KMail 1,000,000,000th Second Bug Looms

If you did not heed our warning from six months ago and are still using KMail < (from KDE 1.x), you are advised to please upgrade to KDE 2.2 (or KDE 2.1.x) immediately. In about a week the bizarre KMail 1,000,000,000th second bug will strike, which can cause corruption of your mail folders. Details about the bug are available here.

The KMail developers recommend that users update to KDE 2.2, which includes a newer KMail with many other bugs fixed and many new features. According to KMail developer Daniel Naber,

The new version of KMail will use old mail files without problems.
However, once the new version is installed one should not switch back to
the old version because of changes in the index files and configuration
file. Just to be sure, we recommend that users make a backup of their mail
folder (~/Mail) and compress all folders before switching to the new

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by Cassata (not verified) kills me but I called yahoo and each one of us has a secure pop incoming server address with verification available to us for $19.95 a year.

I can't believe the tech geeks haven't figured this out out yet.

by Jacknbox (not verified)

now hotmail even charges, they should know that's crap (i have other words, but i'll be nice) now it says...
"Could not connect to Hotmail as [email protected].

Hotmail no longer allows email access via Outlook Express for free email accounts.

Please visit to learn more.

Account: 'Hotmail', Server: '', Protocol: HTTPMail, Server Response: 'Access to Hotmail via Outlook and Outlook Express now requires a subscription. Please sign up at', Port: 0, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCCF6"

sorry guys, but i guess they hate us, what's the point of having Outlook Express and everything? dumb...

by redbug (not verified)

At last I found the POP and SMTP servers for Hotmail. Just add these against POP and SMTP respectively
POP3 :
It works.


by Mike Kovack (not verified)

do you think that the phone companies of the world maybe forgot whose territories are in the usa? moving from an ameritech to let us say southern bell or att might have something to do with the delima that the msn companies are having? might even be a sprint nextel or some other private band they are messing up.

do I know how to think?

seems that the http mail boxes are or are not stuffed with someone elses reported junk mail.


by wanchengann (not verified)

How can I send my e-mail to my friends?

by moya white (not verified)

YIPPEEEE Thanks to your helpful instructions after sitting here for nearly 2 days infront of this computer I have success.

by Anthony DiSalvo III (not verified)

Thanks for the help to set up my email account.

by Angelo Mariella (not verified)

Why when i try to send mesagges via email compairs:·
Il server ha interrotto la connessione in modo inatteso. Ciò potrebbe essere dovuto a problemi relativi al server o alla rete oppure a un lungo periodo di inattività. Account: '', Server: '', Protocollo: SMTP, Porta: 25, Protezione (SSL): No, Numero di errore: 0x800CCC0F

Impossibile inviare il messaggio. L'indirizzo di posta elettronica del mittente non è stato riconosciuto. L'indirizzo di posta elettronica del mittente è "[email protected]". Oggetto '', Account: '', Server: '', Protocollo: SMTP, Risposta del server: '530 authentication required - for help go to', Porta: 25, Protezione (SSL): No, Errore del server: 530, Numero di errore: 0x800CCC78

by Duncan Scott (not verified)

Funnily enough, I came across the same problem with a separate company in Europe. I have ADSL with NTL in the UK, but have just bought a remote dedicated server from a compnay called One and One Internet Ltd. On setting up a brand new domain name and a new e-mail account at that domain name, I was getting the same error message when sending from that account (receiving was OK). BUT all the ideas suggested above were already in place for me. HOWEVER, I decided I WOULD tick the box "My server requires authentication" as my experience suggested thst surely it does need it. Sure enough, sending from my own domain name - using ntl's ADSL line - via the server at One and One Internet - now works....although it takes a few seconds to send as the authentication takes place.

Hope this helps someone.

Dunc, Scotland

by rezaur (not verified)

when i try to send my email from out look i got errore html 530 from dell server please mail me about how can i solve the proble.

by Smith Robert K. (not verified)

I can still receive messages but seem unable to send messages, what is my repair??

by Anand (not verified)

Cause/Description: The reason for this error is because many ISP's (Internet Service Providers) are blocking "Port 25" which is the port used to send email. They do this as a security precaution to protect against "spam" (unsolicited email). More and more ISP's are doing this everyday (none of us like spam!). Here are just a few of the major ISP's that block Port 25: Earthlink/Mindspring, AT&T, MSN, Verizon, Bellsouth, Roadrunner, and most cable and DSL companies.

Solution: The way around this is to set your SMTP settings to those of your ISP's. For example: "" rather than "". After doing that, you will be sending mail though your ISP's servers rather than ours. Keep in mind that nothing else changes in the way your mail is delivered. Your "from" address and your "reply to" address will remain the same.

You will need to contact your ISP and ask for the "SMTP or out-going mail server address", to find out exactly what to replace with.

by Roberto (not verified)

Dear friends... Im going to buy a gun!!!
These is my tragic experience!!...

Im in Japan just by one mounth, Now I've got BBYahoo-Japan.

But.... I riceve my mail with OutLook Express but I cant send!
Anyone can help me before that I buy a gun????

These are my error::

Impossibile inviare il messaggio. L'indirizzo di posta elettronica del mittente non è stato riconosciuto. L'indirizzo di posta elettronica del mittente è "[email protected]". Oggetto 'Test', Account: '', Server: '', Protocollo: SMTP, Risposta del server: '521 mail not accepted from this domain', Porta: 25, Protezione (SSL): No, Errore del server: 521, Numero di errore: 0x800CCC78


Il server ha interrotto la connessione in modo inatteso. Ciò potrebbe essere dovuto a problemi relativi al server o alla rete oppure a un lungo periodo di inattività. Account: '', Server: '', Protocollo: SMTP, Porta: 25, Protezione (SSL): No, Numero di errore: 0x800CCC0F

by nadim (not verified)

per poter ricevere e mandare mail con outlook devi semplicemente aprire il outlook;dovrai poi modificare il tuo acoount tramite "strumenti".segui la procedura ed inserisci pop e smtp quando te lo chiede,questi sono i server di e di che dovrai inserire.fatto questo vai a invia e ricevi ed il gioco e' fatto
Buona fortuna

by asmahan (not verified)

I have problem, cannot send mails to friends...
A message told me to go to, 25, secure ( ssl ) number server error. 530
error number ox800ccc78

So how can solve this problem.....

please waiting your help step bye step please.....


by steve sands (not verified)

please help

by DEGREZ Bruno (not verified)


by DEGREZ Bruno (not verified)

i can't send messages
can you help me please ?

by David Thompson (not verified)

Just setting up Outlook Express. I am receiving e-mails, but can not send any. This error message comes up.

by steve cairns (not verified)

530 authentication required and password not accepted. can you help please??

by mitch (not verified)

From the Tools menu, choose "Accounts."
Select the "Mail" tab.
Select your Yahoo! Mail account and click "Properties."
Click on the "Servers" tab.
Check the box next to "My Server Requires Authentication."
Click "OK."

try this and see if this works.

by Kenneth Rose (not verified)

send me mail so I can get this e-mail working.

by Julius Yalda (not verified)

I keep getting these messages of Errors
Iam not sure is from computer set up or yahoo web site

could let me know what is going on with these errors

by aakindia (not verified)

i am getting following error whaen i send my e mail pl urgently help me


"An unknown error was returned from the SMTP server. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '521 Service not available.', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 521, Error Number: 0x800CCC61"

by Larry Leffall (not verified)

"An unknown error was returned from the SMTP server. Server response :556 null byte in data ( Account: Error Number 0x800CCC61"

by Lyn (not verified)

Well did you figure this out? I get the same error message (null byte in data) when trying to send my Comcast email through any email program- Outlook, Incredimail, Mozilla, etc. HELP??!

by Larry (not verified)

just thought you might like to know I found a fix. It seems to only have
started happening with Comcast smtp server lately. After much searching it
is because they are now requiring a ssl connection.
Go to Outlook and tools menu, use the properties tab of your email account
and under advanced settings, check the "the server requires a secure
connection (SSL) box. That's it!
Hope it helps,

by Larry (not verified)

Note there are 2(SSL) boxes check both you may have to restart your computer

by Frank Doljack (not verified)

I did not fully comprehend the solution you describe.

The problem occurring is a sender using a windows machine and some version of outlook express is sending from to a recipient at and the email bounce back to the sender has the following message:

> SMTP error from remote mailer after end of data:
> host []: 556 null byte in data

Other senders from other providers do not get bounce backs from the same intended recipient. Could you explain what the earthlink sender might need to do?

by Matt (not verified)

I am encountering the same error 556, null byte in data with some clients that are both using Outlook Express and Windows Xp. It is with Comcast addresses, in addition to an address. The odd part is, if the client uses our webmail service to send to the intended recipient they have no problems, so it's localized to Outlook Express.. I'm not sure if our webmail uses ssl or not, but I do not think that enabling ssl will correct the issue... anyone with more info, please post.

by Will Sherwood (not verified)

I'm getting the same message for no understandable reason. However, I'm using Eudora 6.1.1. Might you know of a fix in this program?

Thank you in advance for your help.


by Skye Wentworth (not verified)

I use Eudora with the comcast mailing e-ddress. I was just trying to return a message when I rec'd the "556 null byte in data" error message. What's this all about?

Next, I tried sending out an e-mail to a second person and I didn't receive the "556" error.

Aha, I tried this with mr. number one. Instead of hitting "reply" I composed a brand new e-mail to number 1 -- still receiving the "556 null . . ." error.

Any help is appreciated.



by heather (not verified)

Out of curiosity, do you happen to have panda antivirus?
If you do, disable it.

I know it sounds goofy, barring your only having the issue with just one domain, but Ive seen this at work before and disabling the antivirus program seems to help.

by Keith (not verified)

Panda is the culprit. I've got a system on the bench and can duplicate the error when using the Autoprotect feature enabled. Disable it, and the messages will go through fine. This is a problem regardless of the email client as I've tried using OE and Netscape. Using a web-based email client bypasses the Panda AV, thus the reason you can use these applications.

Hope this helps others that have been beating their heads against the wall with it.

by Frank Doljack (not verified)

Yup. I've determined the sender installed Panda about the time the problem arose. Seems like this is the root of the problem.

by Arne Byfuglin (not verified)

I too have struggling with this problem, and now realize that Panda must certainly be the culprit, as my friends who have been unable to send me emails (they get the "Null byte in data" info. when their emails to me get bounced back to them from the Comcast mail server). I'm now wondering if there's a Panda fix for this, or not. I've been a Norton Antivirus fan myself, for years.

by Arne Byfuglin (not verified)

Sorry, I had intended to say that my friends installed Panda (along with a new Windows XP Home, and a new Cable at the exact time that this started happening. So.....Panda's gotta be the culprit. Again, I'm wondering if Panda has fixed this in an update. I tried poking around at their web site but couldn't find anything that specifically acknowledged this problem and/or a fix for it.

by rich (not verified)

Panda was the problem for me... WinMe, when sending to I disabled it, and was able to send email immediately. :)

by Nick (not verified)

I am using windows XP sending mail via Netscape/Mozilla and have Panda Anti Virus
I disabled it and it worked!
Thanks, Nick

by Eric Kinney (not verified)

err happening to me when using Eudora on Mac OSX -- so I know it's not Panda. I will go through a different SMTP from comcast for now but if anyone knows a fix for Mac let me know. I have a brand new install - mostly clean except for my time clock software files, and employee payroll stuff, and none of that is running.

Thanks if you can help


Sundial time clock software
Sundial time clock software

by Jon Gleasman (not verified)

I have tracked this same issue (on Mac OS X server 10.3.5 - Postfix) and it seems to be related to the signature block (and i think images or formatting in it) when coming from an outlook or outlook express account. We receive the message when _replying_ to an email from a specific user, and we are relaying through comcast' SMTP server. So far the only solution has been to remove the entire signature block with the formatting.

Hope this helps you all out.

I will be contacting Comcast to complain about the problem, as it is definitely _their_ problem.

-Jon Gleasman

by Robert DeVoe (not verified)

I too am using Mac Eudora (6.1.1, under OS 10.3.5), so I agree that it can not be a Panda virus. I don't think it's Comcast's problem either, as it occurs with my broadband ISP, Turning on ssl for the smtp server does not solve the problem; in fact, it creates one (since my smtp server does not know what to do with ssl). I agree with Jon Gleasman that it is a problem with Outlook or Outlook Express on Windows, all in my case going through the same Microsoft Exchange V6.0.6556.0 server at Indiana University. I too found removing or deleting part of the signature block allowed the replies to be sent.

In my case, I'm contacting our network experts; hopefully they will have a solution other than removing all or part of the address block

by raykos (not verified)

Just got finished troubleshooting the same problem. I wrote a MFC C++
application, using SMTP to send mail & attachments; it worked great for
many moons. But, just recently it started giving problems...but only to
ComCast, all the other ISP's we sent attachments to had no problem. We were
finally able to use a monitor to capture a good send versus a bad send,
and discovered the error message was telling the truth. My program was
xmitting a fixed length of data in a buffer, and if at the last record,
the buffer didn't have the fixed length size of valid data, nulls were being padded in to fill the buffer! After I modified the program to xmitt just
what was in the buffer, no more ComCast problems!!

by Colleen Rush (not verified)

I'm having the same problem listed here (mail bounced back with "556 null byte in data"), running Eudora on OS X 10.3.5 and Comcast is my provider. I've checked my SSL settings, but they seem to be in order, but that leads me to the second problem: I'm a bit of a spaz with computers, so I still don't know how to fix this issue even after reading all of the helpful tips here. Can anyone explain very s-l-o-w-l-y for an amateur? (I can navigate and follow 'open this' and 'click that' directions). Thank you!

by Dan Larsen (not verified)

After trying to fix/find the fix for error, "556 null byte in data", I received this response from Comcast. It put Outlook Express in travel mode and I can now receive email. Not sure I like it but it does work for my desktop.

Thank you for your message concerning the Comcast High-Speed Internet

Dan, I understand you are experiencing an error using Outlook Express.

Reviewing our online forums, I found a fix that should resolve the issue
you are experiencing.

Dan, you will need to make some minor adjustments to your Outlook
Express settings in order to send and receive e-mail. We will need to
change your server settings in Outlook Express to that of our travel

For graphical instructions on how to reconfigure Outlook Express 6.0
using a Windows Operating System for use while traveling, go to

To reconfigure Outlook Express 6.0 for use when not on the Comcast

1. Open Outlook Express
2. Click Tools
3. Select Accounts
4. Click the Mail tab.
5. Highlight the e-mail account you are going to use by clicking on it
6. Click Properties
7. On the General tab, ensure that the email address and Reply address
are set to your email address
8. On the Servers tab, click My Server Requires Authentication and then
click Settings. Please note: Do NOT check the "Log On Using Secure
Password Authentication" box. In the Outgoing Mail Server window, select
Log On Using, enter your email address and password and
click OK
9. On the Advanced tab, click This Server Requires A Secure Connection
(SSL) for both the incoming and outgoing servers
10. Make sure the port is 465 in the Outgoing mail port number field and
995 in the Incoming mail port number field
11. Click Apply
12. Click OK

You should now be able to send and receive mail using your
mail account using Outlook Express

by travel club (not verified)

Dear sir,
please there is a erreor in sending mail.error no ox8ooccc61.please do the the needfull for this.

by cm (not verified)

Please complain to your email provider, not here. This is the newsboard of KDE, a completely unrelated Open Source project.

by Jerry (not verified)

I am having the same problem. I use Earthlink and my client is Eudora 4.2(old but I'm happy with it.) Sending email to a address gets the
"SMTP error from remote mailer after end of data:
host []: 556 null byte in data"
error. If I use webmail, it goes through fine. After reading here, I configured my AVG free edition antivirus NOT to check outgoing mail, and presto, my email gets through.

by t3rock (not verified)

You have a number (probably a 20) following a space somewhere in the header or attachment name. This translates to hex=null. Get rid of the number, rename the attachment, or put an aplha, like an underscore_ instead of spaces. Poof!

by Sun (not verified)

i got a response on this from comcast as follows (and it worked):

Thank you for your message concerning the Comcast High-Speed Internet

Many errors in Outlook Express are usually due to incorrect settings.
Item 10d is the setting which is causing your error.

For graphical instructions on how to verify your settings in Outlook
Express 6.0 using a Windows Operating System, go to

To verify your settings in Outlook Express 6.0 using a Windows Operating

1. Open Outlook Express
2. Click Tools
3. Select Accounts
4. Click the Mail tab
5. Highlight the account you need to verify by clicking on it once
6. Click Properties
7. On General tab, verify and correct, if necessary:
a. Mail Account name should be, but can be anything
b. Name should be your name
c. E-mail address should be your e-mail address: [email protected]
d. The Organization and Reply Address fields should be blank
e. The box next to "Include this account..." must be checked
8. Click Apply if any changes were made on the General tab
9. Click the Servers tab
10. In the Server Information section, verify and correct, if necessary:

a. My incoming mail server is a "POP3" server*
b. Incoming mail (POP3):
c. Outgoing mail (SMTP):
d. Put check mark in the box "my server requires authenication.
11. In the Incoming Mail Server section, verify and correct, if
a. Account name should be your username. This is your e-mail address
without the part
b. Password should be populated with asterisks (*) Type over them with
your known working password
c. Remember Password is the only box that should be checked
12. Click Apply if any changes were made on the Servers tab
13. Click the Connections tab
14. The "Always connect to this account using" box should be checked and
Local Area Network should be selected from the pull down menu
15. Click Apply if any changes were made on the Connections tab
16. Click the Advanced tab
17. Verify and correct, if necessary:
a. Outgoing mail (SMTP) port is 25
b. Incoming mail (POP3) port is 110
c. Server Timeouts is set at 1 minute
d. All of the boxes on this tab should be unchecked
18. Click Apply if any changes were made on the Advanced tab
19. Click OK

*If not, this account needs to be deleted because it is not configured
for use with a POP3 server and that particular configuration cannot be
changed. Click Cancel to get back to Internet Accounts, click Remove to
delete this account, then click Add to add a new mail account.