People of KDE: George Staikos

The current interviewee of Tink's grand series is George Staikos. One of the members of the young KDE guard, George is very active in the parts of KDE that relate to cryptography. He helps with KMail and KOffice too, and he makes up brilliantly for the notorious lack of Canadian KDE developers :-). On a personal note, George is one of the very few KDE friends that I had the great chance to meet in person. Consider yourself invited to a joyful reading with this new colourful interview of the successful "People series".


This interview is quite amusing. :)

> ~ Who would you hire to play in a KDE
> commercial? And what would the scene be like?
> Arnold Swarzenegger, for sure! It doesn't even
> have to have anything to do with KDE. Just
> lots of blowing stuff up, and then a KDE logo
> at the end.

By KDE User at Wed, 2001/05/30 - 5:00am

~ If you had to design a banner with a KDE slogan, what would it say?

Got KDE? (and a picture of Konqi with a "milk moustache")

lol! sounds a lot like that patrick ewing banner at

By me at Wed, 2001/05/30 - 5:00am

You'll be happy to know that someone is currently fixing up Jumpman for the PC (DOS/Windows).

Maybe it will work under wine or dosemu??

By KDE User at Wed, 2001/05/30 - 5:00am

I've always been very impressed with the KDE community. I've been using KDE since the early 1.0 betas, but it's only recently that I've been submitting bug reports. The interaction with the developers has really enlightened me to this great gift that the KDE developers are providing to Linux users. Anyone who has used this growing set of applications and its underlying desktop should take the time to provide some feedback/bug reports to point the developers to some of the daily difficulties that we may run across. I've found that it works _very_ well and see bugs that I've reported fixed in the next release or two. Thanks to the developers who are doing all the HEAVY lifting!

George is one of the developers that I've had a chance to interact with in resolving a Konqueror/SSL difficulty. Congratulations George on providing some great code and being very helpful to your community of KDE users.

Phil -- Ottawa, Canada

By APW at Fri, 2001/06/01 - 5:00am

i really enjoy the series "People of KDE". Just sometimes the questions are a little boring. Once a friend of mine started interviews on several of my other friends. He was diving into special themes and it worked very well! So my suggestion is: ask *some* background questions and then continue with a dynamic email-interview.
just 2c...

By Dannu at Sun, 2001/06/03 - 5:00am

What about Greece???

By yannis spanos at Sun, 2001/06/03 - 5:00am