Kernel Cousin KDE #14

Brought to you by Aaron and Rob, this week's edition of KC KDE covers everything from the elusive KDE League to Kamera, music applications (Brahms, noteedit, Rosegarden), and details on a new keybindings scheme that exploits the Windows keys.

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by Daniel (not verified)

I will repeat my comentary until it will change it. KDE needs a re-structuration of the KDE-menu. There are lot of mini applications that the end user doesnt know how to use it, or doesnt know what it is (lot of garbage .. sorry ). For example:

1º.- administration tools have to be into an application named administration tools into KControlCenter , or integrated into Konqueror, like the mini-aplication kfloppy (as file maneger explorer).

2º.- The first menu of KDE button has to be with less parts, like start windows button, that has only five as programs, documents, hardw conf and help. And into programs, subsections with sections like office,internet and something like that (MAC OS has the same structure). It helps the new user and is more elegant :-).

by Rossend Bruch M... (not verified)

You can change your start menu the way you need, and it's no really important it's structure (I think).

Other things should be fixed and / or improved. but I thing you are right about Kfloppy

note :

Why KDE2.2alpha2 is 'alpha'? It's really stable and I can work with it without any problems. Only ARTS ans Konqueror crashes sometimes (but they're stable).


by Jörgen Lundberg (not verified)

>Why KDE2.2alpha2 is 'alpha'? It's really stable and I can work with it without any problems. Only ARTS ans Konqueror crashes sometimes (but they're stable).

Maybe because they only want *one* beta, hence the alphas are very stable. I didn't try the 2.1.0 betas, but I believe that they had some real showstoppers and they didn't want to repeat that again. As I undertand it this release is mainly focused on stability and speed with some new features. So it not surprising that the alpha 2 is stable. The current alpha does however contain some showstopppers, but I believe that they should be fixed in current cvs (I'm compiling cvs right now to check it out, but damn how long it takes for some things to comile :-) ).

by gnu128 (not verified)

Moving the admin-tool into an other program is no good idea because i dont like to
start this "other program" before i can use the admin-tools.

Sorry but I HATE the thing with the 'programs' submenu in the KDE-menu, because the KDE-menu is a START-menu and i only start programs so a submenu 'programs' makes no sence to me!
Why copy the bad things from other systems???

The KPersonalizer could be a way to choose the prefered way of the KDE-menu.

by Daniel (not verified)

I am talking about the standar kde menu, not about KPersonalizer. It is not very clear like MAC or Windows menus. And i am not talking about copying them but re-organizate it.

by Raven667 (not verified)

I agree that a re-org is in order. There are a lot of toplevel entries in the menu hiearchy. A lot of little apps clutter K:{Utilities,System} that could be into new subfolders like Preferences or done away with in he default config and only enabled if the user asks.

by Justin Noel (not verified)

I like the basic layout of the App Launcher. Myself when I used windows 99.999% of thr time went for Start -> Programs. Might as well just have the program categoeries right off the Start and save me the energy. "Configuration" is just a bunch of programs anyway so it still si intuitive. I like in Mandrake that there are nice organized categories to the App Launcher like Launcher -> Network -> Browsers -> Mozilla. Hell in Win98 they aren't even in alphabetical order. What KDE need to kill is the redundancy in the menus. Sure you can run each of the KControl modules seperatly, but they aren't necessary on the applauncher when one entry for KControlCenter works just as well.

by C. D. Thompson-Walsh (not verified)

I disagree completely. The first layer of the windows menu is a space-waste. I like the kde/windowmaker/twm/just about every #$%#$ thing apart from MS style currently in use. Perhaps a more logical solution than an out right change would be an installation option? (It is, after all, totally customisable with a little effort already...)

by Mosfet Fan (not verified)

From Mosfet's site
Well, it looks like I'll be being funded to continue my work independently. This means that things like Pixie and Liquid and all the other stuff will continue to be developed by me outside of KDE CVS (all I wanted to do in the first place). Please note that much of my code such as Liquid, Megagradient, and many of the style engines in the CVS were re-added, but those are no longer my versions, they are forks. My versions will be released under a new name shortly. I think you will be happy with them ;-)
Of course, the licensing will remain the same (this won't be proprietary software).

[email protected]
looks like we got best of both worlds now
- KDE team happy since no more just before release new themes
- We happy since more frequent updates to
his lovely themes

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)


by Thorsten Schnebeck (not verified)

...and in HTML code this site is called Mosfet's Development Site _again_!
Mosfet, this is the best solution for all. Hope to "see" you again in the mailing lists :-)