KDE-Look.org: EyeCandy for your KDE Desktop

Are you looking for icons, backgrounds, color schemes, window decorations, system sounds, or entire themes? KDE-Look.org ("EyeCandy for your KDE Desktop") provides exactly that. While relatively low on quantity, quality is very high. The layout and interactive nature of this site indicates that it may very well wind up being a central resource for the kind of user who likes to change his colors, icons and look every hour. It also has sections for skins for Noatun and other KDE apps.

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by lanbo (not verified)

I'm gonna try that.
Any special things for the X configuration file, or do the Xconfiguration, and similar things automatically create one?

Hey, thanks for your help!
Gracias y ala pa'rriba Roberto! (espanyol o que?)

by trip_out (not verified)

I can't stress this enough....

If you have a 630 chip check out thomas' page at http://www.webit.com/tw

He has developed (and is developing) DRI for the 630. Yes you can play Quake, Half Life etc. etc.

by not me (not verified)

The icons shown in the screenshots might be the QNX icons, I don't know, but they don't come with the theme (as far as I can tell) so it doesn't matter.

by Richard Stellin... (not verified)

Sorry, the icons are not from QNX... I use the 'iKons' icon-theme, and changed only the back, forward, and up icons. All the others are still from the 'iKons' theme.

by frido (not verified)


Just wondering if someone did a gtk theme that looks _exactly_ like a kde theme (or other way round), so that you could for example see no difference between xchat and kde menus etc. Is that possible ?

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

(Warning, this is idle speculation, I have no intention of doing this myself - last time I started, I got a third of the way through a Windows theme importer when I found that there was one in the new version of KDE).

What might be better is to render out a KDE window, and then "cut it up" into pixmaps, and thus autogenerate a pixmap GTK theme that always matches the current KDE theme. Good idea, ne?


Even more idle speculation: A GTK theme engine that calls QT to do the drawing?

by SVG wanter (not verified)

SVG support in KDE is crucial ImageMagick and xml2 are there ... give us smoothly scaleable, gradient and *true* transparency capable icons and UI elements based on SVG, and whacky smooth and scalable antialiased fonts from 8-96point. Let us be as beautiful as Gnome (jimmac.musichall.cz/screenshots) and more .... let us make Apple tremble in it's Aqua boots!!

Might I point out that KDE has "smooth and scalable antialiased fonts" right now, while GNOME does not. Also, I do not see the advantage in SVG icons, and especially not SVG UI elements.

SVG icons would be scaleable. That is the only good property they would have. They would be slow and would limit the artistic possibilities in icons (hard to have photorealistic SVG - it would constrain artists to only one style, cartoonish). SVG UI elements would be -really- slow, and since UI elements are already scaleable to the extent they need to be, there is no reason to make them SVG. Plus, when you scale a hypothetical SVG UI element or icon, every part of it is scaled equally - _including_ the outlines, which is almost never what you want. Differing sizes of black outline around icons and UI elements would give an odd, non-integrated look to different components and icons.

sub-pixel rendered fonts too! I just LOVE KDE's (I mean Qt's, er, Xft's.., er, freetype's) font renderer! Just perfect on my Toshiba laptop.

I no longer use Windows on my machine at all, and therefore don't have good anti-aliased fonts anymore. Anyone have a good idea where I can get "core web" fonts? (Arial, Helvetica, and so on...) I know that it's downloadable from the web, but it's an .exe, and Mandrake 8.1 doesn't seem to have wine set up properly (crashes).. Attempts to decompress the .exe with various sfx extracting tools have failed... Any ideas? I did find a repository of many Mac TTF fonts, but although I got the sit files uncompressed, I don't know what to do with the result...


by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

: Anyone have a good idea where I can get "core web" fonts? (Arial, Helvetica, and so on...)

Do a search for fetchmsttfonts - I know it's installed on SuSE distros.

: I know that it's downloadable from the web, but it's an .exe,

Use cabextract: http://www.kyz.uklinux.net/cabextract.php3


I read somewhere (maybe Mandrake Forum) that the .exe file's just a self-extracting zip file, so you should be able to just uncompress it with unzip

SVG is the futur of icon !

it's sooooo cool in Mac OS X

Mac OS X doesn't use SVG for icons at all. Basically Apple is using an iconloader which works quite similar to KDE's. The icons in Mac OS X are pixmaps which are optimized for certain sizes (128x128, 64x64, 32x32, 16x16) and which are being scaled as needed.
The difference between KDE and Mac OS X though is that KDE's look and feel is rather symbolic/cartoonish while Apple tries to make Mac OS X more cool.
Usabilitywise the symbolic/cartoonish aproach is better though.


but ... but in the task bar of mac os X ... the icons are resized dynamicly ... there can"t be pixmaps ! ... no ?

it's "vectoriel" ?

no... you can dynamically resize pixmaps, but they get 'blocky'.

They only get blocky if the scaled size is larger than the size of the existing icons. If there's only a 32x32-Pixel-icon available for a certain application in MacOS X then the icon will appear blocky as well.

Most icons in Mac OS are available in a 128x128-Version though. Therefore most dynamically scaled icons look fine.


The icons of mac os x are so beautiful in http://xicons.macnn.com
... i 'de like to have icons as beatiful as these on kde :-)

SVG icons are no good. For small images, pixmaps are much faster. (and may be even smaller too..)
Anyway svg DOES NOT limit you to a cartoonish style. There are all sorts of filter effects available (and you can create your own, combining some basic modules), witch enables you to make photo-realistic icons.

SVG is revolutionary, BUT it has no graphics state, wich is no good, especially when it comes to animation..

BTW os X ruuuuules

by Steve Jesus (not verified)

I hate to break it to you guys, but the icons in OS X aren't pixmaps. They are PDF's!!!! You'll notice that you can actually make an icon fill an entire 23inch cinema display with zero degradation. Thats why. :*)

pdf, that is svg :)

I don't know wtf there is so much bitching about SVG icons. Although I think that SVG support is nice, I do not think that the major

The transparency aspect of SVGs is a moot point because with xrender and Qt3, we should be able to make any GUI element *truly* transparent/transclusent. SVG transparency is not only fake transparency, but also slow (currently software based in both Qt, KDE, and GNOME implementations).

Not only that, but like GIF, SVG is a __patented__ technology. This time, by apple.

by Eric Thomas (not verified)

I don't think it is patented by Apple. Go to the www.w3c.org page and see right there on the home page... SVG. SVG is a recommended standard and not proprietary.

by Anthony Enrione (not verified)

Thanks to all the developers who have put in the effort and sacrifice to set it up. I have been waiting so long for themes.org to come back up that i have given up on it. Now at least we have our very own dedicated site :)

by J (not verified)

Someone know how use this :

i can't (but i am not a developper)