Ralf Nolden: Using KDevelop

KDevelop guru
Ralf Nolden has
a brief tutorial entitled "Developing C/C++ Applications with the KDevelop IDE"
at LinuxJournal.
The tutorial explains how to set up a development environment and
how to create a small sample project, using a simple program to edit environment variables as an example
). The step-by-step guide starts with the cool
Application Wizard
then describes how to use Qt Designer
edit code
and debug the program
Really nice introduction to KDevelop, Ralf!

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by gebrudergrimm (not verified)

I think this would be a very good step.

Theres a new kind of programmer out, which want to programm fancy GUI apps only.
Most of them are working with win32 systems and have not very rich linux/unix skills. I think the would be interessted but the hurdles for them are often to high!

So please start a knoppix mod with kdevelop ready to run,
would be perfect!