KDE 3.0: A New Era In Desktop Choice

Today the KDE Project proudly announces the release of KDE 3.0 (fully mirrored below), a release which marks a new era of choice on the desktop. Every advance opens the door to a group of new adopters, and KDE 3 is set to tear the doors asunder. In celebration of the release, the KDE League has posted the text KDE: The Complete Enterprise Desktop Solution, a work-in-progress but already something useful to show those who are considering the migration to freedom. Enough talk, time to download.


[Full Announcement Available Here]

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by Faris (not verified)

Hi guys,

Well this time KDE really ROCKS :) although there are still some few bugs around (the splash screen crashes for example!!) ..

but the main issue for me now is the Arabic support .. I thought that I'll be finally able to type in Arabic .. I tried to change the Layouts . I chose the Arabic one , and then switch the language from the Language flag on the Panel ..
But still I couldn't type in Arabic (I was using Kword and Kate) .. I noticed that some other similar languages such as Hebrew work fine !!!

Any idea how to solve this ??????

oh I was about to forget :) I'm using a Pentium II (400) machine loaded with Redhat 7.2 ..

thanx for You KDE people ..

by Faris (not verified)

Hi Guys,
I have a problem with noatun .. it doesn't run .dat files ! .. all the movies around me have this format ..
this is a sad situation because everytime I want to watch a movie I need to switch to Window$ :(

any help ????

by antonito macho ... (not verified)

use codeweavers plugin and forget that lazy,unstable player

by Cihl (not verified)

Hi guys. I'm having a problem with my KDE3 install on SuSE 7.2.

KDM isn't working properly. I changed /etc/init.d/xdm to point to /opt/kde3. KDM will start, but it looks really dull, with a grey background 'n stuff. I can login to a 'default' and 'failsafe' session. I tried default, and it just gives me a yellow xterm. I can get into KDE3 with the startkde-command (nice!), though, but that's clumsy and not the way i want it.

I've tried configuring KDM from the menu in KDE3 itself, but that doesn't seem to work/help at all. How do i configure KDM (from the command-line if necessary)? (Somehow KDM from KDE2 doesn't work well anymore, either)

by JB (not verified)

I've the same problem and I can't resolve it.
If you have any solution please tell me.


by Elfire (not verified)

I have the same problem, if someone has any solution...

by jhollett (not verified)

perhaps someone can help. i first installed kde 3.0 by compiling source, then by using the slackware binaries. in both cases, the panel (or kicker) freezes up frequenly. this has happened on both my home pc and work pc. even the clock freezes up. if i kill the kicker process and fire it back up all is well...for a while.

i have successfully run KDE 2.2 & KDE 3 RC3, but no luck with the KDE 3.0 stable.

any ideas?

by Nathan (not verified)

when i try to compile kdelibs on freebsd 4.5-stable it gets to the ../kio/kio directory and gmake/g++ comsume all of the RAM/swap on my system. i mean every last drop! i have 256 megs of ram and 128 megs of swap. i assume this isn't normal? anyone know what i can do to get it to compile? i'm running gcc-2.95.3

i've attached the outout of what happens when i run make. not much to see though, the internal compiler error is caused when the OS forcibly kills the process