KDE/Cygwin: KDE 2.2.1 On Windows Now Working!

Guillaume Laurent was the first of many to point out that the KDE on Cygwin project has successfully ported KDE 2.2.1 to Cygwin. What this basically means is that you can now have a recent KDE running under Windows with the help of Cygwin and Cygwin/XFree86. The full announcement is here. This is an early port in pre-alpha form so there are still problems, but a large part of the issue has been tackled. Many congratulations and kudos to the hackers involved. Now who's going to use this? Will there be a native windows port? Check out the faq for the answers to the most common questions.


Just like to say to all you fellows, get a life! The world does not revolve around Linux, MS or what have you!

by nobody (not verified)

Since I don't have to work to pay M$, to resolve poor M$ problems, I now have the time to get a life!

by Breadfan (not verified)

I crashed/phucked-up Mandrake Linux 9.1 the first hour I installed it. I tried to fix it, but failed. I crashed Microsoft Windows 2000 the first week I installed it. I tried to fix it, and was successful. I just did a re-install. Tried that with Linux Mandrake, no dice. It took trial and error(About 8 years starting with Win 3x) to learn Microsoft products, maybe I will use that tactic towards Linux.

Can you please explain own you do this ?

(im using konqueror on a cygwin to write this)

by Anonymous (not verified)

The link to the FAQ is busted, can you fix it please?