KDE @ LinuxWorldConference & Expo 2001

The KDE Project today revealed its plans
for the LinuxWorldConference and
, a European B2B summit for the Open Source community.
Last year, in the conference's debut, over 11,000 trade visitors and
100 exhibitors attended. The conference will take place from
October 30 - November 1, 2001, at the
, Frankfurt, Germany.
We invite everybody to meet KDE developers, KDE enthusiasts and, of course, our
mascot Konqi, at the
KDE booth. Some details about the planned events, demonstrations and
presentations, courtesy of
Kurt Pfeifle and
Torsten "Tackat" Rahn, follow.


KDE at LinuxWorldConference and
Expo 2001

General. As usual, KDE will staff a
booth where KDE users can see the latest stable (2.2.1) and development
(3.0.0alpha) KDE releases, ask questions, and socialize with KDE

KDE Printing Demonstration. Kurt Pfeifle
will be demonstrating the latest
KDEPrint capabilities using
the high-quality CUPS and
Gimp-Print drivers.
The KDE booth will feature two printers:

  • an Epsontm
    Stylus Photo 895
    , which with the aforementioned drivers produces
    superior photo quality output; and

  • a 21-page-per-minute, full-color, full-featured Danka
    IC 2100 laser printer, which will be used to generate personalized
    output for booth visitors
    (including, if you want, a nicely constructed KDE pamphlet, with the
    option of including a freshly taken digital photo of the visitor at
    the booth or with KDE developers).

User/Developer Presentations. KDE developers will also offer
two presentations, targeted at developers and
users, respectively, through the LWE Conference Program:

The KDE Project would like to thank the KDE
League Inc.
, Epson and Danka for supporting KDE
at the LinuxWorldConference & Expo 2001.

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by Asif Ali Rizwaan (not verified)

I am very excited about KDE 3, I wish I could see some nice screenshots!

I don't think there is much to see yet. It is my understanding that the alpha of KDE3 was just a straight port of KDE2.2 to QT3.

by Ralf Nolden (not verified)

Well, there is the one or the other new thingy in there like the side graphics in the K menu (which can be turned on or off) and the new spashscreen :) But basically, it's improvements that are now implemented. I'd like to mention that KOffice and KHTML seem to be the place with the most activity :)

KOffice is active ? Where can I have some news about the current development ? The koffice.org seems freezed for months.

by emmanuel (not verified)

koffice is DEFINITELY active!
check out lists.kde.org/?l=koffice

for mailing list archives.

of course, few more developers would still help, it's amazing how much they did considering the little number of them...

btw, writing my dissertation (about 45 pages for now) on kword from koffice 1.1 :o))

How do you make you citations endnotes, footnotes ?
Is there support for this in KWord?

in cvs yes

by Richard Moore (not verified)

There're also lots of nice improvements to the DCOP scripting facilities.


I'm running then alpha version (2.91 CVS >= 20011012) and it seems to be alot faster then
kde 2.2.1. There is also a very cool window deco named Glow where as the name says glows when the mouse is over one of it's buttons. Very very Kool

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

Really? Faster than KDE 2.2.1? Well, that's a relief and very good to hear. (unfortunately, I can't check for myself as I'm on vacation and the downloads are just impractical at this point...)

I've also found it to be faster, when starting up the desktop and when launching new konq windows. Unfortunately, kcontrol and konq keep krashing, but what do I expect with an alpha? :)

so !?

Where are the screenshots everybody is waiting for ? :))

Please make us happy !

well... it looks/feels like kde-2.2.1 on steroids (=faster)

There really are very few user-visible changes. Everything looks exactly the same except for the side K-menu graphic, the startup spash screen, and the fact that applet handles on Kicker have little menu popup buttons. Also, there is a bug preventing anti-aliased fonts from being used so my desktop doesn't look as cool as it used to. There are a lot of bugs, in fact. The splash screen is available at www.kde-look.org if you want to take a look.

A lot of work is going on "behind the scenes" right now, and I think the user-visible changes (like new styles/icons/etc) won't happen until later.

by Mastenson (not verified)

Is it possible to buy a stuffed Konqi? If not you might considering selling them online. I would buy one to support Kde development and give it so my son.

by TT (not verified)

I can second that, except that it would be for my girl friend :)

by jj (not verified)

Here is a web page for information on stuffed konqis. However, it looks like the vendor has only a web page in German.


by Justin (not verified)

If you click in the right spots you'll find an english version I believe. I'm from the USA, and I got my stuffed Konqi from them without problems.

by Inuchan (not verified)

Where did you click? I was looking all over. I used altavista.com to translate it and it still could not be found. They also want you to register with them to shop unless there is another way.

by Quatrerwin (not verified)

You'd have to press "Weitere Produkte und Preise" to see the prices and you'll be given the option to add a ~10 in Konqi or a ~33.5 in Konqi to your basket (Warenkorb). Once you're done, you'll have to click "Zur Kasse".

by Anonymous (not verified)

Mosfet.org is back, but maybe not for long.

by reihal (not verified)

Looks like it is for long.

by Christian A Str... (not verified)

Could somebody please post a picture of the kmenu with the side graphics?

by not me (not verified)

Here it is. I don't like it and I turned it off right away. Luckily it is easy to do as you can see in the screenshot.

by Jérôme Loisel (not verified)

Doesn't look very nice, IMHO. Pitch-black is probably not ideal. And a gradient would definitely look nicer. Oh well... as you say, it looks like I can easily turn it off.

Thanks for the screenshot.

by not me (not verified)

Well, what I don't like about it is that it gets in the way. You have to move the mouse sideways to get around it before you can use the menu. I have nothing against the actual graphic. I suppose I could get used to it but I still think it is a step backwards.