KDE Project Releases KDE 2.2alpha1

For those of you who like the cutting edge or want to help the KDE developers continue their phenomenal development pace, but aren't yet ready to compile from CVS,
the KDE Project has just released
KDE 2.2alpha1. A list of some of the significant additions and improvements
versus the recent 2.1 release is below (please add any
unlisted significant changes in the comments section), as well as a list of currently available
pre-compiled binaries (please read the KDE Binary
Packages Policy
). Please bear in mind that this is an alpha release and those enjoying a stable desktop should use KDE 2.1.1.


ChangeLog: KDE Alpha 2.2.1

If you know of any significant changes not listed below, please add them
in a comment!

  • kdelibs changes.
    • One major change you will notice right away is from KDE's new modular printing subsystem based on the new KPrinter class (dot story; KCKDE Issue 5, 4 and 1 ). It is compatible with the existing QPrinter class and also features a new printer management tool.
      Its plugin design currently supports lpr, CUPS and PDQ.
    • Konqueror also benefits from the new HTML form completion added to KHTML, which allows Konqueror to supply possible completions to text fields in web forms via a drop down menu, very similar to how it does with URLs in the location bar (KCKDE Issue 2).
    • Of interest to developers, KDE-DB, a modular database-connectivity class, has been added to kdelibs (KCKDE Issue 5). The MySQL plugin is the
      most complete, but also the PostgresSQL one works.
    • KDE's font selection dialog has received a facelift: it is now possible to
      preview fonts in dialogs using the KFontAction class (KCKDE Issue 3).
  • New applications. Kaboodle, a quick multimedia viewer/player, has
    been added to kdemultimedia (KCKDE Issue 5). It complements noatun but is intended for use as a KPart (e.g., to preview a video in Konqueror). KScan, a library to access raster scanners using SANE, as well as Kooka (dot
    story), a front-end for KScan, have
    been added to kdemultimedia (KCKDE Issue 2).
  • KMail. The KMail developers have implemented the oft-requested IMAP support (KCKDE Issue 4). In addition, KMail features improved (non-blocking) sending (KCKDE Issue 5).
  • Theming. Theming has gotten a big boost with support for both Windows themes from Tucows and pixmap-based IceWM themes and the addition of a Quartz Style (KCKDE Issue 4).
  • Networking.
    • Caldera has contributed a new smb kioslave which works with libsmbclient, released by the Samba team.
    • KDE now supports SOCKS (a generic utility which re-implements a number of libc functions) (KCKDE Issue 3).
    • KDE now supports IPv6 (tested on Linux, AIX, Tru64 4.x and Solaris 2.6 and 7) (KCKDE Issue 2).
  • Desktop. For the desktop, KDE 2.2 adds the new audiocd:/ ioslave,
    which, for example, permits you to drag'n'drop audio CD tracks onto your desktop using Konqueror and have them automatically be encoded as .MP3 or Ogg Vorbis (dot story; KCKDE Issue 2).
  • Administrivia. On the less ambitious side, Kant has been renamed as Kate (KCKDE Issue 5).


Packages: KDE Alpha 2.2.1
More packages may be released in the coming days (in particular Mandrake is said to still be working on their binaries), please read the KDE Binary Packages Policy.

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by heytomet (not verified)

what about divx???

eh...use aviplay? it even has a kde front end?

it would be great that it'was integrated into kdemultimedia libs and into kaiman !!!!!

You couldn't distribute the relevant codecs anyway as they are property of Microsoft.

by Evandro (not verified)

there's a noatun plugin at noatun.kde.org.

by heytomet (not verified)

the compilation of the plugin is too dificult.
I had try it.

by chchchain (not verified)

Would it be insane to think that I could get one app from the alpha to play with, without building the whole beast? I've not yet had the privilege of building KDE from source, but I'm dying to check out how kmail's IMAP works, in hopes of finally pitching Netscape mail.

by Ahmed AlFaraj (not verified)

Is KDE2.2 will include full support for arabic language.
I knew that kde 2.1.1 support hebrew language and i think that hebrew language have same problem in support
i mean right to left direction.

by NÉMETH, Balázs (not verified)

I've installed KDE2.2alpha on Linux Mandrake , but I have some problems.

I can't use Konqueror as a web browser, and there are 2 messages:

kio_http: WARNING: found no definition PluralForm

(in the consloe, where from I started KDE with startx)


There was an error loading the module KHTML. The diagnostics is:

(this is in a popup window; but there is not any diagnostics message).

What is the problem? Can anyone help me? How can I solve this problem?

(Animated/fade menus and combo boxes are great :) But I couldn't find Quartz Style)

by A Sad Person (not verified)

The could not load KHTML problem occurs because the packagers forgot to include libkhtml.la, a libtool library info file, in the kdelibs package.
Fortunately, it's easy to make one yourself.. Copy libkhtmlimage.la to libkhtml.la, open it up
in a text editor, and change the .so files name from htmlimage to html whenever they occur...

by ModMan (not verified)

hey, are there any plans in the works to develope an aplication installer/uninstaller that will installthe RPM and then run the /bin/setup script automaticly?

and perhaps it could also compile and install tar.gz?