keystone?

By Mike Sharkey at Tue, 2002/12/31 - 6:00am

Well, things like tightVNC came along which meant that the maintainance effort become much higher. Keystone had a totally new implementation of the RFB protocol rather than being a port of the ORL labs code so making use of the extensions people made to that was not possible. It's now basically deprecated in favour of the desktop sharing stuff in KDE 3 which uses the same protocol. If you want the keystone code it's in kdenonbeta.


By Richard Moore at Tue, 2002/12/31 - 6:00am