People of KDE: Andy Fawcett

One of the more recent endeavours in the KDE world is the KDEduware project. A strong and valiant team is playing hard with this new enterprise. Tink speaks this week to
a member of this team, Andy Fawcett.

The truth about Andy, unveiled in the interview, is a bit frightening: he has a bad addiction to computers. And a harsh medicine to cure it: KMail ... but, the more we think about this, the more it feels like déjà vu. We have the chance to start a new week with another great interview from the People series that leaves us with a happy smile on our faces and with confidence in the future of our work. Thanks Andy, thanks Tink.


You're welcome. Ooh... Andy *Fawcett* :-)

Another KMail link, that's even easier to remember: (same contents btw)

By Andy Goossens at Tue, 2002/03/19 - 6:00am