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Daniel Naber has been busy adding to the KDE.org family. Docs.kde.org is a new KDE documentation site which features KDE user documentation for both the 2.2.2 and HEAD (updated daily) branches. The documentation is both browseable and searchable, and developers of KDE CVS apps can link directly to the appropriate documentation from their application's homepage, saving some work (url format: http://docs.kde.org/<VERSION>/<PACKAGE>/<APPNAME>/, e.g.,
). While only available in English at this juncture, the goal is to eventually add all the translated documentation as well. A very useful new addition to the KDE.org family, thanks, Daniel!

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by Troy Unrau (not verified)

Now, when meinproc fails to work when compiling and installing, I can still get my docs! :)

Thanks Daniel...

Troy Unrau

by Daniel Naber (not verified)

Actually this service does not use meinproc either, but xsltproc. meinproc is only a wrapper around libxslt, meinproc's main task is to care about the chunking, i.e. the splitting up of the HTML into several files. The documentation related software may seem complicated at a first glance, but in fact KDE is using standard tools that are easy to work with.

by ac (not verified)

How about KOffice docs ?

by Daniel Naber (not verified)
by Anonymous (not verified)
by Daniel Naber (not verified)

Thanks for telling me, it will be fixed with the next update (in some hours).

by Jos (not verified)

It would be nice to have a forum like this one below all pages in the documentation, so suggestions can be appended quickly by passers-by.

The respective doc maintainers should of course be able to remove redundant information from such a forum.

by Andrea Cascio (not verified)

Like PHP's "annotated user manual"?
It would be great indeed! And I think it would really help docs writers focusing their work.

Anyway, many thanks to Daniel, it's a great job already!!

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)


Already on it. I've been looking for something to contribute to KDE - I emailed Daniel as soon as I saw docs.kde.org, and I've already started working on it - it will be inspired by, but nicer than PHP's annotation system.


by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

Docs Annotation TODO:

o Prevent duplicate posts.



by Anonymous (not verified)

setting wall paper in kcontrol does not work. Open dialog does not show preview for image file
This kde-2.2.2 compile from source

Sorry this is a bit off topic

by Carbon (not verified)

Yes, it is off topic, and you also didn't provide nearly enough information.
Try OpenProjects #kde-users

by John Herdy (not verified)

Thanks for this GREAT documentation site. I do have one question though: how can I download the documents instead of reading them online?

John Herdy.

by Ineiti (not verified)

there are two ways:
wget -r docs.kde.org
or point to
Where the second is the first gzipped...



by Sean (not verified)

>there are two ways:
>wget -r docs.kde.org
>or point to
>Where the second is the first gzipped...

wget ?? What's that? Anyhow, the website didn't work. Any other ideas?
No I don't use Linux. My rinky dink system can't handle the conversion from Windoze 98 (let alone the conversion from 98 to 2K, XP, ME, etc) but I do want to read the documentation ahead of time to get a feel for how to use K. TIA.

by Mario (not verified)

By browsing the documentation site I found out about a couple of apps that I dint knew...
so you could say that docs.kde.org can be used as a advertising...


by Anonymous (not verified)

The KDevelop manual is missing both in 2.2.2 and HEAD.

by Daniel Naber (not verified)

The KDevelop documentation is not yet written in DocBook, so it's not part
of the automatic build process on docs.kde.org (and it won't be until it's Docbook).

by Andreas (not verified)

It would be very nice, when you provide also a download in pdf- or postscript-format, if this is possible.
thank you,