KDE Presence at CeBIT 2002

The KDE Project is proud to announce its
presence at CeBIT, the world's largest computer trade show, taking place in Hannover from March 13 to March 20, 2002. (Note the correct booth location of the KMail/Aegypten presentation is Pavillion P11/D 10-12.)

"For the first time, KDE will be present at no less than 2 to 4 partner-booths at CeBIT, each with a different emphasis on the great new features of KDE in its latest 3.0 incarnation," according to Torsten Rahn, member of the KDE development team.

At the Sharp booth (Hall 1, Booth 7a2), KDE will present the new KDE 3.0
release as well as new developments in Konqueror/Embedded using the Qt/Embedded
toolkit and integrated in the Qtopia environment of the Sharp Zaurus PDA.

The second partner-booth is located at Danka (Hall 1, Booth 6d2,
partner-booth 6), where you can see a preview of the upcoming KOffice 1.2
release. Learn also how the improved KDE printing architecture takes printing on the desktop to a whole new level.

Thirdly, Project Ägypten will demonstrate KMail/Aegypten for secure email exchange at the BSI booth (Pavillion P11/D 10-12).

And finally, rounding things up, KDE developers Torsten Rahn, Martin Konold and Ralf
Nolden will be giving daily speeches on KDE3 at the SuSE booth (Hall 3, Booth

As a true open source project, KDE also gives you the opportunity to talk to
the creators of the award-winning desktop environment.

About KDE: KDE is an independent, collaborative project by hundreds of
developers worldwide working over the Internet to create a sophisticated,
customizable and stable desktop environment employing a component-based,
network-transparent architecture. KDE provides a stable, mature desktop, an
office suite (KOffice), a large set of networking and administration tools,
and an efficient and intuitive development environment, including an
excellent IDE (KDevelop). KDE is working proof of the power of the Open
Source "Bazaar-style" software development model to create first-rate
technologies on par with and superior to even the most complex commercial

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by Chakie (not verified)

It sure would be nice to be ablt to see CeBIT some day. It's nice to know KDE will be there spreading the word.

by Kurt Pfeifle (not verified)

....as it is Danka Deutschland GmbH that is hosting the KDE people at CeBIT.

But, OTOH, this is a German language site, so pointing to our American bosses' site may be a good compromise... ;-)

Hey, looking forward to meet some of you there!


Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend CeBIT, otherwise I would love to come at visit the Danka stand.

I can see on http://www.danka.de that the blurb about your presence at CeBIT includes a reference to the "linux printing system".

Forgive my ignorance (and I've not researched this at all), but what are Danka.de doing with respect to Linux. Why should Danka care about printing under Linux? I can see lots of pictures of big printers... but I don't see where Linux Desktop Printing fits in (I could imaging that you might stick linux + cups on a heavy duty print server - but that doesn't involve KDE..)

by Michael Goffioul (not verified)

KDEPrint will be demonstrated at Danka booth (I'll be there during the weekend).

> Forgive my ignorance (and I've not researched this at all),
> but what are Danka.de doing with respect to Linux.

Danka is a company selling printers and services. It is a maunfacturer-independent vendor, selling different brands. Of course our customers mainly use MS Windows (still), but we are also doing trainings, consulting and such. Our customers are recommended to use CUPS for their Unix and Linux systems. At CeBIT Danka is hosting a KDE demo point to show its new upcoming 3.0 release (with KDEPrint as one of the system utilities in the focus).


by Gioele (not verified)

I've seen on italian i18n ml that some of us will be present in the next linuxevent (http://www.linuxevent.(it,org,net)) that will be held the 22nd/24th of May.
Any suggestion about how to organize a serious booth with kde3?

by physos (not verified)

When you want information about organizing an KDE booth at an event, the mailling list kde-events is the place to go. Please search in the Archive for the KDE-Promo FAQ, too.

When you need informations about setting up a KDE booth, feel free to ask there.


by Johannes Wilm (not verified)

Hi, I live in Oslo, Norway, and I wouldlike to ask especially German readers whether they know of anybody handing out free tickets for the Cebit this year. I know German Telekom used to do that, but since I don't live in Germany I haven't been able to figure that out.
I am trying to get a hold of 2 tickets.

Sincerely Johannes Wilm

by Hakenuk (not verified)

I think we should pay. It is very inportannt to go to this fair an beg for linux drivers, versions, support. It's the largest fair in Europe.

I think 34 Euro ... that isn't to much...

by Johannes Wilm (not verified)

Who are you?

by RitterJens (not verified)

Also look at SuSE !
They present "their" KDE 3.0 with SuSE 8.0

happy Hacking !