Kernel Cousin KDE #33 Is Out

Aaron J. Seigo delivers again with Kernel Cousin KDE #33. This week's summary includes talk of the KDE Usability Project, adding a mini-golf game to the KDE Games package, a resolved problem with animated GIFs, a new KConfig backend based on XML, inclusion of an improved malloc into CVS, work to include SVG icon support (konqi, 128 icons, more SVG) into KDE, and KMail configuration migration.

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by Hetfield (not verified)

You can do this with one trick.

1. RMB on a Textfile and Edit File Type..
2. Add a new Application "kdesu -c kwrite"
3. Now you can use this entry to open it with SU rights


by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

If you have the RAM:

kdesu -c kfmclient openURL

(Check it, I am not on KDE).
That has the advantage of meaning "open with the default app as root". That way, you can, for example, listen to a wav as root ;-)

by cratos (not verified)

When I run 'file manager - super user mode' or kdesu -c or anything like that the window opens up then closes really quickly. I tried to add & to run it in the background but it doesnt work. why does this happen? Especially the file manager, it is made to run not close!


by cratos (not verified)

ps my email is [email protected] if you have an answer for me (please) =)

thank you