KDE 2.2 Ships (Visit an FTP Server Near You)

After some delay caused by a severe hardware failure on KDE's ftp server,
the KDE Project has announced
the official release of KDE 2.2. This release brings a lot of goodies,
including: faster startup times (using the experimental
) and performance; numerous improvements to HTML rendering
and JavaScript support; the addition of IMAP support (including SSL and
TLS) to KMail; a new plugin-based print architecture with integrated
filter and page layout capabilities; a number of new plugins for Konqueror
(including a Babelfish translator, an image gallery generator, an HTML
validator and a web archiver); native iCalendar support in KOrganizer; and
a new personalization wizard. Compaq
has also announced the addition of KDE to
Tru64. Time to tell the boss to forget XP, and use KDE (hmmmm, back in my college days that would have made a nice chant: 'Forget XP, use KDE', . . .).

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by Robert (not verified)

Does anyone know where I could find KDE 2.2 packets from RH 6.2 ?

by Rex Dieter (not verified)

As the person who made the KDE 2.1.1 packages for RedHat 6.x, I can say the job wasn't too hard: I just rebuilt the RedHat 7.x SRPMS (with a few minor modifications). I would venture that porting KDE 2.2 might be a little more difficult because it looks like that it requires more prerequisite packages not included in rh6.x. Also consider that koffice 1.1 currently won't build with rh6.x's egcs compiler.

That being said, I probably won't be doing the same for KDE 2.2 as I've almost completely upgraded all my machines to rh7.1 (and you should too (-; ). Anyway, most likely, in order for rh6.x RPMS to appear, someone will have to volunteer to do it. Any takers?

For more background and info on how to become a "packager", see "KDE Package Policy Explaned" at:

by Gabriel Golden (not verified)

If someone does do it I'll be very happy. I tried compiling the SRPMS and got nowhere, tho my system is a bit patchy.

by Paul Ahlquist (not verified)

> koffice 1.1 currently won't build with rh6.x's egcs compiler...

Almost... IIRC, it's KChart and the Quattro import filter for KSpread that won't compile through gcc 2.91 (which RH-6.2 provides). The rest of KOffice compiles fine.

by harald (not verified)

i try to thank in this way to all developer of kde for this great work


by Thorsten Schnebeck (not verified)

Dank an alle KDE-Entwickler für die Arbeit.
Eine feine Benutzerumgebung :-))
other languages? ;-)

by Renault JOHN (not verified)

un grand bravo à toute l'équipe de développement de KDE. C'est un produit exceptionnel et je trouve dommage qu'il ne soit pas plus soutenu par l'industrie ( je pense tout particulièrement à Sun qui à choisi Gnome comme future desktop... )

Merci à tous.

by Rajan Rishyakaran (not verified)

GNOME is not that bad!

by Ricardo Correia (not verified)

Obrigado a todos os programadores e contribuidores do KDE pelo seu trabalho excepcional :-)

by Luis Miguel Die... (not verified)

Muchisimas gracias a todos los programadores de KDE por el trabajo desarrollado. Habeis creado un entorno de trabajo para el usuario de la mas alta escuela!!

by weda (not verified)

Bedankt KDE ontwikkelaars voor dit prachtig programma. Ik ben nu volledig M$ vrij :-)

by ViRgiLiO (not verified)

Mi agradeciemiento a todos los desarrolladores y aquellos que hayan contribuido en KDE. Un excelente trabajo.

by Elliott (not verified)

Does anyone know if there are any slackware packages available? I would much rather do a simple upgradepkg than compile the whole thing from the source.

by skinncode (not verified)

yeah, i'd like them too :)
i'd compile it my-self but it doesn't compile on slack8.0 just tried to do this in 7.1 and it worked well, but not on the 8. compiling kde was one of the things i liked most :) but now it is not :(

by Tony (not verified)

What was your problem compiling with slack 8? I did a fresh install of slack 8 and compiled kde 2.2 without problems

// Tony

by Elliott (not verified)

if you had trouble compiling it it's probably due to the fact that slack 8 doesn't have /opt/kde/lib in the /etc/ld.so.conf, so try adding that line and running ldconfig and then compiling it again.

by skinncode (not verified)

k, seems i found them :)
check this:

it's strange that the creation date of these packages is 08-Aug-2001 but i hope that it'll be ok :)

by Linuz (not verified)


Yeah KDE 2.2 for Slackware 8.0 at http://hal.astr.lu.lv/pub/linux/Slackware/kde-2.2/

Well I found this site accidentally...but I 've downloaded KDE packages from the site and everything is fine...but before that I've had removed (uninstall) the KDE 2.1.x packages first.

Now I think I'm one of the slacker with KDE 2.2 without compiling it by myself.

Best regards..

by Caldera User (not verified)

The caldera RPMs are broken.

Don't try it!

Missing kdeconfig, and several libraries.

I have to reinstall because of.

That's sad. Usually Caldera beats the socks off RedHat when it comes to stability.

by Matthias Hoelze... (not verified)

Did you follow the README? We tested the RPMs with several install, and we didn't see problems. What is exactly going wrong?

by anh (not verified)

Just installed it. Everything seems OK so far.

Question: Is Caldera rpm compiled with the optimal linker (objprelink)?

It seems a little faster than the 2.1.1 but not as significated as expected from objprelink hack.

Overall, it runs and looks great. You guys and gals did a great job.

by someone (not verified)

Read at http://www.research.att.com/~leonb/objprelink/ the step-by-step instructions and compare the amount of different relocations given there with your installation using the provided script.

by Caldera User (not verified)

For one thing, can't find "kdeconfig" when trying to install kdebase. It wasn't even on the ftp.kde.org site as of last night. This is OpenLinux 3.1.

by Bill (not verified)

I am not the previous poster, but I can confirm that there are problems with the KDE 2.2 rpms for Caldera Workstation 3.1.

I installed them, made sure that anti-aliased fonts were turned on, and restarted. When anti-aliased fonts are turned on, it messes up the KDE environment... like it can't handle the new fonts. In many dialogs the lines of text overwrite each other and cause the controls to shrink to the point that everything is unusable. When I turn the anti-aliased fonts off, everything goes back to normal.

Please help? I can tell that the anti-aliased fonts will look BEAUTIFUL when they work right, and I'm anxious to get it there. I've been waiting for this to happen to Linux for a long time...

by Murat Eskiyerli (not verified)

Caldera RPMs worked OK for me. I rebuilt the
RPMS anyway. However, I noticed that smb ioslave
is missing. In fact, I checked Suse kdelibs RPM,
and it does not have smb ioslave either.
Any ideas?

by Thomas Zander (not verified)

Then you don't have vector fonts installed to show up for the normal stuff.
Anyway not the arial/helvetica/courier it searches for.

You can try to get something nice with editing the fonts from kcontrol, but you really need vector fonts first!

by Uri (not verified)

Will Anti-Aliasing be supported in this version? Also, will it work equally well for all Qt/KDE apps?
Finally, many of the international fonts did not look well on my machine. Of course, this is mostly xfs's responsibility, but I still wonder whether this can be helped.

by Rex Dieter (not verified)

I don't see any reason why they would remove AA support from KDE 2.2. AA has been supported since KDE 2.1 (provided you use XFree4 and a video card the supports the Render extension).

by Francis Sedgemore (not verified)

What about anti-aliasing of fonts in KDM? In 2.1 I used to 'export QT_XFT=true' in runlevel 5, and then KDM would give anti-aliased fonts. Now that doesn't appear to work. any ideas?

by Thomas Zander (not verified)

Quick idea;
what about selecting a vector font in the kcontrol module: system->login manager ?

Don't know though, I still run X3 ;)

by Rajan Rishyakaran (not verified)

I won't d/l it until i see it in screenshots. (I like to save time and expensive bandwidth)

by AC (not verified)

A funny thing is usally are the screenshots bigger than the app itself. Well not in this case but...

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

Plenty of screenshots are coming, but q threw some together a few weeks ago to show some of the newer features, and I quickly threw them up on this temporary site for convenience -- the text needs fixing and all that, but it's still good to get a quick idea of some things that have changed.

Be patient though, I hear a lot more cool stuff is coming!

by someone (not verified)

Two questions: What is this in Sidebar TNG with the icon of Kdiskfree displaying an URL (shot 2)? And how do I set this funny "lined paper" background for Konsole's terminal emulator (shot 3)?

by Anon (not verified)

Sidebar TNG button:
You can add your own buttons

Its a part of the Style


by Iuri Fiedoruk (not verified)

where can I get this window decoration similar do quartz? (quartz use squares instead of gears on right side of windows);

by someone (not verified)

It's an IceWM-Theme called "MenschMaschine" and is contained in the kdeartwork module.

by Iuri Fiedoruk (not verified)

Thanks, I found it.
Those themes are so beautifull than I tought they where hardcoded.
Congrats to galliun, qwertz and all KDE team.

by gallium (not verified)

Many thanks.

It was my pleasure making the IceWM theme importer. Enjoy!

by Matt (not verified)

We sure are enjoying it! It was an important step for KDE.

by will (not verified)

whoa - beautiful!

Just one tip though - turn off the underlining of desktop icons and files. No other OS uses is - and for a good reason - it clutters and disturbs the image... (less is more).

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

I agree, I turn off underlining *everywhere* even in my browser, it really seems to clutter up the interface. Unfortunately underlining seems to have crept back into Konqueror by default. It used to be hover AFAIK.

by sabbo (not verified)

You can set this with Settings/Configure Konqueror then choose File Maganer/Apperance and deselect Underline Filenames .

and for the desktop rightclick it and choose Configure DEsktop and then Appearance.

...or did you mean that they should change the default settings? i'm all for that

by Jos Backus (not verified)

It would be nice if icon text could be rendered shadowed, like Windows XP can. That looks very nice imo.

by renoX (not verified)

Thanks for the tip!!

While I like underline for web browing, I *hate* it for the desktop.

I'm all for changing the default setting for the desktop, for the browser I'm neutral..

Maybe some poll would be usefull.

by 3max (not verified)

where can i find that theme (the one in most of the screenshots with the cool blue wallpaper) ?

by Anon (not verified)

All the stuff comes with KDE 2.2
+ mosfets suff.


by Iuri Fiedoruk (not verified)

That's strange.... seems like dosen't come to me :(
What is the decoration name? I have here:

KDE2 Default
System ++

Maybe I missed some package on redhat 7.x rpms....(?)

by Anon (not verified)

Its in Kdeartwork
IceWM Themes


by kdeuser (not verified)

ok, stupid newbie q. Is 'kdeartwork' an obvious feature in the look and feel section of the control panel? I think a problem I, and others, are having is that kdeartwork was not initially installed.