People of KDE: Rob Kaper

For this week's edition of "People of KDE", Tink interviews Rob Kaper, author of Atlantik, all-round KDE evangelist and one of the few KDE developers marked "up for adoption" (and he kindly includes his dishes in the for-adoption kit :-). Say hi to Rob.

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by jz (not verified)

i like this line, "I've smoked some strange stuff but never anything of that caliber!". good work rob.

by Uwe Thiem (not verified)

No strange stuff necessary for setting the ashtray on fire. It just depends on how full you allow the ashtray to become.

by [Bad-Knees] (not verified)


by Michael Brade (not verified)

> They once locked me up in a gym in South Germany for a couple of nights during
> LinuxTag 2001. That's probably the meanest thing that happened so far.
Hehehe :-)) Same here! I remember very.... uhhm, better not to tell ;) And note
the "locked me up" *LOL* Nice interview, Rob!


by Frerich Raabe (not verified)

Haha, IMHO Malte's constant snoring didn't make it any more comfortable :-) - at least the Gym crew got mentioned on /. (and those wussies who stayed at the Hotal didn't). :-}

by Daniel Molkentin (not verified)

Bah, /me thinks mine and Nikos delirium to get to our sleeping place is even worse than all your Gym tales together (speaking of.. euhmm.. wussies ;)

(ending the "mine was worse" thread)