Meet KDE Developers At FOSDEM

KDE developers are cordially invited to the Free and Open Source Software Development Meeting (FOSDEM) which is taking place in Brussels on February 16-17, 2002. A dedicated KDE room will be made available for development talks as well as presentations. Developers already confirmed for this mini-KDE event include: David Faure, Laurent Montel (KOffice), Richard Moore, Matthias "Kalle" Dalheimer, Richard Dale, Michael Goffioul, Thomas Capricelli (boson), Mickael Marchand (KVim, KEdit stuff) and probably others such as Jono Bacon, Michael Brade, and Rob Kaper. Unfortunately due to exams, some german developers such as Simon Haussman or Ralph Nolden may have difficulties attending. Addendum: Kristof Borrey (of iKons fame) will also be present. Ian Reinhart Geiser (KDE wizard, also known to dabble with exotic CPU architectures and the weather) won't be there afterall.

The place is much bigger than last year. Contrary to a Linux Expo, the FOSDEM is an event held by developers, for developers. You may attend many interesting presentations, mingle, hold discussions with other projects, etc... For a better idea, perhaps check out what David Faure had to say about last year's OSDEM (the old name).

So to meet all these KDE guys and the plenty of others who will be attending, simply join us at the FOSDEM. The official site offers hints on where to sleep in Brussels. Last year, some of us even managed to crash with local developer folks; this might also be possible this year. Finally, if you intend to come, please be sure to register so that the organisers can estimate how many people to expect.

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by Storm (not verified)

Finally a meeting in Belgium. I was waiting for it :-)

by Ian Reinhart Geiser (not verified)

maby the Americans will get the spirit too, but judging by how spead out we are I am not holding my breath...

So who will be at LWE in NY this January?

-ian reinhart geiser

by Shamyl Zakariya (not verified)

Hey, call me a big dope but where can I find out about LWE? I live not too far from NY (I can easily take a train) and would love to go.

by Kent Nguyen (not verified)

Hey try this:


by Ian Reinhart Geiser (not verified)

check out:

It would be cool to have some developers there. Ironicly it is infinitely easier to get the EU crowd together, than the US/CA crowd.

-ian reinhart geiser

by redapd (not verified)

...the opportunity to interact with the KDE movement, which seems to have a lot more momentum in Europe than here. And Amsterdam is so close, too...

by not the holy them (not verified)

>: This is great for Americans

Not for us west coasters :/. Having a meeting in say.. asia.. would be easier to goto than Europe.

> which seems to have a lot more momentum in Europe than here

Not really, there is quite a lot of momentum in the US too.

> And Amsterdam is so close, too...

Amsterdam is not Brussles :D

by Rob Kaper (not verified)

> Amsterdam is not Brussles :D

No, but it's close.. and foreigners (especially Americans) seem to think that Amsterdam is this paradise city with pretty girls, legalised pot and legalised hookers.

Oh wait, it is. Just like the rest of Holland. :-)

by Anonymous Hero (not verified)

Nothing ever happens here.

by Ian Reinhart Geiser (not verified)

Not like I am life of the party but I will be on the north side of the twin cities from Dec 26th until Jan 1st. If anyone wants to meet for some GeeK Speak I am up for it. Maby even some codeing. If anyone wants to arrange going of for coffie/beer let me know, I can set something up.

-ian reinhart geiser

by ian reinhart geiser (not verified)

DOH, i ment to respond to the twins cities thing.

Unfortunately I cannot afford to take off time wise at that time, because of a current project. What I ment is I will be in Minisota, so that if any KDE developers want to get together there.

Sorry for the confusion, and the PPC is not all that strange compaired to my BeBox or evil looking ][fx running AUX.

-ian reinhart geiser

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

Ooops, my bad...