People of KDE: Eva Brucherseifer

In this hectic week before the KDE 3.0 release,
found time to interview
Eva Brucherseifer for
this week's episode of
The People Behind KDE.
Eva is an electrical engineer from Germany and a driving force behind
the KDE-Women
and KDE-Edu projects and the
KDE-Solaris mailing list. Read more about Eva in her
interview, and don't forget
to check out her favourite URL!


Eva for "Organizatorial"!

*claps from the KDE-Cafe*

By ac at Tue, 2002/03/26 - 6:00am

I died laughing
IIRC this must be my seventh life now....

By tomte at Tue, 2002/03/26 - 6:00am

This is about the tenth time I've seen it, and I just don't see the humor. Ah, well - not everything is funny to everybody else (I keep telling myself that when a joke falls flat) ;)


By Evan "JabberWok... at Tue, 2002/03/26 - 6:00am

Yes, if you don't have sound it's rather boring :D


By matze at Tue, 2002/03/26 - 6:00am

...and what it's like if you have no sound && have no macromediaplayer? ;)

By Tobias at Wed, 2002/03/27 - 6:00am


(or something similar)


By Evan "JabberWok... at Wed, 2002/03/27 - 6:00am

An infinite number of Konqueror windows pop up... really.

By ac at Wed, 2002/03/27 - 6:00am

I have sound - in fact, the annoying vocal "Broooom" sounds don't stop after I sigh and close the window. I've noticed this several times... does KDE3 and the aRts updates fix this?


By Evan "JabberWok... at Wed, 2002/03/27 - 6:00am

Why Mainz? I was just trapped for a whole week in Mainz, and it's quite hard to find something positive about it...

By Tim Jansen at Fri, 2002/03/29 - 6:00am

Because of its roman roots with lots of stuff to see (Mainz is over 2000 years old), the 1000 year old cathedral, its charming old town with lots of pubs and cafes, the good wine from this region, the nice and open-minded people, the carneval and lots of other festivals, the university, lots of cultural events, "father" Rhine,.... although I might be a bit biased because it's my home town ;-)
(Be sure to have a good guide next time you visit Mainz :-)

Happy easter,

By eva at Sat, 2002/03/30 - 6:00am

yes ofcourse its like that, think of this, you go out on the streets, you see something moving and you look at it and see that there are humans walking on the street instead of aliens. What would you do, Where do you wanna go today, not where microsoft goes, thats for sure, cause see it like this, Sometimes, but sometimes not, it depends on the moment it happens and what does it do, i really dont know, just get it of and i'll be happy. If you get this storry come to *.* (IRC) and go to #linux my nick there is Shadur.

By Vector Sigma at Fri, 2002/04/05 - 6:00am