IBM developerWorks Announces Theme Contest Winners

Frank was the first of many to write
in to tell us that IBM
announced the winners of the KDE theme
. The top prize (along with a $3,000 donation) goes to Matthias
Fenner of Germany for the
Winning theme (download), second prize (along with a $2,000 donation) goes to
Gregory Brubaker of the United States for the
Happy People theme (download), and third prize (along with a $1,000 donation)
goes to Vadim Plessky of Russia for the
Office theme
(download). Each winner now needs to choose a non-profit, Open Source
organization to which developerWorks will make a donation on his behalf. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to IBM developerWorks for their sponsorship of this rewarding project!

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by Cullmann Christoph (not verified)

He, look at for example at mosfet's liquid theme, just nice + fast (k, edges could be nicer rounded, but thats not very fast without a good XRender extension therefor). The theming engine is quiet powerful, if you put a lot of work in your theming code (like mosfet, thx ;)

But the most themes at are like the stuff in the contest, you are right :(
Some GTK Themes are very nice, but the GTK stuff have no real fades, shadows, transparenticies, and opaques (they use mostly pixmaps). Thats perhaps easier to do than code the widget stuff in C++, but much slower (especially on < 300 Mhz machines, like my old one).

by timewasterX (not verified)

those judges need their eyes tested.