KDE 2.2 Ships (Visit an FTP Server Near You)

After some delay caused by a severe hardware failure on KDE's ftp server,
the KDE Project has announced
the official release of KDE 2.2. This release brings a lot of goodies,
including: faster startup times (using the experimental
) and performance; numerous improvements to HTML rendering
and JavaScript support; the addition of IMAP support (including SSL and
TLS) to KMail; a new plugin-based print architecture with integrated
filter and page layout capabilities; a number of new plugins for Konqueror
(including a Babelfish translator, an image gallery generator, an HTML
validator and a web archiver); native iCalendar support in KOrganizer; and
a new personalization wizard. Compaq
has also announced the addition of KDE to
Tru64. Time to tell the boss to forget XP, and use KDE (hmmmm, back in my college days that would have made a nice chant: 'Forget XP, use KDE', . . .).

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by Alain (not verified)

I am a "rpm -Uvh --nodeps --force" guy (Mandrake 8.0) and I have no crashes with Kicker. Only problems of applets in vertical mode (and KNewsTicker).

by Omega (not verified)

Whoa whoa whoa.
I'm using kicker in version 3.1 of KDE, and it crashes REPEATEDLY on me. I can almost reliably reproduce the crash as well!

I'm using the KDE install that comes with Slackware 9, and the ONLY thing that seems to crash repeatedly is kicker.

Nodeps etc.. has nothing to do with this. If the panel shows up, the libraries are there. If a dependancy is missed, it most likely won't run!

There are definatley some stability issues with certain KDE apps, but it has been getting better. I feel no need to go out of control complaining. Everything will solve itself in the long run.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Forget KDE on Slackware 9: They shipped a borked KDE<->Qt version combination.

by Rajan Rishyakaran (not verified)

never been a problem to me. check ur compiling.

by Stefan Probst (not verified)

I totally agree with this message...

The kicker crashes EACH time I start KDE, I've reinstalled the system for several times in various variants, still the same... Furthermore, there is no contact information given where to submit bug reports... Anyone know an address?

The only solution to this problem is to use a better operating system like Solaris :-)

by Anonymous (not verified)

It's always http://bugs.kde.org - how did you manage to reply to a three year old comment?

by Stefan Probst (not verified)

tried to search for a solution to my problem in google :-). Google doesn't matter about months or years.

Anyway, thanks a lot!

by Stefan Krüger (not verified)

Hello! Now its 2005 and this thread is still so right: I have 3.4.1 wich is masked as unstable in gentoo (~x86), but nothing crashes as often as kicker. and it looses (forgets) applets. What is so tricky about that kicker-app?
Are there any alternatives?

Hello 2006?

by cm (not verified)

> What is so tricky about that kicker-app?

Nothing. I have run the 3.4.0 and 3.4.1 versions of kicker from the time they came out for Debian Sarge. The packages are called "experimental" but kicker hasn't crashed on me a single time.

So it's either Gentoo (maybe it's masked as unstable (hint, hint) for a reason?) or you (have you optimised it into borkage?).

by Shoikan (not verified)

I have Slackware 8.0, and after some fiddling, I have managed to compile and install KDE 2.2 from the sources.

Everything seems to be working ok, however, I am an avid user of KMail which poses a rather annoying problem: it locks up SOLID. So solid, in fact, that the only option is to reboot the machine (can't seem to kill X) though I haven't tried fixing it remotely. After rebooting, the homedirectory of the user that was logged on in KDE is trashed, and I unfortunately lost a lot of emails (forgot to backup).

Also, rather annoying, is that the installation instructions on the site speak about the ksupport package, which is nowhere to be found in the 2.2 tree. I assumed it has been incorporated into the klibs?

by Gabor Fekete (not verified)

Please, post a source (for exapmle in "deb ..." form)
from where i can "apt-get" the
deb packages (binaries) for Debian Woody.
I haven't found any source yet.