KDE Plans Large Presence at LinuxTag 2001

LinuxTag 2001 is the largest Linux and Open Source exhibition in Europe. Last year over 17,000 visitors and 100 exhibitors attended the event. This year's event will be hosted in Stuttgart, Germany from July 5 through July 8. The KDE Team will have a large presence there, including several presentations and workshops, a large number of KDE developers, and of course the KDE mascot Konqi. Read the press release below. Update: 06/30 12:43 PM by N: Ralf has assembled some updated information.


KDE @ LinuxTag 2001

The KDE Team today announced its plans for
LinuxTag 2001, the biggest Linux and
Open Source exhibition in Europe (last year 17000 visitors and 100 exhibitors
attended). LinuxTag 2001 will take place from July 5th to July 8th in
Stuttgart, Germany.

Besides staffing a KDE booth where users can see the latest KDE, ask
questions and mingle with KDE developers, KDE developers will make numerous
presentations targeted at users and developers. The Congress Program
will feature talks by the notable KDE developers
Matthias Ettrich and
Kalle Dalheimer. The Forum Program will offer a talk about
Developing a GUI Using Qt, and programs in German about
Multimedia in KDE 2 and KDE 2.2 - Your Personal Desktop.
In addition, developers will host several workshops on KDE development.

The KDE Team would like to thank the KDE
League Inc.
, Borland Software
, Caldera Systems
, Compaq Computer Corporation,
Fujitsu Siemens Computers,
Future Technologies Inc.,
HancomLinux Inc.,
Hewlett-Packard Company,
Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB,
Mizi Research Inc.,
Redhat Inc.,
SuSE GmbH,
Trolltech AS, and
TurboLinux Inc. for helping KDE
at LinuxTag 2001.

We invite everybody to meet more than 40 KDE developers, KDE enthusiasts and
of course our mascot Konqi at the KDE booth.

For more information on LinuxTag, see
For more information on KDE, see
For information relating to this press release, please contact
Torsten Rahn.

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by Yama (not verified)

Why no men.kde.org?

I thought the Internet was The Great Equaliser?

by nervlord (not verified)

you forget man, basically its ok for woman to have advantages, just not men
(yep, its fucked, as ive said all along, there should be no advantages for anyone regardless of sex, race age or anything else, then again, also no disadvantages for anyone except disabled people, but ofcourse: that would be fair, so ofcourse it wont happen

by nervlord (not verified)

my above msg makes it look like im saiyng disabled peopel should be disadvantaged
i meant they should be the only people getting any advantages at all

by Rob Kaper (not verified)

> you forget man, basically its ok for woman to
> have advantages, just not men

What advantage?

KDE-Women is a group of (female) KDE developers and users joined efforts to increase visibility of the female developer and user base of KDE and lower the entrance level, which is something I can fully understand in the tech culture which unfortunately still is predominantly male. You could even argue that in such a culture women are actually disadvantaged.

KDE-Women also happens to keep track of KDE related events and they have some other projects as well.

I bet that if you seriously started a project to have lots of software for KDE aimed at children (both educational and games) you could get kids.kde.org to promote your project. Of course noone would even think "those damn kids, why kids.kde.org, there is no grownups.kde.org!".

Or perhaps someone would like to have 3rd-world.kde.org to donate hardware with KDE preinstalled to third world countries in Africa, Asia and South America. You wouldn't mention a lack of rich-people.kde.org either.

by nervlord (not verified)

i was talking about in general
its more than ok for there to be a woman.kde.org site, thats killer, means more linux users who are female, which is also good
i meant in general

by Chris Bordeman (not verified)

Except for one glaring inconsistency: KDE is not aimed at men, but children's progs are aimed at kids! If there are fewer women in programming, it is because women are less wired towards the technical than men, and please don't tell me there is no difference between man and woman brains. All this 'situational equality' crap ignores the huge and well documented differences in chemical, physical, and genetic makeups between races, sexes, etc. That is why we have the freedom to pursue, not the freedom to have.

by JK (not verified)

Of course there is a difference between a mans brain and a womans - But saying Women are less wired toward the technical is rubbish.
Women are not encouraged as much as men to take a technical route.
I found at school and in college all the attention and praise in technical classes was heaped on to the boys, where the girls were looked at with a "well, we won't expect much" attitude. If you treat people like that, they go a different route.
And your statement makes me sound like a freak for being a technical female. Thanks.

by Chris Bordeman (not verified)

You're just wrong. The differences between man and woman brains are much more pronounced than the feminazis would like you to think. Of course this doesn't mean women are bad at math, just means that women are considerably less likely to be interested in it. And you're not a freak, nerd girls are really cool!

by All_troll_no_tech (not verified)

Why is it called Linuxtag if it runs over three days?

Judging from


"Since the first LinuxTag in 1996--an evening devoted to GNU/Linux at the University of Kaiserslautern, attended by 70 visitors--the event has grown exponentially."

it was one day when it started and although later it lasted for several days it kept its name.


Maths problem for anyone interested:

Given that LinuxTag was 1 day long in 1996, and is 3 days long in 2001; and given that this growth is exponential; in which year will LinuxTag grow to be 366 days long and start to overlap the NEXT year's LinuxTag.

Answers on a postcard, please.

At the same time, the 4th and 5th July will be the London Linux expo (over 80 exhibitors). What are the plans of the KDE team regarding this event?

by Matthias Lange (not verified)

Hmmm, this might get more expensive, but it
sound interesting. Does anyone have an url at
hand for this?

Since a flight from Luebeck/Germany to London
has about the same price as a rail ticket
to LinuxTag/Stuttgart, this could be an alternative...

by Tim Colgate (not verified)

More info on the UK Linux expo is at


However note that:

> Sorry, we regret that we cannot accommodate Students or Under 18's

by Jono Bacon (not verified)

I am running the KDE booth at the London Linux Expo and the Birmingham Linux Expo in September.

We will be there with info on KDE, a few presentations and more.

Come along and see is if you can. :-)

by Baptiste Malguy (not verified)

There's also the Libre Software Meeting (LSM) at Bordeaux from the 4th to the 8th of July, France.

That's a real free events, as computers companies doesn't sponsor this event and we don't have to say "thx ibm", "thx compaq" ...

The LSM website: http://lsm.abul.org

Well, LinuxTag doesn't cost us anything either - except for promotional articles, hardware and stuff like that (which will be paid by the KDE-League). The furniture and the boothspace is free at linuxtag and the people who have been organizing LinuxTag have been doing so in their spare-time.

by Richard Moore (not verified)

I believe Jono will be attending this, it's possible I might be able to make it too. We'll also be having a presence at the Birmingham Expo in September. I'll be posting a story explaining what we'll be doing at the Birmingham expo (papers, a booth etc.) early next week.


Here is the link:

(sorry, I can't set this answer to HTML so the link is not active :( )


by Alain (not verified)

On page 1 of http://www.linux.com/, there is a photo of Linus Torvalds with the text "Linus at the KDE Booth", without any other explanation.
And few more by clicking on the photo and going to the page http://www.linux.com/interact/potd.phtml?potd_id=275

What about it ?

by Tackat (not verified)

It's a photo from LinuxWorldExpo 2000 in Frankfurt. On the photo you can see Martin and Ralf presenting the Final Beta of KDE 2.0 to Linus.


by Justin Cook (not verified)

Take lots and lots of pictures!

Justin Cook
mailto:[email protected]